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    Hi. I am Troy, a Christian psychic medium, certified life coach, and TV veteran with 16+ years of experience. I had an idea in sixth grade that I had some gifts but thought that everyone body else could do the same thing I could. At the beginning of my adult life, I noticed that a lot of people would ask me questions which I answered, some on things I had no idea about, but my accuracy was pretty good. It wasn’t until I was 40 when I was visiting a friend’s gift shop and was introduced to a friend of the owners who proceeded to ask me if I was psychic. A word I have never said about myself. At that moment, I said yes. She proceeded to tell me about and ask me questions about a missing person case she was working on. Without hesitation, I started to tell her what came through me to find that I was helpful in this case. On my way home from the gift shop, I kept asking myself what was that? Thinking about this experience for a few days, I spent the next 30 days soul searching, praying, and opening myself up to whatever God for me. I prayed that if this is a life path I should follow, I will. That was 16 years ago.

    In my search, I discovered that I was a medium, clairvoyant, and empath and opened a private practice in Colorado. In 2018, I relocated to Los Angeles, California where I reside today.

    In my readings I offer:

    · Psychic Readings

    · Mediumship

    · Empathic readings

    · Career readings

    · Life readings

    · Relationships

    · Personal Growth

    · And answers to your questions

    My readings are about empowerment, truth, compassion, and insight guiding you from the past, through to the present, on your unique life path in the future. I am a natural reader who does not need or use any tools in my readings.

    As an intuitive, my life’s work has taken me worldwide and featured in many newspapers, magazines, radio, podcasts, and television. My latest tv appearance has been seen by 10 million+ people worldwide, and I am collaborating on a new podcast series.

    It is an honor to read from those who contact me. I never take for granted the gifts and work I do with others. It is a blessing to me.

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