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Yogi Pruthvi

Yogi Pruthvi

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  • Main Speciality:

    • Finding New Love

    Also covers:

    • Affairs & Cheating Hearts
    • Family Issues
    • Friends & Social life
    • Career and Money
    • Life Path & Destiny
    • Spirituality & Psychic Ability
    • Lost Objects
    • Energy Healer
    • Intuitive/Empath


    • Astrology
    • Auras
    • Chakras
    • Counseling
    • Dream interpretation
    • Life coaching
    • Meditation

    Reading Style:

    • Wise

    About Me:

    Coming from a family of Yoga practitioners in India, my family named me Pruthvi which literally means the Earth in Sanskrit.

    • My grandfather is a psychic and used his abilities to make a living, the same is passed down to me. Coming from a generation of Siddha Yogis, this sacred knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, traditional teacher–disciple style.

    • I am committed to positively Impact many lives, the unique ability to read energy and coming up with a practical solution has already helped many.

    • I have a degree in Interior Design but rather than designing office spaces or houses I prefer designing the interior faculties of the human body.

    I am a 500 hours registered yoga teacher from yoga alliance, a vipassana meditation practitioner, boxing, and a life coach.

    • My skill sets are: Soul-Mate reading, Clairvoyancy, Chakra Cleansing, Guided breathing and Meditation, Photo reading, Automatic writing, Affirmations, Self-confidence.

    •  Add value to your life force now by eliminating a limited belief system and expand your consciousness with a growth mindset.

    My readings are compassionate yet direct. Full of vigor, strength, clarity, and clear understanding. Connect with your true nature by connecting with me.

    Thanks for your time.