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11 Ways to be Closer to Your Siblings

By MysticSense
April 05, 2020
11 Ways to be Closer to Your Siblings

We’re not all as close to our siblings as we’d like to be. In fact, some of us don’t have a relationship with them at all, and the reasons can sometimes be quite embarrassing. Something as minor as a game of Monopoly can be the last straw for some siblings after years of pent up aggression towards one another. 

The good thing is, you’re reading this article because you’ve either made attempts to reconcile in the past or you’re looking to do that in the near future. Either way, making the effort to get close to your sibling is often easier as we get older because our levels of maturity tend to have outgrown the ill feelings we harbored as younger children while still living under mom and dad’s roof. Unless you’ve tried consulting a family psychic, there are various other ways you can bridge the gap and enjoy a healthy relationship with your sibling. Keep reading to see which ones might work best for you. 

Leave Grudges in the Past: Nearly all grudges can be let go of, especially those that we developed as children. The things you fight about when you’re younger tend to be of a lot less important and can be seriously unnecessary to carry forward. Holding a grudge against your sibling better be worth it because if not, you’re missing out on a fulfilling relationship, the chance to have nieces and nephews, and taking on an unhealthy burden for the rest of your life.

Take the Time to Make an Appearance: Those events you never went to before? Take the time. It could be going to watch them play sports, receive awards for achievements, or to perform in a local theater production. Whatever it is, just make the time to show yourself and provide the support they need and might not be able to get elsewhere. Seeing how far they’ve come since you were both arguing as children could be the perspective change you need to get on with each other. 

Stop Being a Gossip: Talking badly about them to family members and friends will likely make its way back to them in the end. If you’re looking to repair a relationship rather than destroy it, you probably shouldn’t be talking negatively about them anyway. One of the best feelings a person can get is when they find out someone has spoken positively about them behind their back. A second-hand compliment is a rare occurrence these days and really goes a long way to show you’ve improved as a person too.

Mind Your Manners: Manners maketh man, or so they say. Being mindful of the way you speak to others shouldn’t end at your sibling. You should be extending your good nature onto your brother or sister and ensuring you show gratitude for anything they do for you, whether it’s passing the potatoes at family dinner or the gift they buy you at Christmas. Letting them know you’re thankful shows that at least on the surface you’re prepared to put differences aside.

Text Them: Dropping in and saying hello once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone. At the very least it shows you’re thinking of them and are proactively taking interest in what’s occurring in their life. It could be to find out what’s going on with their career, hobbies, or even to schedule some sort of time you can spend together, just the two of you. Whatever your reasons, make sure it’s just to show interest and not to request anything like money or some other kind of favor.

Stop Using Other Relationships as a Reference: Nobody’s perfect and don’t let social media tell you otherwise. You shouldn’t be using other people’s relationships as an example because even those people will have their own troubles once in a while. You play with the cards you’re dealt and you can only look to improve your situation by making the most of you what you have, not what you wish things could be like. In good time, you may end up with a close bond like those you’re so envious of. 

Be Nice to Their Partner: Likely one of the main reasons adult siblings fall out is due to a disagreement with their spouse or because one of you flat out dislikes the other’s partner. Unless you know this person is taking your sibling for a ride, be sure to always be pleasant with them or at least civil enough so that you’re not putting your sibling in between the two of you, having to make the tough decision of picking between you both. Even if they are taking advantage of your sibling, it’s not always your place to say.

Put in Face Time: Make sure to show your face once in a while. It could be a video call or even dropping in to ask how they’re doing. We all have our own things going on in life and taking the time to recognize what’s new in theirs shows a level of engagement that could help bridge the gap between you both. And that doesn’t just mean annual events like Thanksgiving or Christmas, that’s on any given day you both have the time.

Avoid Sensitive Topics: If you share different politics then let’s be honest, baiting them out with some sort of dig at their beliefs will only add fuel to the fire. Instead, avoid any sensitive topics that could cause some sort of unrest, especially at the dinner table. That being said, no one wants to feel like certain topics are off-limits with their family members, so perhaps try to work on your ability to broach them cautiously and be prepared to pull out of the discussion if you think it’s going in a negative direction. 

Remember Important Days: That doesn’t just mean their birthday. It could be their child’s little league soccer final, their anniversary, or even their graduation. If you’re unable to attend, at least show you care by sending some sort of message or making a call to wish them congratulations or good luck. We all want to receive recognition for our achievements and having your sibling around to support you with them can really help cast your issues aside.

Be Mindful of Their Feelings: Meeting with a family psychic can help you understand your sibling’s feelings in ways you may not have even considered. Being able to put your own thoughts and feelings aside for a second will give you the opportunity to recognize ways to improve your relationship or to at least mention your grievances in a more constructive and thoughtful manner. No doubt once you start making compromises over past issues they’ll drop their guard too. 

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