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Mysticsense has risen above the competition since it was started in 2020, serving tens of thousands of customers with thousands more people coming to enjoy what Mysticsense offers each month.
Mysticsense provides psychic readings only from experienced, talented individuals who offer complete honesty and absolute accuracy in their readings
Ranked in the Top Ten Psychics online, Mysticsense offers your first five minutes free, guaranteed satisfaction, and plentiful options to ensure you find a psychic who is a perfect fit for you.
Our psychics come from a plethora of backgrounds, using Tarot Cards, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing, Crystal Balls and many other divination tools. Some of our psychics work using just their intuition as well.
Our psychic advisors can guide you on topics ranging from love and relationships, career, life path, destiny, personal psychic development, family issues, grief, and finding lost objects, pets or people.
Transparency is a standard at Mysticsense where you never have to doubt our trustworthiness and commitment to providing the best quality psychic readings and advice to you.
What Mysticsense Does

Mysticsense offers online readings available 24/7
Internationally so you can reach one of hundreds of psychics anytime, and anyplace you have internet access.
Mysticsense offers online options:

To see and hear our psychics from anywhere you have Internet access, simply do a video call with them. This provides all the intimacy of seeing and hearing them for guidance without leaving home.
For privacy and to accommodate the hard of hearing, a chat text reading can be done with your psychic. These readings can be done away from home, or anywhere you prefer to read and text instead of doing a live talk.
If you would like to hear your psychic’s comforting voice, a live phone call is available. Just sign on, and set an appointment so your psychic can talk live to you at your convenience.
Daily guidance for each of the twelve Zodiac signs is provided free, and you can even subscribe to get daily Horoscopes mailed directly to you.
Mysticsense publishes articles weekly covering topics like working with crystals, animal spirit guides, all about different kinds of divination, phases of the moon and planets, and various other spiritual and metaphysical topics to provide you with information to apply to your own psychic development and personal practices.
Mysticsense provides videos, articles, and partnerships with various media outlets to provide readers with wisdom, information, and ongoing conversations about a variety of subjects to keep readers in the loop about mystical topics and current events.

We take pride in offering you the best advisors anywhere in the world.

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Mysticsense Company History

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Founded in 2020 by Adam Harel, Mysticsense not only offers psychic readings, but also daily horoscopes, educational articles, and online customer support available day and night to serve you. Read more from our founder and Chief Operating Officer.

CEO and company founder Adam Harel wasn’t always involved in the psychic community. Harel’s background is in technology, and business. He has been working in the Internet world for about two decades, and studied product and software management, User Interface or UI, and User Experience or UX. He decided to use all these skills to create a need which he saw, and thus Mysticsense was born.

“The reason for founding Mysticsense was mainly because I saw that there are few and not a lot of Online psychic readings sites and the prices were too high in my opinion. I found that I could create a competitor site that can give people better prices. Also, I found that there are a lot of great features I can create that will give better service than the current competitors.”

His goal is highlighted on his personal signature for the company that states Mysticsense seeks “To uphold highest levels of integrity, quality, honesty and respect both as a service and in the psychic industry.” Another of his goals is to host a service for people to use and benefit from, but to offer affordable prices for any budget. He hopes Mysticsense will help guide, enlighten, and inspire as many people as possible.

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer, Emma Freeth, brings a different kind of experience to the team. Studying Textile Design, and then going into Finance as a career, she is also a published author, NLP Practitioner, graphic artist, and a talented Tarot reader who also teaches and coaches people in Tarot. Her publications are titled Tarot: Ethics and Practice and The Mystic Hare Four Seasons Design and Coloring Book. Purchasing her first Tarot deck at age fourteen, she did go on to study mysticism and Tarot as she grew older, and remembers her mother had magical abilities too. “My mother had an uncanny ability to heal any plant/sick animal that came her way and was very much a nature lover and felt strongly about the environment long before most others did.” She would take all she learned and has been a Tarot reader for over thirty years!

“I would like to see Mysticsense become a global leader in spiritual readings, she says.” Her personal goal is to establish Mysticsense as a company that engages in compassionate, ethical services, using talents for good and to help customers improve their lives. “We have a thorough and rigorous selection process when it comes to choosing the psychics who work for us. We look for not only the best abilities in our applicants but also their integrity and this helps ensure the quality of what we offer on Mysticsense and thus leads the way in the psychic industry as a whole.”

Under the skilled leadership of Adam Harel and Emma Freeth, Mysticsense leads as an example today, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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How We Choose Psychics

Psychics are screened for skills, knowledge, experience, and professionalism by our senior level psychics ensuring we offer you only the very best readings available. Our psychics act as guides and seers, helping you make decisions about life’s big questions, and Mysticsense understands the importance of what they do every day.

Each psychic who contacts Mysticsense enjoys the same personal interview and opportunity to demonstrate their gifts and skills to decide if they are the perfect fit for the Mysticsense team. You can be sure that only psychics who can provide compassion, insight, the right answers, and consistency are invited to join Mysticsense. Every talented psychic who joins our team becomes a valued member of the Mysticsense family.

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