Customer Wellbeing Policy

Customer Wellbeing Policy

Last revised: April 27, 2023

1. General

1.1 We want to ensure Our Users keep a healthy perspective when using the Services. Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. However, some people become addicted to psychic readings in the search for an answer to their problems.

1.2 We understand that sometimes life presents problems that are overwhelming and can make people turn to psychic readings for answers. When this is done repeatedly and obsessively in order to alleviate misery, an individual can soon end up becoming heavily dependent on readings.

1.3 Overspending on readings affects people of all levels of intelligence and all backgrounds. Responsible and strong-willed people are just as likely to develop a problem as anyone else.

1.4 Problem spending and dependence on psychic readings can affect Your health and relationships and leave You in serious debt.

1.5 All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning afforded thereto in the Terms.

2. Warning Signs

2.1 You may have problem if You:

  • Spend more money on the Services than You can afford.
  • Repeatedly use the Services where You ask the same question, hoping You will get the answer You want.
  • Use the Services when You should be doing something else, like working or spending time with family.
  • Feel You have trouble controlling Your spending on the Services.
  • Feel anxious or stressed about the amount You are spending on the Services.
  • Use the Services to deal with problems or difficult feelings.
  • Borrow or steal to fund Your use of the Services.

3. Self-Help Advice

  • Learn to relieve unpleasant feelings in healthier ways such as learning relaxation techniques.
  • Seek professional help for underlying mood disorders such as depression, stress, substance abuse, anxiety, etc.
  • Strengthen Your support network, including making new friends who are unconnected with the psychic world.
  • Make the decision to stop, think and tell yourself to find something else to do instead when You are tempted to use the Services.
  • If You feel out of control with Your spending, get someone else You trust to be in charge of Your money.
  • Find other ways to fill Your free time.


4.1 Our Services are not a replacement for professional help.

4.2 We will suspend and alert Users to unhealthy spending habits when We become aware of them.

4.3 We may change this Customer Wellbeing Policy, at our own discretion, from time to time without notice.

4.4 For any clarification regarding this Customer Wellbeing Policy please Contact Us