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Angel Cards And How To Use Them

By Mysticsense
June 24, 2020
Angel Cards And How To Use Them
Angel Cards And How To Use Them

What Are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are prophetic cards that bear encouraging and inspiring messages for the individual using them. A pack usually consists of anywhere between 36 to over one hundred cards and, as their name implies, the images depicted on the cards are typically of angels, or at least beautiful spiritual imagery of some form. Like tarot cards, they can be an incredibly powerful tool for individuals pursuing added vision and guidance in their life. The cards specifically seek to tap into the messages of angels. Angels are said to be fantastic beacons of light in times of trouble, so their guidance through the cards is a great way to provide peace of mind. Perhaps you are facing relationship issues, or your career has taken a sudden turn. Whatever the issue may be, angel cards are a fantastic method to receive comfort from above.

How Do Angel Cards Differ From Tarot Cards?

However, this is as similar as tarot and angel cards get. Whilst they both seek to achieve insight through spiritual means, they are actually far more divergent than many people realize. Firstly, angel cards don’t have the distinctive Major and Minor Arcana format as seen in tarot. In addition, angel cards are typically ‘softer’ than tarot cards, in that there are no cards that indicate doom or destruction – the dreaded tower card in tarot for example. They also rarely imply specific times, dates or places and instead bear positive affirmations and reassuring words of guidance. Their intention is to uplift and support rather than send messages of warning or caution.

As a result, angel cards are a fantastic substitute for those who seek truth and direction in situations but may be anxious about the bluntness of tarot. For this reason also, they are make a fantastic ‘starter’ pack for children interested in spiritualism. Despite being ‘softer around the edges’ angel cards should not be discredited as they have a high level of accuracy and have provided comfort for so many trapped in turbulent times. They are much less centered around predictive connotations like one might find in tarot, but instead focus more heavily on the situation at present and clarifying current uncertainties. Again, this is another reason why many people feel drawn towards the comfort provided by angel cards in place of alternative styles of deck.

Another distinctive characteristic of angel cards is their simplicity of use. They require no specific training and can be used at an instant as almost all decks will contain an information pamphlet describing not only what each card means but also how they can be used in conjunction with each other. This article contains eight examples of various different spreads that can be performed with angel cards and in what situations each spread is best used for. This is therefore hopefully a simple yet effective guide for those new to angel cards.

one card spread

The one card spread is useful in scenarios where a quick take is the best call. To perform this spread, a simple question needs to be asked – internally or externally – and the first card selected from a well-shuffled deck is presented. This spread works best for questions looking for yes or no answers as it provides a more generalized message. This single-card pull method is highly receptive to simple, closed-ended questions along the lines of ‘shall I get back with my ex’ or ‘am I currently in the right career field’, for example.

Three card spread

three card spread

Simply put, this spread indicates the past, present and the future. Whilst it was previously mentioned that typically angel cards centre around current situations, they are still able to provide useful indications about other timeframes. This spread is great when seeking a quick answer, yet it also provides a slightly broader vision of how a certain situation has progressed, or come to be. It is especially practical when seeking advice on relationships and career for its focus on the overall bigger picture. 

Five card spread


five card spread

This spread is particularly handy in determining a course of action that may have been playing on one’s mind or in illuminating some hidden influences that may be affecting one’s decision making. The centre card provides a general overview of the situation, the card on the left indicates past influences, the card on the right indicates future outcomes, the card at the bottom sheds light on the reasons behind the question and finally, the top card highlights potentialities in the situation. For those who desire to really get to the crux of a situation, the five card spread may be the most optimal choice.

Seven card spread

seven card

Typically arranged in an up-turned V formation, each of the cards have a specific suggestion. In order of left to right, the cards suggest; What you desire, how to get started in achieving this, new mind sets needed, who or what can help, challenges you may encounter, what you will overall gain and lastly, a final card to represent the bigger picture. This spread is useful for reassurance during a major life change for its step-by-step approach to unravelling the problem.

Weekly spread


weekly spread

Seven cards are pulled and laid out in a line, with each card indicating a day of the week. As mentioned previously, angel cards do not deal primarily with the long-term future, but rather give a general indication of what might lie ahead. This spread is a nice way to start out the week with some comforting messages – it is well known that optimism and an uplifted mood attracts further positivity into one’s life, making this spread a popular choice for those feeling uncertain or anxious about the upcoming week.

Yearly spread


yearly spread

Drawing from this, the point at which angel cards can provide guidance on the future is limited to roughly one year ahead. Again, the cards are unlike tarot in that they do not provide detailed predictions of the good, the bad and the ugly, but more so act as a loose suggestion of positivity that the angels have envisioned for you. The spread is organized in a circular and clockwise formation starting with the month of December at the top.

Heart shaped spread

heart shape

As intentions play a large role in using angel cards, one has the room to play around with symbolic spreads as long as they are meaningful to the reader. The heart shaped spread, for example, is designed specifically to address romance-related questions. The twelve cards forming the heart are then split in half with each side representing the thoughts and feelings of each partner in question.

Celtic cross spread


celtic cross

In both tarot and angel cards, the Celtic cross is probably the most recognized spread in existence. The traditional 10-card layout is fantastic for finding guidance in major life decisions. It is a great spread for finding slightly more specific clarification in a situation, as angel cards are notorious for their simplicity. As it is also one of the more complex spreads out there, a list detailing each card’s meaning with its associated position in the spread should be helpful;

1 - Where you are currently

2 - Potentialities or possible challenges

3 - Where to direct focus

4 - Insight into the past

5 - You own unique strength

6 - Insight into the near future

7 - A suggested approach to the issue

8 - What you need to be aware of

9 - Your underlying hopes or fears

10 - Potential outcome

Overall, angel cards are similar to tarot in their ability to shed light on uncertain situations, yet their differences are so great that it would be wrong to call them alike. They are fantastic for providing comfort in troublesome times without the added anxiety of pulling a feared card; often seeing implied ‘doom’ in one’s future is enough to sway the natural course of action, so the pleasantness of angel cards makes them a perfect beginner deck for hesitant newbies. Alongside this, their emphasis on the present makes them a wonderful pack as people often wish to remind blind to the future; predictive insight can make it difficult for us to take complete autonomy over a situation. Instead, angel cards accurately illuminate significances in a person’s life without providing a concrete outcome, allowing for the reader’s license to make their own decisions. The cards encourage a reader to mold their own future by addressing issues in the present, which is incredibly empowering.

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