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Astrology Readings? Everything You Should Know

By Mysticsense
June 16, 2020
Astrology Readings? Everything You Should Know

Almost all of us have heard of astrology. Whether in the paper, online, talking with friends and colleagues, or even watching movies, we are often likely to come across a mention of the ancient art of astrological divination. But what exactly is an astrological reading, and is it possible to do one yourself?


What is Astrology?

Astrology is the art of divining knowledge about ourselves, those around us, and our lives, both past, present, and future, by assessing the movements and relative positions of the planets. Practiced for thousands of years, millions of people to this day seek answers, insight, and guidance into their lives through the use of astrology.

Astrology is all about the view of the celestial alignment during a specific time and location. For example, when each of us was born, the stars, moons, and planets were all sitting in a unique position in the heavens. By examining the positions of these heavenly bodies at one specific moment, an astrologer can make a judgement on the past, assessment of the present, and guidance for the future.

What are the Benefits of an Astrology Reading?

There are as many reasons to have a psychic reading as there are humans on Earth. Each individual could have any number of expected outcomes when desiring a reading. However, we are all hoping for something positive when we take that reading. There is a multitude of benefits that can come from divination, some of which are as follows:

  • Gain a better understanding of different personalities

An astrology reading can give us an insight into the mentality and personal traits of people with whom we work, cohabit and interact. This can be useful for conflict resolution, adapting to new relationships, and can help to bridge the gap between differences in character.

  • Learn who you really are

Many of us are confused or lacking a certain direction in life. Receiving a reading that focuses on our present can often help us to understand who we are as a person.

  • Better yourself

And, of course, upon learning more about ourselves as people, if we do not like what we see we can strive to make change! Learning something negative about yourself is not always a bad thing, as it creates an opportunity for personal growth.

  • Learnif a relationship is compatible.

Studying our astrological chart, or having a reading completed for us, can tell us which other sun signs we are compatible with. This is simply an overview, however, and we can delve deeper. A reading can consist of taking two individuals’ charts and comparing them, resulting in advice on the two people’s compatibility.

  • Judge the outcomes of an action

The most common conception about astrology is that it is about reading the future. While this is not entirely true, a reading can help us to examine an upcoming action and assess what the outcomes may be. It can give us an idea of what to expect, and what energy lies in our future. For example, if considering a career move, an astrology reading could give us clear guidance on whether this is a strong move for the current time, or if we should bide our time.

How to Read a Birth Chart

Our birth chart is the chart made to illustrate the exact position of all celestial bodies on the zodiac at the time of our birth. Often when you go for an astrology reading the psychic will begin by drawing up your birth chart.

Many people think that we only have one sign of the zodiac that is personal to us. However, upon completion of your birth chart, you will find that you have an additional thirteen signs.

This birth chart can offer far more comprehensive guidance and insight into your life than a simple horoscope. These horoscopes that you may be familiar with from newspapers will often offer some general advice to each sun sign. However, a professional reader working on your birth chart will be able to offer you so much more.

When reading your birth chart, your reader will be taking the entire picture into account. Remember, astrology centers around the principle that everything is connected, and this is true of all the elements of your birth chart. This will allow the reader to first get an overall impression of you, but then to slowly begin the journey deeper into the details of the larger picture, and to uncover who you really are, and what is your current standing in life.

The first port of call for the reader would be to assess your sun sign, which is the sign of the zodiac we are all aware of. This will tell them how you view the world. They would next examine your moon sign, which gives insight into your emotions and inner mood.

Thirdly, the reader would look at your rising sign, also called the ‘Ascendant’ sign. This will give them knowledge of how you present yourself to the world, and how others see you. Next, they would look to the ‘houses’, the location of the planets. Each house can tell the reader many things about your current situation.

Finally, the reader would evaluate your ‘aspects’, which are the planets angular relationships to each other. These suggest how energies may develop in the future, showing potential outcomes to events.

The Bottom Line

Astrology readers are very skilled and professional individuals who have dedicated a large amount of time to studying birth charts both precisely and profoundly. It is worth visiting one to see what kind of insights they can make about you. For all you know, it could even be life-changing!

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