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Easy Ways to Develop Spirituality in Solitude

By MysticSense
March 27, 2020
Easy Ways to Develop Spirituality in Solitude

Turn this unique time of isolation into an opportunity for spiritual advancement and emerge from this pandemic a transformed and enlightened person.

At present, everyone Worldwide, is experiencing an unprecedented time in history where mass isolation is required in the fight against an invisible assassin, Coronavirus. So many people are posting on social media that they are taking this opportunity to clean out their cupboards and have an overhaul of things that need doing in the home as a way of taking advantage of this time of isolation. Perhaps it can be seen as Nature cleaning out its own metaphorical cupboards, cleaning the planet of the destruction humans have wrought upon it, as it is very clear that pollution has dramatically reduced over the past months and whilst Nature’s short term triumph over pollution is to be celebrated, what of the human race kept behind doors? How to keep occupied as there are only so many cupboards which need tidying.

Many people will be with the family, although even enforced closeness can cause stress. Many more will be isolated at home, entirely alone, where previously they have had employment, and other social venues to go to. So how do we cope under these circumstances? Humans are a social species and we can suffer when deprived of company.

Despite this, there are advantages to having time for yourself. The path to greater spirituality is known to be greatly enhanced by solitude, think of religious persons of various faiths who find aloneness and solitude brings them closer to their god. In religion, it is an advantage to be alone in order to develop greater spiritual depth.

Easy, Everyday Ways to Develop Spirituality and Psychic Ability Whilst Self Isolating:

Meditate Daily for 10-20 Minutes

Meditation is an important aspect of developing intuitive and psychic abilities by raising the body’s vibration because spiritual energy vibrates at a higher frequency. Meditating every day will allow you to be relaxed and in just a few days you will begin to feel an increased connection to your higher self and spirit. If you get bored of your typical meditation, try creating new ones of different scenarios; such as an internal journey to the beach or a walk in the countryside. You could try a flower visualisation – really see the colour, the stamens, the dew on its petals...

Learn About Your Spirit Guides

Another benefit to meditation; you can make contact with your spirit guides. If you’re serious about pursuing the psychic path, then you will need to understand and trust your spirit guides – they will help you on your journey. While you are meditating, ask your guides to reveal themselves to you. Ask them what their names are. Go with what you get and trust what you see.

Open Your Third Eye

If you want to develop your innate clairvoyance, you will want to develop your third eye, which lies just above and between your eyebrows. As you are meditating, imagine your third eye-opening. If you do this often enough, you will feel the spot begin to tingle!

Practice Psychometry Skills

Psychometry is, simply put, reading the energy of an object. This is fun and is a great method to start practicing at your abilities. Hold an object such as a ring or a watch (which once belonged to someone else), close your eyes to see if you can sense, visualise, or hear anything about the object’s original owner.

Appreciate Nature

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or backyard, talk a walk in it and really see all that is happening. Look closely and observe the smallest details. Notice how you see things you never really appreciated before such as the pattern on winged insects or tiny flowers on plants – even weeds have their own beauty. If you cannot get outside, try and observe all you can through your window and marvel at how beautiful the world is.

Make a Journal

As you develop spiritually you will notice that psychic imagery often has a symbolic quality and should not be taken literally. Let your spirit guides help you interpret these symbols. Make a journal, even if it is just paper and pen and sit quietly while you invite your spirit guides to help you. Ask them to show you a symbol for a particular thing. For example, they may show you a bird to represent freedom, or you might hear a bird song instead. Write down the symbols you are given so you will remember them if you are given these symbols at another time.

For those who are concerned about spending the next few weeks or even months alone, now is a perfect time to stop and mindfully experience all those six senses which many take for granted. Yes, six senses, not five. It is the elusive psychic, intuitive sense which so rarely is allowed to be utilized in ordinary life. If you are tempted to think that you do not possess this gift, please remember that is simply not true. The sixth sense is innate in all humans as a leftover from our primitive beginnings when it was necessary. Perhaps now at this extraordinary period in history, it is a good time to connect with our ancient past.

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