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Energy Healing - All You Need to Know

By Mysticsense
February 23, 2020
Energy Healing - All You Need to Know

Universal amongst us all is energy, a pervasive force that allows life to exist and flourish. But how familiar are we with our bodies’ subtle energy systems, compared to our physical bodies? This energy can sometimes stagnate in the body causing an imbalance through possible emotional pain, loss or injury.

Today, in both Eastern and Western society people are turning to energy healing to correct vibrational imbalance to achieve total alignment between mind, body, and spirit.

What is Energy Healing?

This form of psychic healing is an exchange of energy from one individual to the other. Such healing stretches beyond medical treatment incorporating spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures, and other interventions. An online psychic healer allows the energy of the spirit to flow through them which can help guide, rejuvenate and empower others.

From crystal healing to distance Reiki, a skilled online psychic healer can open your chakras, clear your auric field of negativity and strengthen your energy vibration. This can lead to personal empowerment, a sense of calm and an understanding of your inner wisdom. In effect, the psychic healer is a conduit for source energy, using the power of intention to channel energy where it is most needed, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to become balanced and integrated.

Tools and Techniques

There are various tools and techniques used by an online psychic healer to release energy blockages and to restore a healthy balance and flow.

Crystals: They possess unique natural properties for healing, drawing out impurities from the body.

Acupuncture: Releases negative energy blocks in the body.

Reiki: Known as ‘laying of the hands’ to cure illness and heal an affected area.

Sound Healing: As a vibration that affects human energy systems, sound is an effective method of energy healing.

Quantum Healing: Based on the principle of resonance, the energy level in the body is escalated through breathing and visualizing the flow to create a positive effect on the immune system.

Pranic Healing: Working specifically on the energy of the body or aura of a person to clean the toxins from the body, thus accelerating the physical healing process.

These energy healing modalities all tend to support the opening of the Third Eye chakra in bringing the healing to its most beneficial level.

Energy Healing Sessions

Online psychic healing readings ultimately give you a sense of peace or sometimes an emotional release. However, throughout the session, there are common experiences people feel that can help you recognize your energy.

You will feel the change in your energy field as the neutral spirit energy passes through your system. If healing is focused on the core you may feel cold or as blocks are released you may feel hot. A sign of energy being released from the body can include a sensation of movements that may include coughing, sneezing or yawning. There may also be physical pain and discomfort as energy is released. All these signs show that your energy is becoming balanced again through catalyzing changes within your system.

As your vibration rises and your body becomes balanced through energy healing, you may feel a sense of mental clarity, euphoria, and empowerment.

Although it’s beneficial to have a prerequisite of what you want to get out of a session, it can also be advantageous to attend with an open mind. Some people use psychic healing to find relief from headaches and muscle soreness or insomnia. Others use it to help day-to-day stresses as well as emotional support for major life transitions such as death.

You may be required to share information whether you’re experiencing emotional or physical discomfort or pain

Psychic healers may ask you to mentally focus on a specific question or to relax in a meditative state. There will be periods of silence while the psychic gathers information and sends you energy. Perceptions will be shared with you and the psychic will adjust his pace and cadence based on how you’re receiving energy. It’s worthwhile making mental notes of the emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts that arrive during and possibly after a session.

Experience is Formative

Energy healing can be a rejuvenating and uplifting experience during traumatic and trying times for many. With so many online practitioners available, there is every reason to embrace this type of healing.

Universal energy is all around us and online psychic healers are ready to assist no matter the reason for your visit.

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