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How To Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Often we hear the term ‘goddess’ in everyday life, conjuring images of Greek mythology and Hollywood characters. It can feel like an abstract way to refer to ourselves, a state of being impossible to achieve. However, a goddess is simply a term to describe a powerful female. A goddess bears many virtues, such as her ability to love, her compassion and her sensuality. Regardless, she is not limited to being a solely a delicate, motherly figure - she also is in tune with her dominant and commanding side, possessing the drive needed to achieve all her goals. A goddess is a woman who perfectly embodies all of these aspects, using them for the greatest good and making a positive impact on those around her. So, the all-important question is, how can we unleash our inner goddess?

It’s what she wears

Ultimately, a goddess’ power runs much deeper than surface level appearances. In fact, she would advocate that we do not judge ourselves and others on such trivial matters. Despite this, in order to fully exhibit the presence of a deity, a goddess needs to feel confident in the clothes she’s in. For many women, this means embracing flowy, light coloured clothing and emphasizing the soft curves of the feminine form. It may also mean wearing makeup and a pair of killer high heels. Although, this is certainly not a standard that all goddesses must feel they need to follow! If she wishes to wear dark or typically ‘masculine’ style clothing, or she bucks the current trends by donning an edgy buzz cut, a goddess is a goddess when she feels confident and exudes self-love that other women can take inspiration from. 

Cherishing the skin we are in

While we have endless choice in how we dress our bodies, our bodies themselves are a little less compromising. This shouldn’t be considered a bad thing though, as the beauty of the female form is its diversity; some of us mirror the physique of Aphrodite who was short and curvy in stature. Others of us are more similar to Artemis, a tall and slender woman with a broad, angular frame. Regardless of their differences, both goddesses were unashamedly assured of who they were and what they looked like. Admittedly, it can be incredibly difficult to love our physical appearances unconditionally, especially as we face the added pressures of modern society – many pressures that our ancient female ancestors never had to contend with. Nobody said that achieving complete love and acceptance for oneself would be an easy task, but keeping the mantra of a goddess in mind can make the process a whole lot easier. It is important to keep in mind that despite embracing our physical appearances and trying to feel the best we can externally, the most fundamental traits of a goddess are love, kindness and compassion for others.

Staying unashamed of our feelings

Us women have always been criticized for the ways in which we show our emotions. A woman who is highly sensitive or particularly expressive of her struggles is considered overly emotional and unstable. A woman who takes command or speaks her mind is cold and unfeeling. Sometimes it feels like we can never win. What we need instead is to highlight just how incredible women’s emotions are; there is no love deeper than the love a mother feels for her child, and a woman’s incredible capacity to empathize with others is what sets us apart. Therefore, in order to unleash our inner goddesses, we need to pay extra attention to our emotions. It can be far too easy to shun and disregard our feelings at times so setting aside an hour or two a week to mediate and connect with our innermost sentiments can do a world of good. Alongside these personal amends, it is important to stay true to ourselves when people around us challenge our integrity. Throughout our lives, we are encouraged to bite our tongue and appease conflicts, so while a true goddess does not instigate fights, she certainly will not allow her graciousness to be taken advantage of either. We need to break away from this conditioning, speak our minds and honor our truths.

Turning to the goddesses around us

In order to ignite our feminine divinity, the first place to turn is towards the women who play key roles in our lives as these are the women who support us unconditionally. As women, it should be the norm for us to place our sisters on pedestals and boost their self-esteem. Instead, we learn from a very early age to resent and fear the women who are smarter, prettier and more popular than us. We are under the impression that these desirable features are in short supply and we fight over them, dimming our shine. A true goddess does not experience such envy as she understands that our own self-worth is what truly counts, and that the universe is eternally plentiful. Being truly beautiful starts when we are beautiful towards others.


Treat yourself, and the earth

All of us will experience burn-out at some point in our life. Modern life has us juggling careers, family and other responsibilities that can obstruct the ability to properly nurture ourselves; when there’s too much on our plates, the first aspect of ourselves to suffer is our inner goddess. We suffer mentally through days upon days of over-stimulation and as a result, we suffer physically as we are left drained of energy. To restore vitality to our inner goddesses, we must make the act of self-care an integral feature of our routine. We can begin by swapping the daily slump in front of the television for an hour of meditative mindfulness. Light some incense, run a hot bath and utilise the healing properties of crystals by holding them close to the body. The main aim of such a regimen is to remain present in the moment, disregarding the debilitating fears and anxieties that we all have about the future. As our new self-care regime slowly becomes our new norm, we may find that we find a growing momentum in nurturing ourselves. Our diets should improve, as we grow mindful of what we put into our bodies. We may possess the drive to take up gentle exercise such as yoga, and improve our physical wellbeing. Most importantly, however, we may find ourselves spending more time in nature, as our inner goddesses thrive when enriched by the earth’s energy. To tap further into the earth’s energy, we need to find connection with ourselves, and the physicality of the earth. Walking barefoot in Mother Earth’s paths, bathing in her waters and caring for her living creatures are deeply healing rituals to help restore vitality to our inner goddess. Seeking a deeper connection with Mother Earth helps to ground us and once again, reminds us to stay present.

Me, myself and I

You may have noticed that many of the acts of self-care previously described are purely solitary activities. This is not something to be hesitant of, as spending quality time with oneself is what it takes to achieve complete restoration of the mind, body and soul. Perhaps we need to push ourselves to travel alone to that country we have always dreamed of visiting, or maybe it is as simple as eating alone at a restaurant. We may fear alone time for these are the moments where our thoughts are loudest, but taking the time to ground ourselves and bask in the solitude does wonders for our inner goddess. As goddesses exude confidence and self-worth, being able to rely on ourselves and ourselves only is a quality that we should all strive to acquire.

Our inner goddesses are what makes us women - her presence sets womankind apart and blesses us with our unique feminine qualities. She shapes us into sensitive, empathic creatures who thrive when given the role of nurturing others. Despite this, she keeps us in tuned with our dominant, powerful sides and does not allow us to be taken advantage of. Luckily, no matter how far we push our inner goddess into the shadows, we can rely on her to always subsist with us, although it is paramount that we do not neglect her. Of course, the hustle and bustle of daily life and all of our weighing responsibilities can make this difficult, however, taking the time out each day to be mindful of our inner goddess is extremely worthwhile. Ultimately, our inner goddesses keep us grounded and present, reminding us of the importance of staying true to who we are. We have a lot to learn from her, so we must be mindful of highlighting her presence.

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