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A Beginners Guide to Crystals

By joeneil@mysti...
July 17, 2020

What are Crystals?

Crystals are a naturally occurring solid substance formed as liquids harden and molecules gather together in an attempt to stabilize. They are uniquely beautiful as their core structure consists of interlocking, repeating patterns which produce vivid colours and serve to reflect light in a dazzling way. Depending on the conditions each crystal is formed under, they can take on a vast array of different physical characteristics; some are enormous, jagged formations that have developed over thousands of years and others are small, delicate little gems which are best suited in jewelry. Regardless of their irregularities, all crystals are believed to bear energies and properties that can have a hugely positive impact on our overall wellbeing. As a result, it is encouraged that we connect with crystals that we are drawn to before we over-analyze what their specific properties are. 

How do they get their properties?

Once we have found particular crystals that we are drawn to, understanding what they can be used for can help us target particular issues we may be facing. All crystals have different energies that can alter our mood and even our physical state so it is important that we are meaningful in our approach. For example, it is considered that Jasper soothes negative energy and relieves feelings of stress, Rose quartz is commonly associated with romance and Opal is believed to help us unlock our Third Eye Chakra. Naturally, each individual will have their own unique interpretation of what the crystals’ properties are, but roughly speaking, there is unanimity in understanding their overall ambiance; Rose quartz is undeniably a gentle, comforting crystal while Tiger’s Eye is very much strong and powerful in its ability to heal. With time, interpreting crystals and their properties can become second nature. Bold bright colours such as red will indicate fire and passion and clear crystals will indicate the ability to view situations with added transparency. Above all, however, our own personal interpretation is what truly counts if we want crystals to make meaningful additions to our lives.

How do I choose the right crystal for me?

Now that you know how to interpret crystals, you need to know how to choose the ones best suited for you. When entering a crystal store, it is crucial to be in a receptive, open-minded state and allow your natural instincts to come into play. Allow yourself to wander towards the crystals that you are drawn to, touch and feel them, close your eyes and reflect upon how you respond.

It is important to approach crystals in this manner as often our own consciousness can stand in the way of what we really need. We are subjective beings and may find that it takes the intervention of our subconscious before we can make much-needed changes to certain aspects of our lives. Perhaps we are in denial about how a partner is treating us, or we are turning a blind eye towards our own deceptive behaviours. How crystals can help in situations like these is by giving us the room to tune into our higher-selves, allowing our true feelings to be acknowledged and left unmasked. For this reason, it is best to ‘think’ less and ‘do’ more when in the process of choosing crystals. 

Clear quartz – Energizing

clear quartz

Clear quartz is regarded as the ‘master healer’. It is regarded as the most versatile of all crystals and acts as an energy dispenser due to its incredibly simple, colourless structure. As it successfully amplifies energy, it is believed to improve issues with the immune system and regulate imbalances within the body. Individuals feeling particularly overworked or drained will benefit greatly from this crystal. 

Rose quartz – Love

rose quartz

Rose quartz is arguably the most famous and desired crystal around. Its gentle pink colour is indicative of romance and it is especially popular for those seeking to find new love. Alongside helping attract new love, Rose quartz can help provide the energies needed to repair relationships currently facing struggles. It doesn’t just aid our interpersonal relationships, but also helps aid the love we have towards ourselves. Sometimes we need some extra encouragement in this department, and Rose quartz’s ability to conjure self-esteem and worthiness is great at helping this happen. 

Jasper – Progress


Jasper is a smooth crystal said to nurture those in need of empowerment and support. When we face times of intense stress, this crystal is believed to absorb negative energies that cause blockages in the chakras and prevent us from making progress. When we feel that we need an extra boost of courage and intuition in a situation, Jasper is the perfect crystal to keep close.

Fluorite - Positivity


Fluorite is similar to Jasper in that it also does a great job of absorbing negative energy. However, what makes this crystal unique is its ability to clear feelings of confusion, allowing for clarity and level-headedness to take prominence during times of difficulty. To feel its effects, Fluorite can be kept directly on the body or kept in a room to clear negative energies.

Obsidian – Shielding


Obsidian is a distinctive crystal as it is completely opaque and jet black. As it is so impenetrable, it serves as a shield against negative energy. Unlike Fluorite and Jasper which help to extract negative energies that are already present, Obsidian is preventative and blocks these from entering the environment all together. In terms of physical ailments, this crystal is useful for aiding digestion.

Agate – Stability


Agate is a versatile crystal that comes in all kinds of different colours, shapes and sizes. Because of this, Agate is often believed to be a ‘blank slate’ of sorts, on which we can place our own feelings and interpretations.

Opal - The Third Eye


Opal is a crystal concerned with all things positive and uplifting. It is best kept close when we have not been feeling our usual selves and when we wish to return to a state of optimism and general wellbeing. Alongside this, Opal is considered to be closely associated with the Third Eye Chakra, implying that we are granted with clearer vision of what is truly good for us when we engage with this crystal.

Citrine – Encouragement


Citrine is an incredibly powerful crystal for those seeking guidance and encouragement. Often we can feel lost on our life’s path, unsure of which turn to take next. With Citrine, we are gifted with the courage and enthusiasm to take those bold steps needed to incite positive change in life.

Turquoise – Rejuvenating


Turquoise is a crystal with deep healing properties. It is soothing, purifying and is believed to reduce illness within the respiratory system. When the body has been placed under intense physical stress, Turquoise encourages restoration of the cells and leaves one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Tourmaline – Protection


When struggling with emotional imbalances, Tourmaline is a fantastic way to find equilibrium in one’s energy field. The same is true physically as well, as Tourmaline has long been believed to aid recovery for those with balance issues such as dyspraxia and poor coordination.

Tiger’s eye – Motivation

tiger eye

Tiger’s eye is a fantastic crystal for those in need of a motivational boost. Often we are our own worst critics and find ourselves being bogged down by pointless anxieties, worries and self-doubts. Almost always these feelings are unfounded and prove to do more harm than good, so keeping this crystal nearby when these negative feelings arise is a smart way to keep ourselves on track.

Amethyst – Soothing


Amethyst is known to have protective properties. It is strongly associated with alleviating cycles of negative thinking and bringing forth spirituality. In addition, Amethyst is regularly used as a sleeping aid for its ability to soothe and relax the mind and the body.

Moonstone - New beginnings


Moonstone is the crystal of ‘new beginnings’. Just like the cycle of the moon, our lives are a constant pattern of beginnings and ends which can often leave us feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. Therefore, this crystal is popular as it calms and reassures us that these cycles are necessary for us to excel and progress in life.

Bloodstone - Circulation


As the name suggests, Bloodstone is suggested to improve many different aspects associated with our blood. For instance, it can be used to improve circulation, to remove impurities and ward off negative energy originating from the heart. Not only this, but Bloodstone is also believed to encourage creativity and free-spiritedness.

Sapphire - Higher self


Sapphire is a truly exquisite crystal associated with one’s higher self. It is suggested that Sapphire is able to open up the mind’s eye and incite divine revelations. For people who wish to embark on the journey of finding their inner wisdom, Sapphire is a fantastic crystal to place under a pillow before sleeping.

Ruby – Passion


It will probably come as no surprise that this rich, fiery coloured crystal brings success to many of life’s passions. Whether it be sex, intellect, ambition or bravery, Rubies are highly regarded for their ability to guide an individual during a time of intense emotion, ensuring that they stay on track and don’t lose themselves in the moment.

Ultimately, crystals are incredibly personal and are perceived differently by different people. While they do all possess a variety of different properties, whichever crystals you personally feel drawn to are the crystals your subconscious is urging you to connect with. Often we are blind to the issues that need addressing in our lives making crystals a fantastic way to begin our individual roads to betterment.

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