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All About The Year of the Rabbit

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 06, 2021
All About The Year of the Rabbit
All About The Year of the Rabbit
TL;DR The Chinese Horoscope Rabbit is one of twelve signs you can be born under, and the years fall under the influence of each of the animals in turn. In this article, we define the Year of the Rabbit, list Year of the Rabbit characteristics, share compatibility for people born in the Year of the Rabbit, and some personality traits of Year of the Rabbit people.

What is the Chinese Zodiac?

chinese zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is a system created in China, that names twelve special animals to represent years in a twelve-year cycle. It is believed that the animals influence their years, and people are influenced by the animal their year is characterized by. Unlike the Greco Roman zodiac system, there is no constellation for the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Would you like to know what year you are born under and what your personality characteristics from your animal are?

To learn this as well as some lore about how the Zodiac animals are said to have been selected, read here: A Guide To Chinese Astrology (

The Year of The Rabbit Definition

year of the rabbit

Year of the Rabbit years are not only part of the twelve-year cycling of the signs, but are further divided by five elements, with each of those elements bestowing characteristics on the people born in their years. During the Year of the Rabbit itself, all signs are influenced by the year’s energies. In the Year of the Rabbit, each sign fares differently however, and knowing which is your sign will benefit you when it comes time to prepare for the coming year.

The Rabbit Zodiac Personality

rabbit zodiac

By definition, Rabbit people are gentle mannered, and cautious, like animal rabbits are in nature. Rabbit astrology says they are also shier with strangers and more open and confident with their loved ones. Rabbits tend to be hard working and self-disciplined and are more demanding of themselves while being very tolerant of others. They can be stubborn homebodies, and this can bore some of the people they meet, who would rather go out while the Rabbit wants to stay in. Creative, articulate Rabbits do well in social work and writing careers and they excel in public speaking. Year of the Rabbit people can be born under five different elemental influences of wood, fire, water, earth, and metal.

Water Rabbit- 1963 and 1982

Water Rabbit 1963 and 1982 are the water years. Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac people are flexible and depend on others. They make great team players and have a gentle mannerism that makes them get along well with others.

Wood Rabbit -1915 and 1975

Wood Rabbit Chinese Zodiac people might seem adorable on the outside, but their minds are going a mile a minute, and they are smart. Don’t think their adorable faces are all there is to them, because they are all brains despite their attractive exterior.

Fire Rabbit-1987 and 2006

Fire Rabbit Zodiac people were born In 1987 and 2006. Chinese Astrology Fire Rabbit people are especially intelligent and plan ahead. They have an uncanny ability to predict things and are reliable for good advice. Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac people are also good leaders and make excellent teachers.

Earth Rabbit-1958 and 2018

Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiac people are the super self-disciplined rabbits, and it is said Chinese Zodiac Earth Rabbit people are not romantic! However, Earth Rabbit Zodiac people don’t let other people hurt them easily and it is said they have especially good fortune.

Metal Rabbit- 1951 and 1970

Metal Rabbits know when to dig their heels in and they don’t give up easily. They love plenty of time with friends and are creative individuals who are highly energetic. They tend to stuff their emotions inside themselves and have to watch out so they don’t become depressed.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

rabbit chinese zodiac

Rabbit compatibility varies by what other signs they are near. While Rabbits can harmonize in public with most signs, in their own personal lives, they tend to get along better with some signs more than others. Rabbits tend to circle with other Rabbits, and it’s not unusual to find groups of them congregating together! The sign for Rabbit is known for self-preservation, so they will keep the peace when needed, but not necessarily want to best best friends with everybody they get along with. They hate confrontation and will bolt if they feel things are too stressful. Best unions for Rabbits are other Rabbits, Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep, and worst compatibility for Rabbits is with Snakes and Roosters.

Rabbit and Ox Compatibility

While this is not the number one most popular love match for either sign, it absolutely can work out romantically for a Rabbit woman or man and an Ox. Both signs have a great work ethic, and they are both content to have quiet conversation rather than being the life of the party at social gatherings. The Rabbit can encourage the Ox to take time away from all that hard work to enjoy down time, and these two mutually respect one another and can be great life partners. Ox and Rabbit compatibility can be very powerful.

Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility

Tiger and Rabbit compatibility can be a case of opposites attract- IF they don’t repel each other, that is. Tiger Rabbit compatibility relies on whether they can balance their differences, celebrate them, and harmonize. Both signs are compassionate and can discuss things fairly, coming to a compromise in ways not every sign can. However, the Tiger is bolder and more passionate, and this can scare the timid Rabbit off, whose nervousness can make the Tiger run the other direction.

Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility

Rabbit Dragon compatibility isn’t always strong. Powerful Dragon people can become arrogant, and this makes the Rabbit wilt, most especially if the Dragon wants to pick a fight, which Rabbit people abhor. Dragon man Rabbit woman union occasionally works when male Dragons are charmed by their Rabbit lady and her love for beauty and this can act as stability for Dragon Rabbit compatibility. Dragon and Rabbit compatibility is assured if the Rabbit likes the Dragon when they meet, because the Rabbit is loyal and will work things out with the people they want to.

Rabbit and Snake Compatibility

Snake and Rabbit compatibility is one of the worst matches for Rabbits. The Snake can be ambitious and jealous, and the Rabbit can be too independent to tolerate a jealous lover. Both Rabbits and Snakes can pull back, not wanting to communicate about problems at times, and this can create issues within their relationships, unfortunately. Both signs attach great importance to relationships and homelife, however, and if they keep communication open, then a successful long-term relationship is possible.

Rabbit and Horse Compatibility

Rabbit Horse compatibility can be successful, but there are equal chances of failure as well. Horse and Rabbit compatibility comes down to independence and how much both people are willing to share with one another. Horse people are always moving towards goals, and this can make it difficult for Rabbits to pair with them if they feel their Horse is avoiding commitment. However, Horse man and Rabbit woman compatibility can be powerful, as both signs value their freedom, and if they can respect one another’s need to have time to themselves while also making the relationship a priority, this can be a powerful partnership.

Rabbit and Sheep Compatibility

Sheep and Rabbits are a great match for one another. Both are kind, compassionate signs, and both are known for being very considerate of others. The harmony these two signs have together makes for perfect relationships whether it be for romance or friendships, and there are seldom, if ever any conflict within this relationship.

Rabbit and Monkey Compatibility

Monkey Rabbit compatibility can be entertaining- for other people! Some call this a “lively couple”, and sometimes that’s not great. They can argue when the Rabbit feels their Monkey is being a showoff who wants to be the center of attention. Monkeys won’t appreciate being fussed at and will just want to enjoy themselves. However, both signs have positive attitudes and are great problem solvers, so if they love one another, they will work things out and stick together.

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

Rooster and Rabbit compatibility is another of the least compatible pairings for both signs. The Rooster strives for excellence and is a stickler for rigid rule keeping and while the rabbit also strives for excellence, they find the Rooster’s approach too draconian. The Rooster, while being very loving, doesn’t necessarily know how to be emotionally supportive of sensitive Rabbits, and this can result in misunderstandings and unintentional hurt feelings. Their best shot at a relationship with one another is to be friends rather than romance partners.

Rabbit and Dog Compatibility

A relationship with Rabbits and Dogs is a great combination! Rabbits go out of their way to please those they love, and your wish is their every command when a Rabbit loves you! Dogs are highly loyal, and gentle spirited people who love to be fussed over and like real dogs in the animal kingdom, Dog people don’t mind being by your side as often as possible. Both signs spoil one another and make their relationship with each other a top priority.

Rabbit and Pig Compatibility

Pig and Rabbit compatibility is another great pairing for both signs, and one of the top matches for Rabbits. Both signs make a loving home and family life of top importance. Rabbits accept they need the support of friends and family, and Pigs make being supportive of the people they love their first priority. These traits make Pigs and Rabbits perfect companions, and both signs anti confrontational approach to conflicts makes them seek harmony. A great relationship for both signs!

Rabbit and Rat Compatibility

Rat and Rabbit compatibility isn’t effortless, but with work from both people, they can have a good relationship together. While both signs are loyal to loves ones and make their relationships top priority, they are quite different in many ways. Rabbits are less social than the Rat, and Rats will need more adventure and spontaneity than Rabbits typically go for. To have a successful relationship, the Rabbit will need to explore with their Rat more, but the Rat will need to hang back and be more of a homebody with their Rabbit sometimes.

Rabbits and the Greco Roman Zodiac

greco roman zodiac

Can you combine the knowledge of two different Zodiacs to learn about yourself? Absolutely! Everybody born a certain year and learning about their Chinese Zodiac animal will also be born under one of the Greco Roman Zodiac signs, and be under the influence of both. We won’t bore you with a complete list of ALL possible combinations, but just for fun, here are a few.

Aquarius Rabbit

Being both an Aquarian and a Rabbit will make for one busy individual! As Aquarians are always beginning and seeing through new, innovative projects, the intellectual powers of the Rabbit will make them all the more creative, and help them be more successful.

Capricorn Rabbit

This individual will have an amazing work ethic, and the toughness of Capricorn combined with the sensitivity of Rabbits will make this person extra smart about balancing work and homelife. While some Capricorns will burn the midnight oil seven days a week, not seeming to care when they head out to rest, being born in Year of the Rabbit will remind them not to be all work and no play!

Leo Rabbit

Combine the drama and style of Leos with the tact and modesty of Rabbits, and you get a charismatic individual who is both humble and powerful. Natural born leaders, Leos will be able to tone down their roaring bossiness when they are born Rabbits, and the sometimes timid Rabbits will benefit from the boldness of being a Leo.

Pisces Rabbit

Pisces people live to take care of those they love, and Rabbits don’t always do well emotionally on their own. This makes the people born under both signs especially devoted to their relationships, and these people should take extra care not to get taken advantage of. Both signs can be very adaptable and generous, and people born under both signs are especially diplomatic, and good at quelling conflict.

Taurus Rabbit

Homebody Taureans born during the Year of the Rabbit may never want to leave the house, but that’s okay, because everybody loves them so much, they never run out of houseguests! People born under the influence of both signs are especially efficient at their work, knowing how to work “smarter, not harder” and get as much as possible done with the least amount of energy possible. They love to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Virgo Rabbit

Virgos who are born in the Year of the Rabbit benefit from all the tact, gentleness, and anti-confrontational traits Rabbits possess. Of course, they apply this to their careers immediately, and it makes them especially good mentors and managers. This also helps them to balance homelife with work, and this will be a Virgo who takes their vacations without guilt, not wanting to miss one second of the good life with friends and family.

Special Years of the Rabbit

special years of the rabbit

Every year has its ups and downs, but Year of the Rabbit years see breakthroughs in peace and intellectual progress. Three years 1975, 1987 Rabbit Chinese Zodiac, and Chinese Astrology 2011 Rabbit year are three years we will highlight.

Rabbit Year 1975

1975 was filled with progress and good things as Rabbit Years from the Chinese Zodiac tend to allow. Microsoft was founded in New Mexico. The Vietnam War ended, and Papua New Guinea gained its independence. In the arts Saturday Night Live began airing and Queen released their hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

Rabbit Year 1987

In the Year of the Rabbit 1987 in June, American President Regan told Soviet Premier Gorbachev it was time to bring the Berlin Wall down and reunify Germany. It would take three years until this officially began. Martial Law in Taiwan ended. Pope John Paul II visited AIDS victims, embracing them during a time much was still unknown about the disease and many were afraid of contracting it by simply being in HIV positive people’s presence. In the arts, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art was given its own building, and is the largest of its kind in France, making it a pioneering collection of modern art. It houses over 19,000 art pieces.

Rabbit Year 2011

Bangladesh and India signed a treaty to end forty years of conflict. The US claimed the Iraq war was ended, and Occupy wall Street, aimed to fight corporate corruption began and ended up spreading to over 80 nations by wintertime. Groundbreaking American film The Help was released in this year, bringing to light the ugliness of mistreatment of people of color even after slavery was abolished, and celebrating the life of Medgar Evers, and the Civil Rights Movement.

The Next Year of the Rabbit

next year of the rabbit

2023 will be the next Year of the Rabbit, and each sign will be affected by it differently. For example, it is predicted Rats will benefit by expanding their social circle and career options whereas Roosters should be careful of what they say with business colleagues, taking care to be tactful and they should not take any risks that year. For those born under the sign of Rabbit, this will be their year! All aspects of their year are forecast to go extremely well from career to love and Rabbits can be sure they will do well financially, and health wise as well during 2023 as well.

Whether or not you were born during the Year of the Rabbit, Rabbit Chinese Astrology affects you and being aware of what is to come will help you prepare. If you are a Rabbit, keep being the charming, harmonious creatures you were born to be! Your year will be here in 2023, and it’s your turn to enjoy an entire year that’s completely in harmony with the gentle spirit you are.

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