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Venus in the Houses

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
June 06, 2022
Venus in the Houses
Venus in the Houses
TL;DRGetting your Birth Chart cast will reveal much about your personality, tendencies, and basically who you are, but what on earth do each of those spaces on the chart represent? They represent twelve things that govern our lives, and that is referred to as The Twelve Houses. Learn what each of these Houses mean, what they influence, and how the planet Venus specifically influences each of the Twelve Houses with Mysticsense.

When you get your birth chart cast, your Astrologer will probably provide a circular chart to you that includes twelve spaces, or Houses. Those aren’t just squiggles on a paper chart, but they show you exactly what planets and astrological signs were where the moment you were born, and what this information tells you what hose planets and signs cause to happen in your life. Each of these twelve Houses influence parts of our bodies and they influence things ranging from love life, personality, and our finances. First, get your Birth Chart cast, and then join us as we explore each of the Houses. For extra fun, we will explore what Venus, which governs how we love, influences each of the houses if it was there when you were born.

Get your Birth Chart cast here- Free Astrology Birth Chart Report ( to get a breakdown of all the planets and signs, but to get a graph chart you can look at, click here: Birth Chart Calculator - Find Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Sign (Rising Sign) (

What Are the Houses in Astrology?

Most simply stated, our birth charts are divided into twelve sections known as Houses and each of the Houses govern aspects of our lives. Looking at your birth chart will reveal which planets and signs were passing through each of the Houses at the moment of your birth. Any planet has the possibility to move through each of the houses, and knowing which one was in each of yours will help reveal conditions of your physical life, spiritual characteristics, and personality traits, tendencies, and temperament.

Each of the Houses rules different things in our lives ranging from homelife to travel, and each of the Houses also has a part of our bodies it represents. Without further ado, let’s move through what each of the twelve Houses represent.

The First House

Starting at the very top, the head and face are ruled by the First House, and it governs not only personality, but also worldly outlook. It rules natural disposition and also what we refer to as self-interest. It is also referred to as The House of Self. The planet Mars and the sign it rules, Aries also influences the First House.

The Second House

Moving right along, and a bit lower, the Second House rules the neck and throat. It is the House that rules finance, money, and gains and losses. That’s not just limited to what we earn but covers inheritances and debts as well. The planet Venus and the sign Taurus, which it rules influences your Second House. It is called the House of Possessions.

The Third House

The Third House governs the neck, shoulders, lungs, hands, arms, and fingers. It rules our brethren and short trips as well as air transportation. It influences the abilities of studying, writing, and mental capacity and predisposition are also ruled by the Third House. It is called the House of Communication. Mercury, and the sign Gemini rule the Third House.

The Fourth House

The Fourth House is called the House of Family and Home. It rules the stomach, breast, and digestive system. Fatherhood and domesticity as well as lands, properties, mines, and old age and the end of life. Ancestry, our heritage, and family life is ruled by the Fourth House as well as traditions, real estate, and all things in our domestic life. Cancer and its ruler, the Moon rule the Fourth House.

The Fifth House

The Fifth House is called the House of Pleasure. It rules happy pleasurable emotions, and love relations. It deals not only with romance but also in us creating things that make us happy. It also influences having children and the good times and love we share with them. The sides, upper back and heart are the areas of the body it rules. The ruling sign of the Fifth House is Leo and the ruling planet is the radiant Sun!

The Sixth House

The Sixth House rules health, sickness, and hygiene. It rules employees and service, as well as employment in general, and training. It also governs food and drink that we take into our bodies- we ARE what we eat-, the clothing we cover ourselves with, as well as small animals we have involvement with. The parts of the body the Sixth House governs is the bowels and solar plexus. The Sixth House is called the House of Health and Virgo, and thus it’s planet Mercury rule it.

The Seventh House

The Seventh House governs marriages, unions, partnerships, and also unions and connections with enemies, not just loved ones. It governs legal proceedings, and general dealings with people and the public. It deals with how we unite with others to accomplish things and the body parts The Seventh House rules are the kidneys and loins. The Seventh House is called the House of Partnerships and it is ruled by Libra and it’s ruling planet, Venus.

The Eighth House

The Eighth House rules death, the dead, and occult encounters. It rules all three life phases of sex, which can of course result in birth, as well as death, and also rebirth. Resources we gain and give to others like inheritance, insurance, alimony, taxes, and all forms of financial support are also ruled by The Eighth House. The Eighth House is called the House of Sex or “Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money” by some. The body parts it rules are external sexual organs and the muscular system. Scorpio, and its planet, Pluto rule the Eighth House.

The Ninth House

The Ninth House rules long trips and journeys, places that are far from where we are born, psychic gifts, dreams and visions, and spirituality and philosophic tendencies. It rules higher education, the search for meaning and finding understanding and exploring. The body parts the Ninth House rules are the liver and thighs. The ruling sign for the Ninth House is Sagittarius and its planet, Jupiter and it is called the House of Philosophy.

The Tenth House

The Tenth House rules professionalism, our career, fame and reputation and the general role we play both at work and in our greater community. It governs how we use our status and skills in public, and it rules the roles we play in government and society. The Tenth House is called the House of Social Status and it is ruled by Capricorn and its planet, Saturn. The body part it rules are the knees.

The Eleventh House

The Eleventh House rules friendships and all sorts of groups including cliques, societies and clubs, networking groups, and professional organizations. The Eleventh House rules collective endeavors and the roles we play in them in general. It also indicates hopes and dreams for our future and the financial wellbeing of our employers. Aquarius and its planet Uranus rule the Eleventh House and it is called the House of Friendships. It rules the ankles.

The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House rules restraint, unforeseen problems, limitations, private sorrows, secret enemies, and isolation. It also rules hidden spiritual or magical truths. It rules jails, asylums, hospitals and places where we can feel stuck, restrained, or limited. It also rules the subconscious including the intuition and things we keep secret. The feet, or the body part that carries us forward from our things that limit us is ruled by The Twelfth House. The Twelfth House is called The House of the Subconscious and it is ruled by Pisces and its planet, Neptune.

What Does It Mean?

What these twelve Houses combined with your Birth Chart tell you is how aspects of your life will be influenced. For example, if Saturn is in your Fourth House, it means you will be very devoted to your family, but there will be some form of family struggles. You may lose a parent young or have a falling out with certain family members. You will value your personal time to yourself and you might not do that well in group gatherings and prefer solitude to a lot of socializing. It also means that financial investments are something you should focus on , most especially long term ones, to build your wealth.

Venus in Houses

Venus is one of the planets that moves through the houses, and it brings love, romance, sexual appeal, and sensuality. It also brings art, pleasure, and beauty. In each of the twelve Houses, this means something different, however.

Venus in First House

Venus in the Houses

Venus in the First House combines its beauty and harmony with the active, fiery energy Aries brings. People with Venus in their First House may excel in dance or martial arts bringing beauty and grace to the active, physical endeavors they thrive in. They are typically very attractive to love interests and even if they aren’t born drop dead gorgeous, they will have beautiful ways and be a feast for the eyes. They are typically sympathetic, generous, and affectionate.

Venus in Second House

Venus in the Houses

People born with Venus in the Second House love to spend money on beautiful, luxurious things, and pleasurable experiences, but that’s okay because they somehow manage to make plenty of money to afford it all. As the Second House is ruled by Taurus, those born with Venus in their Second House are people who love to make a cozy home and fill it with beautiful things and the people they love. People with Venus in their second House also love to fill their home with delicious things to eat and are fortunate enough to have a great family life and significant other. They are often blessed with a beautiful face as well.

Venus in Third House

Venus in the Houses

People with Venus in their Third House enjoy the intellectual power of Gemini and are talented at mediating, seeking harmony and peace. They are lucky enough to be blessed with a good family life, with relatives who truly care for them. Venus in the Third House also adds the ability to travel well, and even short trips across town can be had often. They love the fine arts, and they find partaking in the arts either as a watcher or one who is the artist refines their minds and makes them happy.

Venus in Fourth House

Venus in the Houses

People with Venus in their Fourth House typically have a peaceful, happy old age, and are blessed with good family relations all their lives starting with their parents. People with Venus in the Fourth House are especially influenced by their parents, and they seek a harmonious homelife all of their days. They are likely to be very close to their significant other, and there is a strong chance they will gain wealth through inheritance or joining a well to do family business and investing.

Venus in Fifth House

Venus in the Houses

When Venus is in the Fifth House, love affairs and friendships will go well, and you will be wildly successful in your social life. People with Venus in their Fifth House are very good at entertaining, hosting exquisitely, and they are good at making people feel welcome. These people are considered fun to date and may fall in love very young. Investing and business work is highly profitable for them and people with Venus in their Fifth House typically have wonderful children who they love spending their life with.

Venus in Sixth House

Venus in the Houses

Venus in your Sixth House instills you with excellent health as long as you eat properly and don’t overindulge in unhealthy foods and drinks. These people often do the work in their careers they love and do especially well working in food, medicine, clothing trades, and in careers working with small animals. People with Venus in their Sixth House will do well securing work for other people and will also thrive as employees.

Venus in Seventh House

Venus in the Houses

Being born with Venus in the Seventh House means you may marry young, and LOVE being married! You will enjoy the societal benefits of such a union, including financial perks, and you will love your kids or pets you have with your spouse. People born with Venus in their Seventh House are especially good at resolving any strife peacefully and they are good at resolving personal issues as well as issues people have with one another including working towards societal issues. These people may find it difficult or impossible to be single and can feel lost without a partner.

Venus in Eighth House

Venus in the Houses

Finances can be enhanced by marriage or inheritance and the legacy of your ancestors will enrich your life both materially and emotionally when Venus is in your Eighth House. These people are highly cautious in love, being too terrified of being hurt to throw themselves into a lot of superficial relationships. Once they commit, they are entirely devoted, and seek out a partner whose devotion is as strong as theirs is.

Venus in Ninth House

Venus in the Houses

Adventure is important in your life when Venus is in your Ninth House, and you will welcome romances that don’t feel confining, but allow you to roam freely. You may marry someone you met on your travels far away, and you will seek to travel to faraway places often, exploring and learning about a world that continually grows larger for you. People with Venus in their Ninth House are also optimistic, seeking intellectual improvement and are quite philosophical.

Venus in Tenth House

Venus in the Houses

People with Venus in their Tenth House can be overly concerned about what others think of them and can literally marry themselves to a job. However, they are often wildly successful in the arts, or in businesses that sell luxury items. They abhor drama or arguments and seek harmony in all social interactions. They are very pleasant people to be around and often marry somebody whose social standing is as high as theirs if not higher.

Venus in Eleventh House

Venus in the Houses

People with Venus in their Eleventh House are highly sociable and are quite popular with both friends and lovers. They may gravitate towards unique people and unconventional unions, finding ordinary people and friendships too boring for them to stick around for. They are often involved in the arts and have many friends who are as well. They need their long-term lovers to establish a strong foundation of trust and friendship although they may make friends with new people very quickly.

Venus in Twelfth House

Venus in the Houses

People with Venus in their Twelfth House may willingly seclude themselves, needing plenty of alone time, but once they are in love, they are completely devoted. They may find it difficult to set boundaries with people they love and find themselves being taken advantage of. They may work in an obscure job field, specializing in something few other can, and often work for charitable causes. They are fascinated with mysterious things and they love to research the occult. They love large animals like horses and may fall into forbidden love relationships.

Venus in Houses Synastry

Synastry is comparing Birth Charts between people and seeing how compatible they are. We all want to know who we are most likely to enjoy a successful relationship with! A few combinations of Venus in the Houses are listed below.

Venus in 2nd House Synastry

When somebody else’s Venus overlaps with your Second House, it means the individual may likely be looking for what they can gain from you as opposed to being romantically interested in who you are as a person. They may see you as more THEIRS, as in somebody who they have ownership over than as a partner who has equal say in the relationship also. Things still may work out romantically, but material things have to be right for both parties, or you can forget about coming together as partners.

Venus in 5th House Synastry

If somebody’s Venus overlaps in your Fifth House, they will only have eyes for you, and this has potential to be the perfect match for you both. You can be perfect partners who can really see being together for the rest of your days, creating a family together and your partner will probably see you as the most special person they have ever met. You have the potential to love one another forever and to live “Happily Ever After!”

Venus in Aries in 8th House Synastry

When somebody’s Venus overlaps your Eighth House, there is potential for a passionate sensual relationship. There is also potential to share resources and build amazing wealth together. However, if Aries is also placed in the Eighth House, it can bring in obsession from one of the lovers, or crippling debt, so it isn’t the greatest of situations for these lovers when Aries is in this combination.

Once you get your Birth Chart cast, study it, learning as much about yourself as you possibly can. Don’t stop at seeing where Venus falls in your Birth Chart, but research all the planets. You are one of a kind and finding out everything about your unique Birth Chart can help explain how you think, what works best for you, and who you harmonize best with. 

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