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Step by Step Astral Projection

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 04, 2022
Step by Step Astral Projection
Step by Step Astral Projection
TL;DRAstral projection is a hot topic in the metaphysical and esoteric communities, and a lot of people say they astrally project. People talk about astral cords, astral projection entities we may pick up during astral travel, and there is much debate as to whether astral projection is pseudoscience or not. Hindus, Buddhists, New Agers, Theosophists, some mystical Christians, Taoists, and others have believed in the existence of a spiritual body that leaves the physical body to go places sometimes, and they can’t all be wrong, or can they? Read on to learn more about astral travel.

Astral projection has been attested to by Buddhists, Hindus, Theosophists, and even in the Bible and what they all share in belief is that humans have more than just the physical body, and this astral body can travel places away from the body at will. Perhaps that’s what happens when you have a vision or a vivid dream that feels like it was actually happening. What is astral projection, and what are the steps you can take to safely astral project? What can go wrong during these trips, and what stories have people shared about their personal experiences astrally projecting? Learn these things and more with Mysticsense today.

What is Astral Projection?

Step by Step Astral Projection

Astral projection is simply your astral, or spiritual body leaving your physical body to go somewhere on its own. People often call the different places it can visit as locations on the astral plane, and still others believe the astral body goes wherever it wants to and can travel within the non-astral world also. Plenty of religious and spiritual leaders have had a lot to say about astral travel and the astral body.

Helena Blavatsky was well known for her esoteric and mystical writings and her prolific participation in Theosophy, a 19th century religious movement she founded. She wrote extensively about many topics, including astral projection. The Theosophical Society is still in operation today, and here is what they wrote on their page about the topic:

“Linga Sharira – called the astral body – is the subtle, unseen “double” of the dense physical body. It is the form, mould, and blueprint upon and around which the dense physical body is built. It comes into existence before the physical body and it only fully fades out and dies when the very last remaining particle of the deceased physical body disappears and disintegrates, excepting the skeleton.

The astral body can also be thought of as the “vital body” or “energy body” of the human being because it is the vehicle through which Prana (the 3rd Principle) flows to the physical body. It is this part of our constitution which is utilised in the activities which have become known as astral travel, astral projection, and so forth. The term “astral” is used in Theosophy simply as a synonym for “subjective,” “subtle” or “inner.”

Its main connection point with the physical body is in the area of the spleen and these two bodies that we have are connected with one another throughout each lifetime by a sort of unseen umbilical cord which some have called the “silver thread” or “silver cord.”

An Indian spirituality teacher named Meher Baba was said to be a human form of a god, or an Avatar of the age he lived in up until his physical death in 1969. He influenced many worldwide with his unique teachings that were said to be a combination of Sufi, Yogic, and Vedic and he and wrote:

“ In the advancing stages leading to the beginning of the path, the aspirant becomes spiritually prepared for being entrusted with free use of the forces of the inner world of the astral bodies. He may then undertake astral journeys in his astral body, leaving the physical body in sleep or wakefulness. The astral journeys that are taken unconsciously are much less important than those undertaken with full consciousness and as a result of deliberate volition. This implies conscious use of the astral body. Conscious separation of the astral body from the outer vehicle of the gross body has its own value in making the soul feel its distinction from the gross body and in arriving at fuller control of the gross body. One can, at will, put on and take off the external gross body as if it were a cloak, and use the astral body for experiencing the inner world of the astral and for undertaking journeys through it, if and when necessary....The ability to undertake astral journeys therefore involves considerable expansion of one's scope for experience. It brings opportunities for promoting one's own spiritual advancement, which begins with the involution of consciousness.”

Various biblical passages in books like The Revelations allude to prophets traveling to another world to see things their god and his angels wanted them to see. In the book of Ezekiel 37:1-14, a story is told of how the prophet was taken up by ‘the hand of god’ and delivered to a place to speak with him. Ecclesiastes book 16:6 said: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern,” which many take to allude to the astral form. There are also various listings in both the old and new Testaments alluding to being “in spirit” somewhere which can be describing astral travel.

What are Astral Cords?

Step by Step Astral Projection

Many of the astral projection descriptions entail naming “astral cords.” Astral cords, also called silver cords that connect your astral body to your physical body so your astral body does not get lost during astral travel. You want to make sure your astral body comes back home to your physical body, and that’s what astral cords accomplish. Simple!

What are Some Astral Projection Uses?

Step by Step Astral Projection

So we have given an astral projection description, defining what it is, but what is it for anyways? Why astrally project, and what can be accomplished by doing so?

To Visit Loved Ones

So you can’t get in the car or on an airplane or bus to go visit? You can astrally project to see them. If you communicate in advance, your bodies can astrally project to one another, or your loved one can simply be psychically attuned to when you arrive to visit. It’s not the same as getting together in person, but a visit from a loved one’s astral body is a welcome visit always!

To Speak with The Dead

Many spiritual traditions have techniques where their holy people go into a trance and psychically visit with the dead. Sometimes, the astral body of the holy person travels, and sometimes, they summon the astral or spiritual body of the dead to them. Some call this a shamanic journey. Of course, the term

“shaman” is used loosely by many different people, including some modern people who consider themselves self-taught shamans. Shamanic journeys can be to meet the dead, or not, and entail astral travel.

To Grow Spiritually

To go within ourselves or journey to spirit worlds to speak with divine beings can be done astrally and to grow spiritually. Trance states can be ecstatic and can be reached through fasting, dancing, or ingesting ceremonial foods, drinks, or herbs, and are done to bring the person journeying closer to the divine or to improve and grow.

To Communicate with Celestial Beings

The Waiwai people of the Amazon have a holy person called a yaskma who does astral travel journeys to attain ways to heal, to find more food for the people, or to communicate with celestial creatures. The reference to Ezekiel traveling to speak with his god can count as a celestial visit, and closer to the end of this, there will be more astral travel stories, one of which was related by a Shawnee holy man where he was astrally transported to speak with his god.

For Healing

Some astral travel is done to attain healing for a patient or for the journeyers own self. Oceanic holy people in Papua New Guinea are tasked with doing trances and rituals to remove spirits that have attached themselves to people, which they believe was what was making the patient sick, and this is a way to heal. Another way would be to astrally travel within the patient’s body to locate what the problem is.

Astral Projection Signs

Step by Step Astral Projection

What are some signs you have been doing astral projection without meaning to? You may awaken feeling as if you have not slept, and you had a very vivid dream you felt you were actually experiencing in waking time. You may be able to smell smells, taste things, and feel temperature and be able to touch things you actually feel. If you experience sudden change that seemingly nothing brought on, you may have astrally traveled and experienced such a profound change on the astral plane, you changed in your waking life as well. Some people can literally feel their astral body leaving and returning, and others state they can tell they astrally traveled. If you feel another world is calling and is part of your soul home base, you have possibly already astrally traveled there before, even if you can’t remember details.

That soul home may be someplace you visit again and again in astral travel, and you may question whether it’s a place you are meant to visit with your physical body. You might, but you might not. Remember, your astral body remains connected to your physical body, so even though you did not experience it with your physical body present, your physical body still experienced the trip you experienced during astral travel.

Is there Astral Projection to Other Planets?

The belief is that your astral body can go wherever it wants by some people, and others believe planets we see in this life are part of the physical plane and are not accessed by the astral body. However, who is to say exactly what realms and worlds the astral plane has? Are there planets on the astral plane that are not the same as the planets we have in our world? Some say yes, others say no. There is only one way to find out, and that is to explore for yourself if you want to see.

Astral Projection Steps

Step by Step Astral Projection

For your first astral projection, take things slow. Astral masters did not start out as experts, and some of them took long periods of time to develop their skills. You can even reach out to the astral projection community to find a mentor from places like this professional organization, and you never have to develop your abilities and skills alone: T H E O S O P H Y – Study & discussion of the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky & William Q. Judge (

A good first step is always learning with somebody who is experienced, and while you learn, there are some basic steps people say they have taken to astrally project.


 Before you can embark on your journey, you have to believe it is possible. You may have no idea what you believe astral projection will be like, or what the astral plane is like, but knowing it is real gets you in the mindset to go there.


Decide what your goal of astral travel is and where you would like to try and go. Do you want to attempt to communicate with your god, or spirit guides? Do you want to visit ancestors? Would you like to look into your own body or the body of somebody else who you would like to heal? Would you like to go to a place where wise beings will advise you on matters of the heart? Once you decide the goal of astral projection and where you want to go, it is time to relax and get started.


You may wish to develop an astral travel breathing technique, or you may prefer to breathe naturally. You may want to sit in a specific position, or you may prefer to lie down. Each individual has their own position they are most comfortable astrally projecting in. You will have to decide if you want to astrally project while sleeping or while awake and in a meditative state. Whichever way is most comfortable and relaxing for you is the best way for you to astrally travel.

Release and Explore

Once you take as long as you feel you need to become relaxed, visualize your astral body, and allow it to begin to leave your physical body. Be aware of your astral cord, keeping you connected to your body, and remember where your body is when it is time to return. Then, release your body to travel and explore!


Once your journey is complete, consciously return to your body. It doesn’t take any magical conjurations to do such a thing. You just have to decide to. You can keep an astral travel journal to keep track of your journeys and the beings you meet and what things you learn.

Astral Projection Possession

While exploring, keep your wits about you! Just like in waking life, we have to watch out for ourselves, and in astral travel we have to also. Some people believe that unless we stay vigilant, spirits can attach themselves to our astral body, and return with us, also residing in our bodies, or that a spirit can sneak into our living bodies while our astral body is away. One way to protect against this is to pray to your god or spirit guardians to help protect you, and another way to do this is to guard your aura by practicing shielding.

A very simple shielding technique is to visualize yourself surrounded by a protective halo of whatever it is you feel protects. Some people visualize brilliant light, while others visualize armor. You may also bless the space your physical body is on, using talismans, prayers, or spells and you can also pray that your astral body is protected. Keep your senses attuned to all creatures you encounter, and always remember one of the most magical words is the world “No” if another being asks or tries to latch on.

You have more power over your own body and astral body than you may realize, and while a spirit might be persistent in insisting you allow it residence with you, your personal will is much more powerful than theirs is over your body.

Astral Projection Sex Experiences?

Step by Step Astral Projection

What if wet dreams, at least SOME of the time are just astral experiences? It’s entirely possible, especially since your physical body and your astral body are connected by your astral cord. What your astral body feels, so does your physical body. When this happens, you can be assured your astral body had a nice time on the astral journey! How do you know the difference between a plain old sex dream and astral sex? Astral sex will feel more real than just an erotic dream, because it is. If you question whether it was astral sex or just an erotic dream, the next time you astrally project, concentrate in finding out for sure.

Is Astral Projection Fake?

Stories of astral projection experiences that have been in biblical scriptures, Taoist writings, Hindu sacred books and in the mouths of holy people and tribal historians who tell their lore and stories about these spiritual journeys. All these people would say astral projection is certainly not fake. Astral projection is real. Here are some stories.

Tenskwatawa, who was known as the Shawnee Prophet, and brother of Tecumseh stated his soul was carried off when he collapsed into a fire and nearly died. When he awakened, he said “ the Master of Life had sent two handsome young men to carry his soul to the spirit world, where he had been shown both the past and the future…he was permitted to gaze into paradise, which he described as “a rich fertile country, abounding in game, fish, pleasant hunting grounds and fine corn fields,” a realm where the spirits of virtuous Shawnee could flourish, “pursuing the same course of life which characterized them here. They (could) plant, hunt ( or) play at their usual games and in all things could remain unchanged.” …but all evildoers where compelled to repeat their suffering until they had atoned fully for their sins…Henceforward, he would be called “The Open Door” a name symbolizing his name as a holy man…” He would have many more visions in this way.

Another story comes from a woman whose dreams of a specific place look nothing like anyplace on earth that she has ever seen, and she feels everything that goes on in the dreams, so she feels she is astrally projecting, as opposed of dreaming of where she will visit in her future. It is a place with a lot of cliffs, rocks, and water rushing over these. There are beautiful trees, and in the astral dreams, people are allowed to swim in the water all they want. Some parts are very deep, but nobody is ever in any danger, and the water is crystal clear. It is a place pf peace, and beauty where people can visit as often as they want. Nobody has any illness, sorrow, or pain there, and everybody swims and boats in the waters to their hearts content.

One man shared an experience that was not so pleasant. He spoke of a friend who literally never got rested at night because her body was astrally projecting against her will, and she turned to her religion to make it stop. It worked! Another individual reported sleep paralysis as dark creatures preyed upon him, and his wife could awaken him and make it stop. Such unpleasant experiences are possible if you allow yourself to lose control of yourself or if you succumb to fear, but you need not worry.

Our astral bodies are nothing to be afraid of and neither is the astral plane. Maybe your astral travel won’t take you to a paradise where you see a beautiful afterlife, and you may not find the tranquil waters the one woman did in her astral travels, but one thing is for certain. Your astral travels will be your own unique experiences you can enjoy and tell other people about. Happy travels!

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