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About Cancerian Men and Women in Love

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
January 11, 2022
About Cancerian Men and Women in Love
About Cancerian Men and Women in Love
TL;DRFind out male Cancer traits and all about your moody Cancer man. Learn what the Cancer man or woman is attracted to, and what signs are most compatible with Cancer people. What are the physical signs a Cancer man likes you, and what to do to make the Cancerian woman of your dreams happy with Mysticsense.

So you’ve met a sensitive, charming Cancer, and you wonder what you need to do to make them fall for you. How can you tell when a Cancer man has a crush on you and how to deal with a cancer woman if she gets moody? Is a Sagittarius woman and Cancer man a good combination, and what do Cancer men want? Learn these facts about your Cancer man or woman with us today.

Cancer Men Traits

Cancerian Men Traits

The Cancer element and planet helps to govern what make Cancer people the way they are. Cancers are a water sign which means they are emotional, empathetic, and sensitive to both their own delicate feelings and the needs and feelings of others. They are ruled by the Moon, which instills the ability to influence others in Cancerians, and makes Cancer’s moods changeable and this can cloud their thinking. This means they may react on their emotions, and sometimes they do so out of empathy for others. Loving a Cancer man might mean you have to listen to him overreact to a romance film and cry for an hour, but it can also mean he is the first one at your front door with chicken soup when you are feeling under the weather, or there with a bottle of wine and carryout dinner when you’ve had a bad day at work and don’t feel like cooking.

A woman or man with Cancer as their sun sign typically has a sense of humor many find appealing, and they may spend a lot of time going out of their way trying to convince you of their point of view. If you say they are arguing she may come back with “No, I’m just explaining why I am right!” and inform you she is the most intelligent zodiac woman! While Cancers can be very helpful, nurturing, and sympathetic to those they love, they can unfortunately be completely unaware they are upsetting you. It is not one of the Cancer men characteristics to deliberately set their loved one’s feelings aside, so just gently point out what you need him to do differently.

Known for their cozy homes where they welcome and spoil the people they care about, Cancers can be homebodies, and their lives, and homes are built to accommodate their family and friends. Chances are, their friends circle is small, and they prefer heart to heart conversation or serious intellectual discourse to small talk. Excellent at persuading people, they can also be downright manipulative when they want to be and are skilled at laying the mother of all guilt trips upon you when they feel wronged. They can be painfully shy but open up to the few people that are lucky enough for their Cancers to trust them, and they are typically quite frugal and will help you budget, save, and plan for retirement.

 Cancers might be emotional water signs, but their planning and intellect rival that of air signs, and they are just as “bull headed” as any Taurus. This serves them well in life and helps make them patient when they need to be, and they will roll up their sleeves and work hard towards whatever short term and long term goals they have. Cancers understand how to work very hard but know at the end of the day, all their hard work is to ensure a good life for themselves and the people they love, so you will rarely catch them ignoring family and friends and overworking at their careers.

The Cancer zodiac physical appearance is often somebody with deep, soulful eyes who seems to look directly into your heart. They may or may not be stylish or especially beautiful, but they may shrink from the spotlight, so looking flashy or showy might not be their first priority. The Cancer rising physical appearance is that of approachability whether they be beckoning with a sincere smile or a plate of goodies. What to wear to attract a Cancer man can be less flashy clothes and simpler makeup. Bold, showy appearances are better saved for a Sagittarian or Aquarian, and your Cancer man won’t mind natural beauty over cosmetics.

A Mars in Cancer woman is passionate about feeling safe, secure, and can be jittery. A Mars in Cancer woman in bed needs to feel her sexual partner can be completely trusted by her before she allows him or her to engage in such a personal thing as sex with her. How to please a Cancer woman in bed in general is for her to feel she can completely trust you, but this is even more crucial to please a Mars in Cancer woman in bed. A Sagittarius woman and Cancer man in bed, similarly, need established trust, and a Saturn in Cancer woman can be even more sensitive, and takes things very personally. To have any sort of relationship with her, even a sexual one, you must put her feelings first and always pay close attention to them.

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What a Cancer Woman or Man Wants

Cancer Woman or Man Wants

In one word, Cancer women and men want security. They want to be surrounded by people they feel they can trust, and they also want to help take care of their loved ones. They want to feel like they are in meaningful, long term personal relationships, and they want to feel emotionally, and financially stable. They also want to feel their health is good. You may find Cancers worrying about their health to the point of behaving as hypochondriacs, but they are not doing it to be neurotic. They are trying to ensure good health and a long life for both themselves and you as well. Everything about your Cancer man will be focused on lifelong stability and security and he will do his utmost to try and make sure you are well taken care of.

How to Tell if a Cancer Likes You

Cancer Likes You

If a Cancer likes you, they will want to spend a lot of time with you, and they will share their deepest, darkest secrets with you. They will tell you things few others, if anybody else knows about them, and they will confide their hopes, dreams, and fears in you. They will tolerate it if you hurt their feelings as well. They may remind you often of the time you said or did what upset them, but they won’t let it make them leave. They will feel comfortable crying in front of you and will tell you things they trust you to keep a secret. They will travel with you, fall asleep around you, and they will introduce you to family and friends. You will become more a part of your Cancer’s inner circle the more they like, trust, and love you.

How to get a Cancer woman to like you is to genuinely be yourself around her, but be considerate of her likes, preferences, and emotional needs. When a Cancer man likes you, he will share unflattering opinions of people you both know with you because he trusts you to keep that to yourself. What is compatible with Cancer liking you is that they know they can call on you when they need you and they know you will likewise call on them. Cancers like being appreciated, respected, and their feelings to be taken into account. Besides venting or confiding in them when you are upset, Cancers are uncomfortable if you are literally being negative. They know they can’t help you if you are being overly pessimistic, and their fragile nerves can’t handle dwelling on the negative all the time.

How to Flirt with a Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman

How to do this is sincerely. It’s not that no Cancer woman ever consented to casual relationships, it’s just that she doesn’t want to feel taken advantage of or that she needs to guard her heart or purse when you are around. Let her know she is the only one you are attracted to and thinking of and make her feel like she is the only woman for you. Some Cancers have no problem with open relationships or casual sex, but they don’t feel comfortable bring reminded there are other people you want while you are spending time with them. Are Cancer men jealous and most specifically, Are Cancer men jealous and possessive? Some absolutely can be and the way to assure your Cancer that they don’t need to be is to show fidelity and slowly build trust so he never thinks to worry.

Cancer Women and Cancer Men in Relationships

Cancer Women and Cancer Men in Relationships

How do Cancerians behave in relationships? What do they typically do simply because they are Cancers, and what do you need to know to expect from your Cancer who you love? 

How to Deal with a Moody Cancer Woman or Man

Being as emotional as they are, Cancers can sometimes overreact or just become moody and upset over things you may not understand. Remember, you are in this relationship because you love them, and ask them to explain if you need them to. Ask them what is bothering them, why it is bothering them, and then listen without judgement. Once they have spoken their piece, ask them perhaps the most important thing- “What can I do to make it better?” Sometimes, they have had a fight with a friend or just a bad day and there is nothing you can do about it. However, caring enough to want to make them feel better might be all your Cancer needs- that and a hug of course!

What Happens When You Ignore a Cancer Man or Woman?

This can be the biggest mistake in a relationship with a Cancer, because ignoring them can be interpreted as you simply not caring. You don’t want them to think that. If you need a break, say so, and tell them you just need a moment to yourself, but they are still top priority and your moment to take a breather will assure that you are best able to be fully present in the relationship, which is the most important thing. What happens when a Cancer man is hurt, and you ignore it? The relationship between the two of you will be strained, and losing your beloved Cancer is the last thing you want, so don’t ignore your beloved Cancer!

How to Make a Cancer Woman Miss You

Your Cancer will absolutely miss you when you are away if you have a stable relationship founded on trust and you have a firm foundation. They will normally let you know how long they will be away and the minute they will return. They will expect the same courtesy from you to let them know you are focused on them, and fully invested in your relationship whether it be a friendship or romance. At work, your Cancer will sorely miss you if you are a hardworking, necessary team member and they will do whatever it takes to be fully supportive as a co-worker or boss. Your Cancer friend or family member will call, write, and visit as often as possible because they miss you so much.

Who is Compatible with Cancer?

Compatible with Cancer

Who is Cancer most compatible with? Best matches with Cancer are fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces and stable Taurus and Capricorn people. Capricorns and Taurus are in it for the long haul, and once they decide they love you, it is rare, if ever that they leave the relationship. These characteristics make Cancer people feel safe and secure in love, and the fact both Capricorn and Taurus people are practical and predictable makes Cancers overjoyed. Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpio’s understand one another’s sensitive emotions on a soul level and will spoil, nurture, and dote on one another to their hearts content. Your Cancer man and commitment go hand in hand, and they will settle down in friendships and romance with whoever they decide to, signs aside.

Cancer Men Are the Worst!

Cancer Men

Some will dwell only on the positive traits Cancers have, and indeed, Cancers are no more perfect than any other zodiac sign, believe it or not. They can be needy, high maintenance, and throw tantrums. Cancer’s moods can change so fast, your head spins, and some of them can be downright manipulative at times. Their tenacity can border on obstinance, and they can annoy their loved ones by harping on how right they think they are.

However, many of them are no less poorly behaved when they are at their worst than the people complaining about them can be, and they certainly more than make up for the bad moments they have by flying to the rescue when called upon. Cancers can have some other bad habits, and those are not too horrible to deal with, most especially if you understand your Cancer and know what to do about it.

Cancer Man Silent Treatment

Cancer Man Silent Treatment

If your Cancer man has clammed up and you can’t get one word out of him, what can you do? Tell him you are sorry he’s upset, and you want to make it better. Then tell him you understand he needs to wait to talk about it until he is ready, and make sure to tell him the minute he wants to confide in you, that you will immediately listen. Then step back and give him time. He may immediately pour his heart out to you, but if he doesn’t, sit tight and wait. If he really loves you and your relationship is a good one, he will soon speak up and you can help soothe his troubles.

Are Cancer Men Abusive?

Cancer Men Abusive

Not usually. No one zodiac sign is more prone to being abusive than any other sign, but if you find yourself the victim of abuse, whether your abuser is a Cancer or not, don’t stand for it! Typically, Cancers champion the abused, seeking to help pull them out of their suffering, but if your Cancer woman is your abuser? End that immediately. Nobody deserves to be hurt in that way. How to know if a relationship needs ended?

Here are some things to think about: Forward! Never Back (

Are Cancer Men Faithful?

Are Cancer Men Faithful

Usually, Cancers are faithful, but like any sign, occasionally a Cancer will cheat. Their ability to be persuasive can convince you the fact you know they are having an affair is all in your head. Cancers hate betrayal and can’t stand to feel guilty, so in the rare event your Cancer is cheating on you, they will have convinced themselves it’s okay somehow. Some Cancerians have been known to cheat with their old flames, and may keep tabs with exes, unable to completely emotionally break things off, and revisit aspects of that relationship from time to time. They may, unfortunately want you, but not be completely faithful. Yes, even when it is rare, it can happen that a Cancer cheats.

What to Do When a Cancer Man Pulls Away

Woman Crying

Like with any sign, when a Cancer pulls away, they do it for one reason: because they want to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having one of those heart-to-heart talks with them that Cancers love and asking them why. Be prepared for an honest answer, or more of Cancer’s silent treatment they can be known for. If discussion doesn’t seem to help, be prepared to respect your Cancer’s space, and let them pull away, even if it means you lose them. Losing somebody who has dedicated so much time and energy to a relationship with you can be devastating, but remember, a Cancer will only be around as long as they want to be, which holds true for a member of any zodiac sign.

Chances are, your Cancer just needs some space. Maybe they are just tired, and they need rest, and before you know it, your loving Cancer will be right by your side again, doting on you, and making you the center of their world. When a Cancer loves you and wants you in their life, they make you top priority and they show it. Lucky you!

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