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Do Soulmates Break Up?

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
February 17, 2023
Do Soulmates Break Up?
Do Soulmates Break Up?

Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Karmic Partners are all people who have a great impact on our lives, and the good thing is, these are all different relationships you get to enjoy. Learn about these relationships and what happens in the unfortunate event that you have a breakup with one of these wonderful people.

Soulmates, Karmic Partners, and Twin Flames are extra special people who come into our lives and change us permanently. The day you meet them, you may feel like a part of you is completed when you come together, and you may be unable to imagine ever being away from them. What is a Karmic connection resulting in a Karmic Partnership and what is a Karmic Twin Flame, or what is simply called a Twin Flame? Is your best friend your Soulmate or are Soulmates only romantic partners? Is it possible for Soulmates to break up and what happens if they do? Join us to learn these things and more today.

What is a Soulmate?

Do Soulmates Break Up?

A Soulmate is somebody who connects to you so deeply, it is said you connect on a soul level. Some people believe everybody has one Soulmate, but other people say it is possible to have multiple Soulmates. Your Soulmate may be in a romantic relationship with you, but that is not completely necessary. Family members can be your Soulmates, and best friends Soulmates are very common. One of the quotes about Soulmates as best friends says “ What I want to say to my best friend at my wedding is “Best Friend, he may be ‘the love of my life’ but you will always be my Soulmate.”

Some people say they have never met anybody they think of as a Soulmate, and that is okay. You might have met a Soulmate and they were gone from your life so fast, you did not realize it, or maybe you have not met one yet. Does everybody have a Soulmate? Probably, who is to say for sure? One thing is certain about Soulmates, though, they come to us when they are meant to thankfully, so you don’t have to worry about searching for them.

Soulmates are people who completely understand you and who you feel you can completely be yourself with. You feel more like yourself around them, and Soulmates are people who may even feel like they have always and will always be with you for your entire life. We have published one psychic’s writings about Soulmates, and you can read that here if you want to know more about Soulmates: What Is A Soulmate - When Do We Know We Have One? (

Signs Your Best Friend is Your Soulmate

Do Soulmates Break Up?

A quote by Faye Hall about Soulmates as best friends says “True love is finding your Soulmate in your best friend. “ Indeed, many claim, “My best friend is my Soulmate!” and there are some easy ways to discern if your best friend actually is your Soulmate.

You Feel Perfectly at Home Together

To feel complete harmony with a best friend is a pretty strong sign you are Soulmates. Being completely comfortable with somebody and being able to totally relax is something Soulmates provide. It is very rare to meet somebody who you are comfortable being vulnerable to and who you know you are completely safe with. When you feel like your best friend is somebody you can completely trust to be comfortable with, it’s a good sign they are your Soulmate.

You Are Each Other’s Confidantes

A confidante is somebody you can tell your deepest secrets to, and who you can trust with your feelings, your thoughts, and your past. They are somebody who won’t betray your secrets and you will have heart to heart talks about your past hurts, future hopes, and stress of everyday life. Not everybody who you are friends with can be trusted with your innermost personal secrets, and when your best friend can, they are probably your Soulmate.

You Are Each Other’s Number One Person

Who is the first person you turn to for help, emotional support, or advice? If you and your best friend are this person for one another, it is a good sign you are Soulmates. Having that one special person who you can always call on for what you need, and who also sees you as their number one person for help gives you an extra strong connection that can go to a soul level and you might be Soulmates.

What’s a Karmic Partner?

Do Soulmates Break Up?

A Karmic connection is one that we had in another life with somebody. Some people say they have been together for many lives, and they seek one another out from life to life. It is believed by some that our Karmic Partners are people who help us and experience all our lives with us, and our bond with them is unbreakable, even by death. Some people even take vows while they are alive to find one another in the next life, and it is believed these vows are kept. Some people say that love at first sight is proof of Karmic Partnerships or that feeling like you have always known somebody the first time you met them is. Some would say a Karmic Partner is a Soulmate, but they can be different than a Soulmate.

Soulmate vs Karmic Partner

Do Soulmates Break Up?

A Karmic Partner can be a Soulmate, but not all Soulmates have been with us in past lives. It is also possible, believe it or not, that a Karmic Partner is not a Soulmate at all, but somebody who comes into our lives for one event or meeting to help us, and then leaves our lives. Some Soulmates find one another from life to life and are thus Karmic Partners but it is not completely necessary for a Soulmate to be with us for more than one incarnation. There are also people who are called our Twin Flames but what are Twin Flames?

What is a Twin Flame?

Do Soulmates Break Up?

There are different schools of thought on what a Twin Flame is, but for this article, a Twin Flame is defined as somebody whose soul is part of yours. The way this works is that a single soul has split into more than one body. So, a Twin Flame is not somebody you have a soul connection with, but it is somebody who is literally part of you. This is also called Soul Splitting and a Split Incarnation. While some people assume the spirit in our bodies is the only one we have, some people believe that the soul can divide itself amongst as many bodies as it prefers. Twin Flames may be drawn to one another, but they may never meet except in dreams.

If you have especially vivid dreams, it is quite possible you are seeing the life a part of your soul is living in another body. You may suddenly taste or smell things that are not nearby you, and this can be what the person whose soul is shared with yours is tasting or smelling at that moment. You may feel a draw to someplace you have never visited before, and on a whim take a trip there. Don’t be too surprised if you show up and meet somebody who feels like they are a part of you. They may be your Twin Soul, after all!

Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame

Do Soulmates Break Up?

Do you have to have a Karmic Relationship before Twin Flame connections happen? You do not. The soul can decide it wants more than one experience in a current life and break itself off into multiple bodies in the same incarnation. You may believe you have a Twin Soul, but never understand why your soul decided to split itself, and that’s okay. You might be lucky enough to be joined with your Twin Flame, but if you aren’t, your soul will enjoy multiple experiences you might get to remember when your soul parts reunite in a future life.

Star Signs Best Match for Soulmates

Do Soulmates Break Up?

Is it fair to say that our Astrology signs help to decide who we are most likely to have as a Soulmate? Sometimes, it just might. If you naturally harmonize with somebody and your personalities fit together seamlessly, it is quite possible you will have an easier time being their Soulmate. While no one sign works the very best for each sign, here are a few extra good Star Sign combinations that can make good Soulmates.

Libra and Leo

This is said to be one of the best matches for friendship or lovers for both signs. Leos and Libras harmonize well, with Leos naturally trusting their Libra who knows just how to listen to them when they are having bad moments and knows just how to have fun in the way Leos like to. Both signs have a love for the finer things in life, and both of them do well in social situations. They both have a love of beauty, shopping, and surrounding themselves with beautiful things, people they like, and they both love experiencing the things they prefer with a mate. Leos have a strong desire to connect deeply with the people they love and Librans, while very choosy about who they get close to, will become very close with their Leos. There is a very strong chance these two can become Soulmates!

Scorpio and Pisces

Both of these signs are empathic, being sensitive to the emotional needs of others. They are very thoughtful and considerate of the people they love, and they both need to be in relationships with people who are equally as considerate to them. They understand one another’s need to communicate openly about feelings, hopes and dreams, and goals they are working towards. Both signs sometimes put their own feelings last and being in a relationship with one another is comforting because they will put each other first. They know they can be vulnerable to one another, trusting they will do all they can to be caring of one another, and that makes them very compatible to be Soulmates.

Taurus and Cancer

A Taurus and Cancer can make a bond forever because they both share so many similarities in how they structure homelife and they both have a deep respect for personal security. They both prioritize material wellbeing and a stable income, and they both work hard to make their home and life with family and friends cozy, inviting, and nurturing. They are smart with finances and accumulating wealth and investments and are good at saving money and resources to make sure they and their loved ones never go without. This pairing can be a Soulmates bond for certain!

Aries and Sagittarius

Both Aries and Sagittarius people are hands-on, high energetic people who love to go on adventures and live a life with lots of variety. They are both passionate people emotionally as well as sexually and appreciate having somebody who understands their strong sex drive and emotions. They are both natural born leaders who bring sweeping change and inventive ideas to the team wherever they go. They both appreciate their personal freedom, and believe the world is too big not to explore it. These two make great Soulmates partnering together for great times, good memories, and a happy life together.

Aquarius and Gemini

Gemini and Aquarius people share similarities, but they have some differences they balance well that make them great Soulmates. Geminis are typically the mediators who are good at rallying the team together to get the ball rolling with things, and Aquarians are as energetic as Aries and Sagittarians- maybe even more so. Aquarians are involved in a lot of interesting things and stay very busy, and Gemini’s love this because they need a lot of intellectual stimulation which Aquarians are able to provide with the variety of things they are involved in. Aquarians are people pleasers who don’t always let their sensitive side show, and Gemini’s are good at soothing an upset or worried Aquarian and getting them moving in the right direction again when they need the encouragement. These two make great Soulmates for each other.

Capricorn and Virgo

These two create a perfect partnership with their straightforward logical approach to things, and they both value a life of hard work, smart savings, and planning for the future. Virgos and Capricorns both love as deeply as more emotionally demonstrative signs like Leo, but they can communicate their love in ways like making sure you get your vitamins instead of with romantic love letters. These signs both also pick people they get close to carefully and tend to keep friendships and lovers long term. They might not be the life of the party, but they will be loyal and practical. They make a perfect pairing in their relationships together and make great Soulmates.

What Happens After a Breakup?

Do Soulmates Break Up?

Unbelievably, sometimes, Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Karmic Partners break up. After a breakup between them, one of two things happen. You either stay apart or reconcile at some point. Reconciliation might happen immediately, or it can happen years down the road, even in future lifetimes. The ugly truth is sometimes people are brought to us so that we may build a life together, and other times, we are only meant to walk our paths together for a short time. You may think you will be apart forever after a breakup only to discover you come back together, and your relationship is stronger than it ever was. Sometimes, you may expect to reconcile and put the past behind you, but things never come together again. How do you know which will happen? There are a few signs to help you see which will happen.

Permanent breakups can happen because you have grown beyond a relationship you discover is unhealthy, because we have fulfilled whatever we were supposed to do together, or because there was some hurt and one or both of you cannot put behind you. A reunion tends to happen for a very important reason, and that is because we are all human, and a mistake was made, but you were able to move past it and come together again.

Permanent Breakups

Permanent breakups with people we were very close to are perhaps the most painful things to happen in our lives. One minute, you may seem like a team forever, and the next, something happens that has you questioning “What did I ever see in them?” It may be tempting to assume your loved one has changed, but often, we have not changed, but what we do changes. One thing is important to remember when your relationship is over, no matter how painful it is: regardless of what happened to break you apart, the time and good things you did together have still helped to make your life what it is, and your absence from one another’s future does not change how much you influenced your lives when you were together. As you discover what the future holds for your relationship, take into account what happened as well as what drove you apart.

You Grew Beyond the Relationship

Sometimes, the breakup happens because one or both of you grew beyond the relationship. You may have come together when you were very different people than you are now, and you cannot make a life happen together anymore. Sometimes, this is because one of you is very unhealthy, and the other has evolved and cannot be involved with people who are as unhealthy as they used to be. However, sometimes, nobody did anything wrong, but we were brought into one another’s lives by the Universe temporarily, and as our lives change, we move away from each other. You can always be thankful for the happy times you shared together before and wish one another well.

You Fulfilled Something

Perhaps you were brought together by the Universe to fulfill something. You may have come together to create a child, and breakup and co-parent afterwards, but no longer share a bond. You may have been brought into one another’s lives to create positive change in the world, and once you do your team part together, you are moved away from one another to do other things. You may have joined one another from past lives to help teach one another with something you had not learned in a past life, and once you learn this, you simply disappear from each other’s lives. While you will miss one another and that can hurt, you should never regret having them in your life to make all the good things happen that you did.

There is Irreparable Hurt

Although relationships with Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Karmic Partners are extra special relationships, not just anything is acceptable. We can still hurt these people or be hurt by them, and there are times that you might forgive one another, but something so painful happened that the trust is gone, and the relationship is over. Maybe this individual changed our life and we changed theirs, but it’s over because of a bad event, a harsh word, or a betrayal. Once something is said or done, it cannot be taken back, and no matter how special of a relationship you had, if you just cannot fathom ever trusting each other again, you can at least be thankful for what you once had even if it is in the past.

Twin Flame, Karmic Partner, and Soulmate Reunions

Do Soulmates Break Up?

Why does a Soulmate breakup and reunion happen? Why even break things off to begin with if you are going to reconcile? Sometimes, healing needs to happen before you recommence your relationship. You may have some time apart, both of you swearing you are done with one another, only to realize that you simply cannot stand to be apart. Time away can make you both think about what each of you could have done differently, and what you will do in the future to make sure you don’t jeopardize your relationship. Sometimes a breakup happens because we made a mistake, and the reunion happens because we realized that and we won’t let it come between us. Sometimes your best friend and Soulmate, Karmic Partner, or Twin Flame is with you from the day you meet until the day you pass away.

What is a Soulmate, Twin Flame, or Karmic Partner if not someone we can count on to be there to the best of their ability to love you and share life with you? Even if you have a breakup with them, that doesn’t mean they are gone from your life for good. Chances are you can reconcile and come back together, enjoying more good times and great love for the rest of your lives together!

You may be asking if you are going to reconcile with your Soulmate. You can always call our love hotline to chat about relationships. You can find out about love in chat, video calls, or a phone call, and you can even get a free love forecast by signing on with us and getting free minutes. Join us to ask about your Soulmates, Twin Flames and Karmic Partners today!

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