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October Love Compatibility

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
October 01, 2022
October Love Compatibility
October Love Compatibility
TL;DRIf you are born in October, your month is very special. Your birth month flower and birthstones are just part of what makes October magical for you. Your zodiac sign also helps predict your best love sign matches. Learn about October birthstones and flower lore as well as best the best match for Libra or Scorpio for love with Mysticsense today.

People born in October are special in more ways than one, and the energy of the amazing things related to their month is at their fingertips to draw power from.Learn about October birthstones and how to draw strength from them as well as the lore and magic of the October flower. Don’t forget to read all about who is likely to make the best Libra soulmate and who is a great love match for Scorpios!

The Magic of October

October Love Compatibility

Originally the eighth month on the calendar of Romulus, October is named after the word “eight” and it kept its name even when it was moved to the tenth month of the year on the Gregorian and Julian calendars. October is Black History Month in the UK and in the United States is it both Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and National Pizza month. Don’t forget to save some pizza for your new dog!

In the parts of the world where October is Fall time, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has some weather lore. It is said the weather the following March will be exactly as it is in October, but if it’s warm in October, February will be very cold. A rainy October brings strong winds in December, and if a lot of fall leaves wither and hang on the branches, it means there will be lots of snow and frost in the coming winter. It also says, “When leaves fall early, winter will be mild, when leaves fall late, winter will be severe.”

Perhaps more magical than nature, a sacred time of year at the end of October happens. Some call it Halloween, and enjoy candy, parties, and costuming, but Halloween has deeper roots in ancient Celtic traditions from a sacred day called Samhain.

Halloween and Samhain Superstitions

Originally a kind of memorial celebration, Samhain was a time when it was believed the veil that divides the land of the living from the realm of the dead thinned, and the beloved ancestors could visit. This could be good, but it could be bad also. It was believed the dead sometimes claimed the living and took them back to the otherworld with them, and people wen to great lengths to avoid this. They believed it safest to travel during daylight, so after dark, people tried to stay indoors. If they needed to go anywhere after dark at Samhain, they would turn their clothes inside out or carry a piece of iron to keep from being taken by spirits. Gifts were offered to the fae, or nature spirits believed to be descended from ancient gods to ensure they were appeased, because it was believed the fae snatched human beings at Samhain also.

Another safeguard was developed to keep from being taken- and that was to dress in costumes. It was believed the dead and the fae would assume people in costume disguises were not human, but were either the dead or other fae, and would leave them be! Halfway between Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Samhain was celebrated around November 1, and today’s Halloween celebrations fall on October 31. It was believed Samhain was the beginning of the winter half of the year, which ended around May 1, or Beltaine, when the Summer growing season began. Samhain was a time of feasting after the final harvest, and a time to bless the people and livestock to prepare them for the cold months ahead.

It was understood that being in close quarters with more people to avoid the cold and harsh winter weather rather than out and about in nature more allowed contagious illness to spread more, and this allowed more deaths. Injuries from falls and other accidents on ice and deep snow, frostbite, and starvation brought on by food shortages in the winter months was combated with careful planning from Beltaine until the day before winter set in, and many prayers and charms were used to try and protect the people and animals from illness, injury, or death winter could bring.

Some of the magic of Samhain was all about prayers and purification for the coming winter, but also in celebrating the hard work done in the Summer season. People came together for feasting and fellowship and respect for the departed ancestors as well as the spirits of the land and ancient gods was given.

Special October Babies

October Love Compatibility

Mostly forgotten today save for handfuls of Neo Pagans, Samhain has become Halloween, and if you are born on Halloween it is seen by some as a sign that you will be safe from malevolent spirits and have powerful psychic gifts all of your life. Some believe giving birth on Halloween to be bad luck, and that it curses the baby if you give birth to it on Halloween, but how could that be? It is believed Halloween born babies can interpret dreams and communicate with the spirits. Plenty of people take this fear of curses and bad luck seriously, however. Yale found that there are approximately five percent less births on average on Halloween that other days of the year. I don’t know about you, but having a baby blessed with psychic gifts that can decipher dreams and speak with the dead sounds pretty good to me! What bad luck?

October Flower of the Month

October Love Compatibility

If you were born in October, but not Halloween, what magical things are there you can draw power from? Your flower of the month, for one thing! Luckily, there isn’t just one flower for that, but three! Those are marigolds, cosmos, and calendula. To draw power from your personal birth month flowers, you can plant them and absorb their energy, wear them, or dry them and place them in magical potions or bags to carry. If they are edible, you can eat them or make teas out of them.


Marigolds are seen as flowers for the blessed ancestors and every year at Day of the Dead celebrations, thousands of them adorn floats and huge wreaths and graves in Mexico. Marigolds are used ceremonially in religious rituals in Nepal and decorate Hindu temples. In aromatherapy, marigolds are used to help clear the thinking and control the emotions. They are used to relieve tension and certain varieties of marigolds are used in teas to help fight congestion and treat rheumatism. Some varieties of marigolds are combined with peyote and other herbs to help you have visions. In the garden, they repel plant lice and mosquitoes, but they must be the scented varieties or they will not work. As a bonus, marigolds attract bees, who pollinate flowers and veggies and fruits, helping grow food for the whole planet.


Members of the sunflower family, there are over thirty known varieties of cosmos, and some of them grow only an inch tall but others can grow up to seven feet tall! They were named by priests at Spanish Missions in Mexico after kosmos which means “ harmony” or “order” because they marveled at how evenly lined up the organization of their petals were. If you gift somebody cosmos flowers, it will bring them good luck. When gifted to a lover, however, they express the joys of walking side by side in life. They symbolize harmony and order in nature. They also symbolize peace and tranquility, and love, most especially red cosmos represent passion. So give red cosmos to your lover to tell them how passionate you are about them.


Not to be confused with new world marigolds, calendulas are called English marigolds, and they are bright gold, and often found on graves because it was believed they would help the dead see their way to the afterlife. It was believed that smelling calendulas would improve eyesight and that smelling them before bed can make you have psychic dreams. It is also believed the smell of calendula could alleviate fatigue and calm distress. They are burned to purify spaces and hung on doors to ward off malevolent energies and spirits. In the Wicca Cookbook, Jamie Wood and Tara Seefeldt write about calendula. They write, “ It is a mild herb that has been used since the Middle Ages for its many healing properties; salving wounds: soothing skin rashes, and bee stings: treating conjunctivitis, toothaches and ulcers: and breaking fevers.”

They also provide a fantastic recipe for Ham and calendula Finger Sandwiches you can make to share. You can absorb the power of edible calendula flowers in this tasty sandwich. This recipe has been used many times in the author’s home and is highly recommended!

Ham and Calendula Finger Sandwiches

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese at room temperature

2 tablespoons lowfat mayonnaise

1 tablespoon horseradish

3 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish

1 tart apple, peeled, cored, and finely diced

1 cup calendula petals plus extra for garnish

1 cup (228 grams) wafer thin ham slices

Bread and parsley for garnish

“ Mix the cream cheese, mayonnaise, horseradish, lemon juice, and pickle relish in a bowl. Gently stir in the apple and calendula petals. With the back of a spoon or a spatula, spread the mixture over the bread. Cover the spread with a single layer of ham slices. Cut into squares immediately or wrap tightly in plastic wrap and chill until serving. Garnish the serving dish with parsley and calendula petals.”

This is the instructions for the sandwiches. This is one of many ways to absorb the blessings of calendula- and it tastes great too!

October Birthstones

October Love Compatibility

Like flowers of the month, birth stones can be used for powerful personal magic. They can be worn, placed in bowls around the home, garden, or workplace, or even placed in bags as protection for your cars. They may be placed in purses, travel bags, or wallets, or sewn into the seams of clothing.


The opal is rare and valuable and has been treasured by royalty in Europe. So well loved is the opal, it is the national gemstone of Australia. It is so sought after, that in 1974, a process to make synthetic opals was created. Because many opals have a rainbow of colors in them, it was believed they have all the attributes of all gemstones during the Middle Ages and were thus considered to be very lucky. It was believed that if an opal was carried wrapped in bay leaf, it would allow the owner to become invisible when they held it in their hand. As there are multiple different types of opals, it is said each different type has its own magical attributes.

All opals, however, are used for healing and to resolve emotional trauma. Black opals are used for banishing and protection and red opals for strengthening and sexual vitality. The common opal helps align you with your higher self, whereas the wood opal is associated with change and growth. Water opals are used to magically draw things to you that you want, and Andean opals are used for spiritual journeys and divination.

Because opals are delicate and easily scratched, extra care has to be taken to preserve them. states the only safe way to clean an opal is with soap and warm water. Do not wear your opal to bathe or sleep, and don’t bundle it up with other jewelry. As opals can have up to a ten percent water content, when storing them, ensure they are an environment with some moisture, and dampening a soft cloth to wrap them in can provide this.


An ancient Egyptian story tells that the tourmaline traveled from earth to the sky upon the rainbow, and it collected all the colors of the rainbow into itself as a result! Indeed, like opals, there are different varieties of tourmalines ranging in colors from black and brown to light blue and even clear. All varieties of tourmalines are said to strengthen psychic powers and self-confidence. They relax the body and mind, dispelling anxiety and grief and they neutralize negativity. Pink tourmaline draws love and instills compassion for others upon the owner. Green tourmaline stimulates creativity and draws money and success in business. Red tourmaline is used in protection magic and is used to strengthen the users will and amplify courage.

October Zodiac Signs

October Love Compatibility

If you were born in October, you are either a Libra or a Scorpio. Librans are born between September twenty third and October twenty second. Scorpios are born from October twenty third and November twenty first. Libras are charming people who mediate well and are great crowd-pleasing socializers. They can turn cold emotionally on you if you push them too far, but they are good at balancing themselves well. Scorpios are hardworking, sensitive people whose feelings should be respected because if you hurt them, they will never forget it. However, they also go out of their way to protect the feelings of the people who they care about.

Zodiac Sign Pairings for Libra

October Love Compatibility

Libras tend to get along with most people well because they know what to do to make other people happy. However, in their own personal lives, they don’t like to compromise their emotional needs and don’t get involved with people who they don’t feel comfortable being completely themselves with. Some signs that match with Libra people are Scorpios, Leos, and Aries people.

Scorpio Libra Love

Scorpio Libra love compatibility can be surprisingly satisfying for both people. Signs a Libra man loves you is that he makes you a top priority and that’s great for Scorpios who like to be the number one person in their lover’s lives. A Scorpio Libra match can be fraught with fights if theScorpio misinterprets something their Libra does. A Libra would never deliberately hurt somebody they love, but they will do what they feel is fair. If a Scorpio expects their Libra to go against their best judgment, their Scorpio is going to be disappointed. Everybody who a Libra loves gets treated special, but if a Scorpio expects their Libra to “prove” their devotion, things might not go well.

Libra and Aries Love Compatibility

As Librans love peace and harmony, and Aries people seem to always be powerfully exclaiming something that could be calmly expressed, it might seem that Libra and Aries love is headed for the rocks, but surprisingly, these two seem to work things out more often than not. Libra and Aries soulmates understand each other better than some would assume. Libras have just as powerful of passionate feelings about things, they just might not SAY so as loudly as their Aries lover, and they fully understand how their Aries feels. Librans also appreciate the open and honest communication their Aries lovers give them and Libras know just what to say to smooth ruffled feathers and Aries people appreciate the reassurance.

The Leo Libra Soulmate Sign

Signs a Libra man is in love with you is he is at his happiest in your presence. This is a very strong possibility for a Libra and Leo. Leos are as passionate as Aries people, and when they get fired up, their Libra seems to know just what to say or do to soothe the flaming temper of the mighty lion in Leo and bring their Leo back to purring like a kitten again. Leos have hysterically funny senses of humor and keep Libra in stitches. These two have great fun together and make a lot of good memories. The only thing they need to do is make sure not to encourage each other into bad habits of overspending- because they both LOVE to shop and collect beautiful things. This can be the main relationship for the both of them.

Strongest Zodiac Matches for Scorpio

October Love Compatibility

Scorpio’s might tolerate people for the sake of keeping the peace in public or at work, but if they don’t want you around in their personal life, they will make sure you know it. They are very private people and some of them have few close friends, which just makes them value the people they hold close to them even more. Most Scorpios are very intelligent and are great judges of character. They know what to say to get people to get along with them- and they know what to do to get people to leave when they feel like it! If a Scorpio spends personal time with you, they are likely not thinking of you as a friend of a friend, but as somebody THEY care about. Lucky you.

Scorpio and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn love matches can be strong bonds, or they can be a terrible war. Scorpios will not be bossed around, and Capricorns can be too eager to try and be in charge. However, successful Scorpio and Capricorn couples do one thing well- they are democratic. They know each other’s areas of expertise and they combine their knowledge to become a powerful team. Where a Capricorn may overwork, a Scorpio can show them how to work smarter, not harder. However, a Capricorn can be better at pretending to NOT be annoyed with somebody whose help they can secure better than their Scorpio. In love, these two can be the greatest team on earth if they will take turns leading one another in the right direction.

Scorpio and Aries Soulmates

A Scorpio and Aries match can be another powerful team. Scorpios are great planners and Aries people have drive and determination to act. Both can be tireless and tenacious when they want to be and accomplish nearly anything they set their minds to. If they are passionate about one another, Scorpio and Aries compatibility is very high. If, however, one or both of them is more interested in acting right than working the relationship out, this can be a war to end all wars, and they fight hard. Their feelings are harder than how hard they fight when they part ways.

Scorpio Taurus Love Matches

A Scorpio Taurus match can be passionate and magnetic. A Scorpio man and Taurus woman in love will take all that passion and apply it to every aspect of their relationship. The sensual side of their relationship can be like a great bonfire when they first come together, but the Taurus' desire to settle down and devote themselves to the people they love will win Scorpios over long term. The reliability and devotion of their loving Taurus will make Scorpio want to stick around for good. They can both be terribly stubborn, but this can also translate into the reliability and trust that both signs value. This can be a long-term match for both of them for sure!

Whether you are a Scorpio, or a Libra born in October, the powers of your month including sacred communication with your ancestors and self-preservation during the dark time of the year are extra special for you. Make sure to draw from the energy of your birth stones and flowers of the month, bringing out your own personal magic, and harmonizing with the mystical powers of all things related to October.

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