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The Taurus and Cancer Relationship

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
January 22, 2022
The Taurus and Cancer Relationship
The Taurus and Cancer Relationship
TL;DRWhat sign matches with Cancer people best? One of their top relationship matches is with taurus people, for sure, but do you know how to tell if a Cancer man really likes you? How do a Taurus woman Cancer man relationships go as significant others, friends, and are Taurus and Cancers in bed compatible and satisfied together? What does Venus in Cancer or a Moon in cancer mean and what does a Sun in Cancer with a Taurus moon mean? Join Mysticsense to read about these topics and more.

Are Taurus and Cancer a good match as lovers, significant others, and friends, or should they opt for other partnerships? Zodiac Signs Taurus and Cancer are said to be a great match. Compatibility between Taurus and Cancer people is ranked as one of the highest compatibility matches for either sign and a male Taurus, Female Cancer partnership can be lifelong. How to tell if a Cancer girl likes you or what to do if you are in love with a Cancer man are questions we will address and what a Moon in Cancer or Venus in Cancer means will be covered as well. Join us to learn these things and more about Cancer people today!

Cancer Woman Traits

Cancer Woman Traits

What are inherently Cancerian traits? Cancer men and women are very emotional, sensitive to other people’s feelings, focused on righting wrongs, and they love strong, personal relationships as opposed to circling with unlimited amounts of friendly acquaintances. Cancers get upset more easily than some signs, but they would tell you it’s more than worth it to deal with because they make up for it by nurturing the people they are involved with. Cancer people are loyal, protective, and empathic to the point they can sense what the people they love are feeling and need. To read more about Cancers, click here: Cancer Star Sign Compatibility | Mysticsense

How To Tell if a Cancer Likes You

If a Cancer man stares at you, and doesn’t look annoyed, he may just be sizing you up or paying attention, and it isn’t necessarily a sign he is interested. If a Cancer is interested in you as a friend, they make plans with you often and may communicate with you on a daily basis be it through text, phone, or speaking in person. If a Cancer is attracted to you romantically, they will often touch you , sit nearby you, and let their guard down around you. They can be very sophisticated and dignified in public, and if they are both flirting and showing their imperfections around you, they are attracted to you.

How Does a Cancer Man Act When in Love?

He will be even more involved in your life than he was when he was just getting to know you in the process of falling head over heels for you. Many Cancers who are in love will want to make a long-term commitment to their significant others, and while that may entail marriage, remember that marriage isn’t for everybody. Your Cancer will likely move in with you and show their devotion by managing the finances and establishing a savings account. They will plan for the future with you whether that be future trips to take, a home to buy, planning to have kids, or just looking forward to investing or retirement.

They will do an overview of your general lifestyle, trying to find ways to make sure you are as healthy as possible, and make changes to diet, sleeping habits, what kind of vehicle you drive, and arrange for doctor appointments as they deem necessary. Don’t mistake this as them being controlling, however, they are just trying to show how much they love you by doing their best to take good care of you so you have as many healthy years together as possible.

Will a Cancer Man Miss Me?

Your Cancer friend, lover, or significant other does need some quiet time to themselves, but they want to spend a lot of time with you despite that. If it’s been too long in their opinion since you have seen one another, your cancer may tearfully reach out, letting you know hoe much they miss you and want to see you again. They will do everything in their power to make that reunion happen!

How Does a Cancer Man Test You?

Why are Cancers so attracted to seeing how you react to a situation? It’s because she wants to know what you are capable of and what you can be trusted with. Cancers need to be in relationships with people they feel they are safe with, and when they see you ate your best and worst, it makes them feel secure in understanding who you are, and what they can count on you to do. Cancers pay close attention to how you treat other people, most especially those who you have some form of status or power over and how you treat those who are less fortunate than you are.

If you make fun of people who you feel are not as financially well off as opposed to donating money to a good cause, your Cancer may lose interest, thinking you heartless. If they see you mistreat animals or children, it might scare them away. If you yell at them or shame them in any way for something that breaks their heart or makes them happy, you could lose them for good. Cancers experience emotions very vividly, and that’s not a bad thing. They need to be in relationships with people who they not only respect, but who they feel they can trust to be good people who care.

The Cancer Signs Best Match

Best Match for Cancer Signs

What sign goes with Cancer people or what signs do Cancers get along with? The most compatible sign for Cancer people varies. The Zodiac and Cancer compatibility states Cancers are most compatible with Capricorns, Virgos, and fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpios. Is Tauriu and Cancer compatible? Many No one sign is most compatible with all Cancer people, and Cancers can keep the peace with most anybody, signs aside. To be compatible with Cancer people, they have to trust you and feel that you care about their feelings. Cancerians would say they are compatible with every sign, but one sign they are very compatible with happens to be people born under the sign of Taurus.

Is Taurus Compatible with Cancer?

Taurus Compatible Cancer

The Cancer and Taurus match is said to be one of the top matches for both signs. The Cancer male and Taurus female relationship tends to be solidly built on trust, reliability, and loyalty to one another and the relationship from both people. Both signs build trust over time, rather than simply rushing into things, and both Taurus and Cancer people stick around long term once they decide they love you. Taurus and Cancer zodiac partnerships are formed on these strengths, and the fact Taurus and Cancer people laugh together also helps make them great life partners. Read more about Taurus people: Star Sign in Spotlight: Taurus | Mysticsense

Cancer Taurus Friendship

Taurus compatibility with Cancer as friends makes them confidants who keep each other’s secrets, respect one another’s privacy, and they are in one another’s inner friends’ circle that’s as close as family. Cancer and Taurus friendship starts out slowly and they may meet through work or even through a hobby and discovered how much they liked each other. Cancer and Taurus friendship compatibility is high because they both put relationships first and they are both very focused on caring for and protecting the people they love. They do these things for one another, and they both love the comforts of home and know how to make one another feel welcomed and comforted.

Do Taurus and Cancer get along or do they battle to prove who is in charge? Cancer Taurus friendships balance nicely with Cancers typically following Taurus people’s lead. Some signs find Taurus people too bossy, but Cancers like the strong leadership and appreciate Taureans caring enough to make them important enough to dote on. It’s not that Taurus people think they know everything, or that they won’t listen to somebody else’s input, it’s just that they are natural born leaders and are focused on ensuring everything is taken care of and the people they love have all their needs met.

Some Virgos or Leos might feel bullied by this, but that’s the last thing a Taurus wants to do. Taurus and Cancer people go together in the way their signs do. Water sign Cancer nurtures Earth sign Taurus like rain nurtures the Earth, and the Earth provides a safe place for all that water to go like the earth welcomes water in oceans, rivers, creeks, and streams. Taurus and Cancer together create a whole world and cozy homelife, even if they don’t live together, when they visit one another, settling in naturally to one another’s living space even just to be there for a short time. The Taurus Cancer friendship is one that, once formed, can last all their lives.

Cancer and Taurus Love

Do Cancers and Taurus make a good couple? Taurus and Cancer compatibility percentage rates are pretty high, with some astrologers giving them an eighty to one hundred percent match percentage. A Taurus woman with Cancer man love relationship is filled with both signs showing they care, with Taureans often gifting beautiful things to their Cancers and Cancers being emotionally supportive. Taurus and Cancer love partners will enjoy staying in at home together, cozy in their love nest. They love either cooking together or getting carryout and enjoy watching movies and shows at home together in comfortable pajamas hunkered down in their warm, inviting sofas or beds.

It’s not that a Taurus Female and Cancer male won’t ever go out together, it’s just that they both tend to enjoy spending time with the people they love and don’t necessarily care as much about what they are doing, so long as they are doing it together. The Taurus and Cancer love match is strengthened by the fact both Taurus and Cancer people are family oriented, and many Taurus male Cancer female couples will co-parent very well together. Cancer man Taurus woman love signs establish a routine neither of them deviates from much, if ever, and both signs like knowing what to expect, and they like being comfortable in their established habits.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman in Bed

The Cancer sign love match with Taurus is said to make these two very compatible in the bedroom. The Taurus and Cancer love horoscope says both these signs are focused on satisfying and being generous with their partner, so a Taurus man in bed with a Cancer woman will focus on what pleases her and his Cancer woman will sometimes instinctively be able to tell what pleases him. A Cancer man in bed with a Taurus woman will outright ask her what her fantasies are and what turns her on. Sexy Taureans love making love and being with a partner who can explore their sensual side with them who they can trust is very important to them.

A Taurus woman and Cancer man in bed may be all about pleasing their partner, but they are still human. They have desires too. In the rare case that a Cancer man and Taurus woman disagree on how to have sex, and are unable to work through it, they are simply not sexually compatible. Taurus woman and Cancer man in bed success will depend on both of them enjoying the same things and if one of them is repelled by what one simply can’t do without, these two are better off as friends or non-sexual life partners as opposed to being lovers.

Cancer vs Taurus Fight

This can get ugly. Taurus vs Cancer in a fight can see both of them losing their tempers and saying upsetting things to one another. Taurus people can get very angry about certain things, which can be hard to believe because it seems they are extremely patient. Once they feel pushed too far, however, get out of the way, because you might be verbally “gored” by the sharpness of an angry charging “bull in a china closet” Taurus. Known to be tenacious to the point of stubbornness, Taurus people will stand their ground, even after being proven wrong once they are upset about something and stop listening, but unless they are psychologically unstable, they are not unreasonable. They just need to calm down and then they will certainly listen and accept they were wrong.

A Taurus woman Cancer man argument can see the Cancer man listing all the things his Taurus has ever done that has upset him, and as sensitive as Cancerians can be, that can be a pretty long list that stretches back to the day they met. Yes, Cancers can “keep score” in that way when they want to, and they can be petty as well. Taurus people, however, can lose their tempers, and instead of admitting that’s a problem they need to work on, can blame the person they are upset with for “making” them mad. Maybe you did, though and you should apologize!

Are Taurus and Cancer compatible after a fight? Usually, a Taurus man and Cancer woman can work out their differences because they both want to stay in relationships with the people they love, and can’t stand losing people. Taurus man and Cancer woman compatibility is strong because of their similarities, but they can both fight hard, and if they can’t come to an understanding, and put their differences aside, unfortunately, they may break up.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Break Up

When a Taurus man and Cancer woman or a Cancer woman Taurus man couple decides to break up their relationship, it can either go well, or poorly, depending on the individuals. Remember that Taurus woman and Cancer man compatibility is partially based on both people’s desire to maintain the relationship. Once one or both of them decides that’s no longer a priority, they can either quickly split, or one or both of them can be mean. One Cancerian whose husband asked for a divorce threw him out that very night, and delivered the rest of his clothing to his mother, complaining until his mother silenced her, and a Taurus who was dumped by her husband charged at him to hit him, instead falling down the stairs, breaking a finger, which she blamed him for, and later tried to run over him with her car.

While these are extreme cases, and few Cancers or Tauruses resort to such behaviors to get revenge, stranger things have happened, and a Cancer male Taurus woman breaking up are better off doing so in a civil manner. Remembering their Cancer man and Taurus woman compatibility is often based on being considerate and caring of one another, these two can still care about one another, even just long enough to divorce, or move out of the house if they live together but are not married. A Cancer man and Taurus woman in break up mode may both be tempted to speak against one another to mutual friends but remembering their loved ones can’t fix the problems that lead to break up and don’t feel comfortable being stuck in the middle will help Cancers and Taurus people to move on peacefully.

A Cancer woman Taurus man relationship might be over, but to be a Cancer man’s type of woman, regardless of sign, means you are a deeply caring individual, and you know how to organize and be respectful. A Taurus female Cancer man breaking up can do so best by objectively dividing up their belongings and assets and viewing it as a business transaction to be made fairly. A Cancer male Taurus female breaking up will find it is fastest and easiest to move on with their lives if they get their breakup behind them as painlessly as possible, and that they both have new loves to look forward to.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Cancer Woman

Attract a Taurus Man as a Cancer Woman

Seeing that the Taurus man and Cancer woman rating is high for relationships, a Cancer woman won’t have to do anything but be herself to attract a Taurus. Now, certainly every Taurus doesn’t fall in love with every Cancer, but it does happen quite often and it happens all on its own. There is no physical transformation necessary to attract a Taurus and no need to learn new things to tantalize the man you are meant to be with.

How a Taurus woman attracts a Cancer man is in exactly the same way. It happens on its own. Cancer male and Taurus female compatibility is high based on personalities and changing who you are would be a mistake. The Taurus man and Cancer woman relationship is one based on not only shared interests and personality similarities, but on trust and respect. If either a Cancer or a Taurus feels you are pretending to be somebody you aren’t, they won’t trust you, and that’s certainly no way to win their hearts! Taurus man and Cancer woman soulmates are born waiting for one another, and there is nothing they have to do in order to make their union happen!

A Woman or Man with Venus in Cancer

Woman or Man with Venus in Cancer

The planet Venus rules desire and sensuality, and what sign was in Venus when you were born governs how you experience and express that. People with Venus in Cancer are unlikely to serially date, have casual sex, and are unlikely to ditch you for somebody they think is cuter than you are. They are intimate with people they develop close, secure relationships with, and they are more likely to stay home and cuddle than prowl the meat market bars looking for a third wheel to toy with. Having Venus in Cancer makes people likely to settle down and stay settled for life.

Sun in Taurus Moon in Cancer

Sun in Taurus Moon in Cancer

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon individual will have the persistence of Taureans and the sensitivity of Cancerians to boot. The combination of these two signs makes them extra good planners and savers but instills the love Tauruses have for collecting things to balance the sometimes spartan frugality of Cancers. These people are especially diplomatic, knowing just how to tactfully deliver bad news, and they know you draw more flies with honey than vinegar.

The Moon sign Cancer woman whose Sun is in Taurus will try to keep her upset emotions to herself, and it can manifest as pouting, which doesn’t keep anything hidden at all! She abhors emotional showdowns, and that’s why she will try to keep quiet when she’s upset but finding a constructive way to express herself will work out better than bottling up her feelings.

Sun Sign Cancer Moon Sign Taurus

Sun Sign Cancer Moon Sign Taurus

Cancers with a Moon in Taurus have all the sensitivity and charm of loving, kindly Cancers, and have the strong backbone of Taurus people making them forces not to be trifled with. People whose Moon is in Taurus also have a natural charisma that draws friends and lovers, and the admiration of peers, yet the sensitivity of Cancer makes them want to take everybody under their wings. They will do well to remember to set boundaries and the ability to plan and guide things will help these people keep a handle on what and who they allow in their lives.

These are very creative people who are action oriented and they like being physically active as well. The Taurus Moon helps these people to stay calm, cool, and collected, and think their ways out of problems, so they are called on by many for help in crisis, disasters, or just for helpful advice. Sun in Cancer instills sensitivity and love for humanity in these people, and they make excellent teachers, police officers, and clergy persons.

In conclusion, does the sign of Taurus and Cancer match? Yes, they do, and as a matter of fact this can be the best Cancer sign match there is. Cancers and Tauruses make amazing friends, wonderful lovers, and great teammates in their career. Mysticsense will explore more love matches for Cancers, so keep reading and join us to learn more!

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