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Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
October 25, 2022
Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility
Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

Join Mysticsense as we learn all about The Year of the Monkey from personality characteristics, special events in Year of the Monkey years, and relationship zodiac matches for Year of the Monkey people.

For those born in the Year of the Monkey, life can be fun, an adventure, and even finding a divine life partner based on zodiac signs is a joy. What are personality traits of Year of the Monkey people, and what things will they likely do in life? What kinds of special things have happened in Year of the Monkey years, and what are the most magnetic zodiac signs likely to win their love? Read on to learn more!

The Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

The Monkey is one of twelve Chinese Zodiac signs in Chinese Astrology. Instead of having a different zodiac sign in monthly cycles, as the Greco Roman zodiac does, Chinese Astrology assigns zodiac signs in a yearly cycle, based on the movements of the Moon. It is believed that the animals the signs are named for influence the people born in their years with traits, luck, habits, and that their fortune and life in general is highly decided by what year they are born. What year you are born will help decide what you are good at, what you do for a living, and who you are better off marrying and even when you should have children. This article’s topic is Year of the Monkey and the love compatibility for Monkeys, but before you read more, click this link to see more about The Chinese Zodiac in general: A Guide To Chinese Astrology (

Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

The Year of the Monkey is the ninth one in the order of the Chinese astrological years and it comes after the Year of the Goat or Sheep, and before The Year of the Rooster. The Monkey is one of twelve animals given the honor of having astrological years named after it by The Jade Emperor, a divine ruler who invited all the animals to visit him. All the animals raced to see who could be first to make it there, and the first twelve to show up had the honor of being those animals the zodiac signs are named after. In lore, it is said the Rooster, Sheep, and Monkey worked together to reach the Jade Emperor and visit him. They had to get across a waterway, and the Rooster saw a raft for them to use! The Sheep and the Monkey cleaned it off and carried it to the water, and the three friends successfully sailed off to see the Emperor together!

Year of the Monkey Personality Traits

Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

Like the Monkey of lore, Year of the Monkey people are good at problem solving. They have curious minds, and love to learn all they can. They are inventive, have fantastic memories, and seem to be able to learn languages easier and faster than a lot of other people can. They have a lot of interests and love a fast-paced life full of new experiences to supplement their plethora of skills, hobbies, and passions. They are highly adaptable, and they research, and investigate well. They are experts in communicating with people, and they master a lot of skills and gain a huge amount of knowledge.

 This energetic sign loves having fun. They also love to be “fun- makers” ensuring everybody else has just as much fun as they do. They are always coming up with jokes, love games, and to have a lot of fun. Some people see their fun-loving side and assume they cannot trust Monkeys, and even though they love a good prank at times, Monkeys are not necessarily people who are looking to trick everybody. They are very good with money and success, applying their energy and intelligence to whatever they work on. They should take care not to make impulsive investments based on things they are excited about before they investigate to see if the investment is worth the time!

They love a good challenge and need to be in relationships with people who can both keep up with them and enjoy a variety of new things with them. “I love a Monkey. Is he faithful?” Monkeys are very faithful once they commit. They are very selective of who they get close to, and if they get close to you, they mean to keep you in their lives for as long as possible. They have a lot of friendly acquaintances because they are literally the life of the party, and people love to be around them. Since people find them so attractive, they really have a lot of different lovers to choose from romantically. “Why settle for somebody you are less than crazy about when you could find a soulmate”, the Monkey believes.

Monkeys are highly sought after by employers, because of their energy, constant acquisition of new skills and knowledge, and ability to please people. They make outstanding businesspersons, most especially in investing. Their communications skills make them outstanding writers and they are good at entertaining including music, dance, acting, and comedy. They make outstanding motivational speakers, are energetic enough to be professional athletes, and make fantastic events and party planners. Their adaptability, knowledge, and outstanding communications skills make them terrific government diplomats and mediators in any workplace.

Earth Monkey Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of Earth bequeaths the qualities of being plain spoken and without fear in these Year of the Monkey people. It was the Year of the Earth Monkey from January 30, 1968 until February 16, 1969. In this year, the Florida Education Association saw their members resign in mass to protest the state’s education funding, and it was the first teacher’s strike that was done statewide. In Washington D.C., students at Howard University had protests, decrying involvement in the Vietnam War, and stating they expected more Afrocentric studies. Also in this year, Dr. Martin Luther King gave his historic “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop '' speech in Tennessee. The next Year of the Earth Monkey will be January 26, 2028 until February 12, 2029.

Metal Monkey Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of Metal makes these Monkeys quite confident and they are intelligent, fast thinkers. They can be very stubborn when they want to be! It was The Year of the Metal Monkey from February 16, 1980 through February 4, 1981. In this year, smart workers and their fast thinking created a lot of great things. The World Health Organization stated that smallpox was eradicated due to vaccinations. CNN was launched this year and was the first twenty-four hour news network. Work on a system called ENQUIRE began, and this would lead to the creation of the World Wide Web in 1990.

Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of Water makes these Monkeys great at shining in the spotlight but can let it go to their heads sometimes. But hey, when you are that smart and charismatic, who can blame you for being proud of yourself? It was The Year of the Water Monkey from February 4, 1992 through January 22, 1993. Having been in the limelight for forty years as the Queen of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, Queen Elizabeth II had her Ruby Jubilee to celebrate this. The first female Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom was elected, and her name was Betty Boothroyd. The world watched while Mexico City and the Vatican began communicating again after one hundred and thirty years with no communication with each other!

Wood Monkey Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of Wood makes these Monkeys very compassionate people who are always ready to step in, and help other people. It was The Year of the Wood Monkey from January 22, 2004 to February 8, 2005. Two rebel groups, and the government of Sudan signed The Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement so they could end war in Darfur. In efforts to work together for a better world, ten Nations joined the European Union and those were Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, The Czech Republic, and Cypress. Also in this year, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway was born, and by her eighteenth birthday, spoke in favor of combating climate change to make the earth safer.

Fire Monkey Chinese Zodiac Years

Fire makes these Monkeys very passionate people. They love to experience new things, and are focused on achieving their goals, but Fire can make them grouchy and easily irritated as well. It was The Year of the Fire Monkey from February 8, 2016 through January 27, 2017. In this year, Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis signed the first document together that members of these Churches had since the Great Schism from 1054, bringing their religions into a new era. New game Pokémon Go was released, creating new experiences for happy gamers. Also in this year, former First Lady Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Presidential Nominee, marking the first time a woman became the official candidate.

Couple Compatibility Matches for Monkeys

Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

Seeing all the great things that happen due to the influence of The Year of the Monkey, you would think that Monkeys would be able to settle down with any sign, but not everybody understands or appreciates the fun-loving Monkeys. Chinese year animal compatibility for Monkeys varies by sign. Soulmate signs zodiac matches only decide so much, however. You may find yourself madly in love with somebody whose zodiac sign isn’t “supposed“ to match with you, but you love each other for life anyways. So, what does astrology actually say are the best matches and the worst matches for Year of the Monkey people?

Best Astrological Matches for Monkeys

Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

Dragon and Rat compatibility is high with Monkeys as is their compatibility with Year of the Snake individuals. Read on to learn more.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

Monkeys bring out the fun side of Dragons, who can be very focused on accomplishing goals. Both signs are high energy, and Monkeys will need what is called a “long leash” to keep their freedom even once they commit to their Dragon. The magnetism the Dragon has will draw their Monkey lover to them, and the Dragon will admire the get up and go the Monkey has above many other suitors. Both signs are well loved by many, and these two will maneuver a lively social life together. Dragons want as much freedom as Monkeys do, and these two allow each other the room to be who they are in their careers, all while coming together to build a harmonious life.

Rat Monkey Love Matches

The Rat and Monkey enjoy a lively time together, challenging one another with debates, and all forms of intellectual things. They both like to stay active and experience new things and both signs value their freedom to venture out in career and social life without being confined by a controlling partner. Rats will often join their lovers on adventures and the Monkey, while being independent, loves a good partner at their side to share experiences with. Rats are the better of the two at building a “love nest” or comfortable home for them and their partners, and Rats are also good at thrift and gathering resources economically. Rats provide emotional security that makes Monkeys want to stick by them, and these two have a wonderful life together.

Monkey and Snake Soulmates

Both of these signs are great with people, doing well in social circles, enjoying their friends, and both have high energy combined with a love of new experiences. Snakes can be very possessive, and Monkeys will flat out refuse to be controlled. However, Snakes like Monkeys so much, it makes them want to cooperate instead of being controlling. Snakes will need to be patient with their Monkeys who can be erratic and act on impulse sometimes, but Snakes are good at convincing Monkeys to make more informed decisions and Monkeys will keep their Snake happy with good times. This can be a case of opposites attract to make them a great pair.

Worst Astrological Matches for Monkeys

Year of the Monkey Love Compatibility

Soulmate zodiac signs compatibility for Monkeys is not strong for every sign even though Monkeys are great crowd pleasers. It is one thing to have the admiration of many in friends’ groups, but to be intimately close to somebody is another story. The worst matches for Year of the Monkey people are Tigers and Pigs, and matches with Oxen can go well or poorly, depending on a few things.

Monkey and Tiger Matches

These two can fight, but can smooth things over quickly if they want, but that’s the thing- sometimes, they just don’t want to get along with people who are literally opposite of them in personality. Tigers may see the high achieving Monkeys as a threat to success in life, and Monkeys won’t appreciate somebody trying to hold them back. Tigers can try too hard to be in charge, and Monkeys refuse to be ordered around. These two may be better off with other lovers.

Ox and Monkey Compatibility

When it comes to Ox and Rat compatibility with Monkeys, Rat compatibility is higher than Ox compatibility, but Monkeys and Oxen can get along. Oxen are highly practical individuals, cautiously making plans to achieve success, and Monkeys can be more instinctive about what they think is the best course of action. Monkeys come across as too flippant and laid back for Oxen’s taste sometimes, and Monkeys think Oxen can be boring sticks in the mud. If they can balance one another, the Monkey listening to advice from the Ox on wise decisions, and the Ox joining in for more fun times, these two can work things out.

Monkey Pig Love Compatibility

Pigs can be very easy going, so you would think this trait would make them a great match with fun loving Monkeys. However, Pigs can be very set in their ways, and Monkeys can see this as annoying and constrictive. Pigs can see Monkeys as pranksters they don’t trust, and Monkeys can see Pigs as lazy and dumb. There is a very good chance, if these two can look beyond their own biases, and try to understand one another, they can accept one another, but this match comes with a lot of disagreements and difficulties. They may fare better being with other people instead of each other.

At the end of the day, who you fall in love with is not dictated by any astrological system, but your natural tendencies really do help you to decide who and what you are attracted to. Relationships can be hard work, even if you are perfectly compatible with somebody, and overcoming issues with people who are different from you can be done. Knowing your personal sign, and the sign of the people you are drawn to can help you to understand how you both function, and help overcome differences if you really love one another and will try to work things out.

If you want to know more advice on love than what you read from our love advice column, whether you are year of the Monkey, Year of the Dragon, or any other sign, you can get love advice. We can help find your strongest zodiac match and give advice on love for anybody who is saying “I need love advice.” We have hundreds of people who you can call your own “advice goddess” to get the best love advice. Sign on with Mysticsense for a love advice chat, call, or video call, and get free minutes to find out more today!

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