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The Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
June 14, 2021
The Meaning of Spiders in Dreams
The Meaning of Spiders in Dreams
TL;DRWe’ve all had vivid dreams, and wondered, upon awakening just what they meant, or if they were indicating something that is going on in our lives. Some doctors say dreams are the brain occupying itself in sleep, and others insist it’s our subconscious telling us things we simply had not realized. Still others insist dreams act as psychic messages sometimes, and different dreams mean different things. Many dream of spiders, and seek the answers for what these mystical creatures are trying to tell us in those dreams. While some consider spiders terrifying creatures, still others count them as spirit animals, and listen intently to whatever wisdom they decide to impart upon us, most especially spiders in dreams. Seeing a spider in real life may have different meanings spiritually than the meaning of spiders in dreams, and with a small amount of research, you can know exactly what messages the spiders in your dream are sharing.


What does it mean when you dream of spiders? It can mean good things or bad things, but no matter what, the spider meaning in dreams is significant, and trying to tell an important truth. As spiders are seen as mysterious, secretive creatures, seemingly appearing out of thin air and disappearing just as quickly, spiders in dreams reveal hidden truths we are much better off knowing about.

Spider Symbolism in Dreams

While culturally, beliefs about what spiders represent spiritually varies, there tend to be two schools of thought. Some people run from spiders, considering them deadly, and some even have a phobia of spiders, while still others consider spiders to be beautiful creatures who don’t bother us unless we bother them. The people who are afraid of spiders may say it’s because spiders have venom and may bite, and others will insist spiders love to crawl into our mouths while we are sleeping. Indeed, an urban legend states most people eat spiders unknowingly in their sleep, yet there is no scientific evidence for this.

This urban legend came from a 1993 article that was putting out a fictional “fact”, and terrified people went crazy with it, promoting it as solid truth. Spiders actually avoid people, and we encounter them when they are either giving a spirit message to us, or we happen upon them by chance when both we, and they are minding our own business. Mysticsense has explored the spiritual meanings of spiders in life, and whether you’d like to know the spiritual meaning of the spiders’ web, or the meaning of spiders themselves, read on here:

What Do Spiders Mean Spiritually? | Mysticsense

What does it Mean to Dream of Spiders?

dream of spiders

“I had a dream about spiders, so what does it mean?” To dream of spiders and the significance of spiders in dreams varies. It depends on what your personal relationship with spiders, and beliefs about them are to begin with. Next, it depends on whether it was a good dream, or what could be classed as a nightmare. Finally, it depends on other things that were included in the dream. With nightmares, most especially, sometimes these dreams intrude when we are under great stress, and dreaming about something during those times that truly terrifies us is the mind expressing it’s condition of anxiety or fatigue with whatever is going on.

Spiders in dreams can make a quick, seemingly insignificant appearance, or they may be the main topic of the dreams. Whether you dream of being surrounded by spiders, being in harmony with them, or you dream about spiders webs, it’s worth looking beyond the assumption that maybe your mind was just keeping busy while you slept. What do spiders mean in a dream? Read on.

Dreams About Killing or Eating Spiders

killing or eating spiders

One possible option of killing spiders in a dream meaning is that you have the ability and power to destroy whatever is causing you issues. You are forging ahead, killing those obstacles, basically, and in control of your own life. It means you are bringing to an end bad times, or hardships, and these things that had caused issues are small, insignificant, and you can easily “squash them like a bug.” Dreaming about eating a spider, can have the same meaning- you devour your challenges like a champ. It can specifically mean successfully handling a situation verbally as well. A great dream to have indeed!

Dreaming About being Bitten by a Spider

bitten by a spider

“What does it mean if I am bitten by spiders in my dream?” It all depends on where the spider in your dream bites you. If the bite is on the hand, it means somebody will double-cross, or deceive you! If the bite is on your leg, the dream is telling you to watch out, because you will soon , if you have not already, face issues in a relationship that can seriously cripple your ability to function in some area of your life. If the spider in your dream has bitten your face, the dream is about image issues. You may be unhappy with your appearance, or something about your personality, but this could also mean that somebody you trust is talking badly about you, giving others a bad impression about you. If the spider bite is on your back in a dream, it means a sudden issue you had not expected is about to crop up, so watch out!

While all these spider bite dreams indicate something not so great is about to come about, we can still thank the spider and count it as our friend. In our dreams, a spider bite warns about bad things, so we have a chance to pay attention, and remedy whatever needs it.

Dreams of Spider Webs

spider webs

The spiders web being one of the dream symbols of the spider, this is a very important topic in discussing spiders in dreams meanings. The web is the home base, safety net, food source, and major part of the spiders’ life, and can mean everything to it. In multiple dream dictionaries, spider webs are an important entry. To dream of spider webs can mean different things. To dream of spider webs can put you on notice that somebody has “spun a web of lies”, and you need to be aware so you can find the actual truth.

Dreaming of spiders’ webs can also mean you feel trapped, or stuck, like a fly in a spiders’ web in some scenario. It may feel overwhelming, and like there is no way out, and your dream is expressing these feelings to you as you sleep. Another meaning of the spiders’ web in dreams is that you are about to enter some form of partnership, and should look out about the details, because somebody is about to try and be secretive or deceitful, using this partnership to prey upon you.

A dream about a spider spinning a web is entirely different. It is telling you that through your own research, plans, work, and industriousness, you are making your own path and doing it well. It is putting you on notice to embrace your own creativity, trust your personal process, and have confidence that your way is the best way.

Dreaming about Dead Spiders

dead spiders

This can mean bad things falling away, completely gone from your life forever. It can also mean that you are unfazed by small stuff in life that are insignificant, like a dead bug you could simply brush aside. An even better dead spider dream is one of a very large dead spider. This means you have had somebody in your life who is deceitful, but they cannot affect you at all anymore if they even ever could before.

Dreams about Being Surrounded by Spiders

surrounded by spiders></p>
<p dir=This is a compounding of any spider dream. Rather than just one spider, you see many in your dream. If the spider is symbolizing bad things like being talked against, you are put on notice to be aware of many voices speaking negatively about you. If you are in harmony with the spiders, it’s being in a good place with every aspect of your life. If you feel threatened, and the spiders are all about to pounce on you in the dream, it is indicating you feel cornered by multiple problems in your life that you are worried will consume you. However, in any dream about multiple animals or things in general surrounding you, remember, they are representing outside influences, and you do have the power to fight and triumph over anything that does not serve you well.

Spiritual Dreams About Spiders

There is no one true meaning to these. If a spider visits you in a dream with a spiritual message, pay attention, most especially if spiders are your personal power animals. Your spider may be speaking with the voice of an ancestor with a special message, or it may simply be visiting you for quality time together. Your personal path and culture will dictate meanings of spiders more than any online guide can, and in your own heart, in communication with your spiritual self, you will know the true meaning of the visit your spider has paid you in your dream.

More than just scary bugs, spiders are spiritual creatures who impart much wisdom, and hidden knowledge upon us both in our waking hours and in our sleep. Listen without fear, and heed their messages. 

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