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Pet Psychics - The Animal Whisperers

By Mysticsense
March 09, 2021
Pet Psychics - The Animal Whisperers
Pet Psychics - The Animal Whisperers

Just over 100 years ago, a selection of stories swept the world and inspired generations of kids and filmmakers about the life and career of Dr. Doolittle. This doctor found he could talk to animals in ways nobody else quite could. He could speak with them in their very own languages! Written by Hugh Lofting, the delightful stories started as letters home to his children which he wrote for them from the trenches of WWI.

His stories, numbering more than a dozen, were so popular, they went on to be used in radio, cartoons, stage plays, television, and movies. The stories detail his adventures as a friend and doctor to the animals, and how much they taught him about Mother Nature, and various species of her animal kingdom.

Since our animal kin can’t speak to us using human words, and it’s difficult to understand just what they are thinking or feeling sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a real life “Animal Whisperer” like Dr. Doolittle who could mediate, helping us to understand?

Thankfully, there is! There are plenty of gifted psychics who can communicate with animals the same as with humans, and the best part is, they are available, and do a number of different works.

Man’s Best Friends

Animals have been our companions for as long as can be remembered. People credit domestication of horses, mules, and oxen with increased success in agriculture. Today, dogs and monkeys are trained to be service animals to the disabled, some of whom otherwise could not live outside of an institutional setting. Watching the behavior of animals has been used to help predict the weather. It is said that sharks dive deeper just before a hurricane, and birds flee the area before a tornado. Even parakeets have been tasked with detecting carbon monoxide in mines, saving countless human lives. Animals become our greatest friends and closest family members sometimes, and many people could not imagine life without their fur kin.

Beyond the five mundane senses, animals are just as gifted psychically as human beings are, but they don’t always get credit for it. Pets can often sense when their people are ill or near death. That “invisible” spot on the wall is often them sensing a spirit presence, and they can intuitively sense when their human family members are having a bad day, rushing to their side to give comfort. They have a natural knack for knowing when a stranger is bad news, and instinctively pull themselves and their loved ones out of harm’s way.

As much as the animals do for us, it is very important for us to return the favor, giving back as much to them as we can. Communicating effectively with them is just part of that, and enlisting the help of a psychic may be the best way to do it.

Pet Whisperers

Going by different titles ranging from Pet Detective, to Animal Communicators, these specialized psychics do a plethora of different jobs, all focused on getting the most out of messages to and from your finned, feathered, and furry family members. Like any psychic, their tools and methods vary, and they are ready to serve you and your fur kin.

Finding Lost Pets

Who among us has had the misfortune of a fur baby going missing? Sites like Pet FBI, and local animal welfare agencies can only do so much, and the long wait for your pet to miraculously be found or make their own way home can be heartrending. Specialized psychics can, through their gifts, pinpoint specifically where your pet is, and ensure a well-deserved reunion. While some pets might just be out, roaming, and having a good time in nice weather, they may also be in distress, and your psychic can help locate them so they can be brought back safely to where they are loved most of all- home with you!

Helping Discern What is Wrong

Because animals do not use human words to tell us what is wrong, if a Vet cannot discern what is causing a behavior, a Pet Psychic often can. It may be something as simple as the pet’s best animal friend from next door moved away, and there needs to be a new animal friendship formed. It could be something more involved, such as the pet is grieving the loss of their own youth, and needs the people to understand he or she is now elderly and cannot play with the elementary school aged kids like before. Your psychic will be sure to give a fair, accurate, and objective assessment of the issue at hand, and offer excellent suggestions to make everything better.

Behavioral Modification

Some animal therapists would say there are no bad animals, and most of the time, it’s a matter of changing something the human family members do to correct problems with the pet in the household. Overwhelming noise can give a pet jittery nerves, and slapping on a band-aid of anti- depressants won’t change that. Humans may need to tone it down to respect the animal’s sensitivities and your psychic will be able to tell you just how to do that. A common problem when bringing another pet into the house is territory marking, and your psychic can tell when introducing an extra litter box is the simple solution.

Counseling and Mediation

Many psychics excel in mediation and counseling, and Pet Psychics are no different. The major difference is, they will talk back to animals in ways animals can understand better than simple human language. There are many different methods to do this, and each psychic will have their own tried and true method they use to help you and your fur babies.

Different Methods

Like any other psychic, Pet Whispering psychics have their very own specialized tools and methods and no two Animal Communicators are just alike. Some need to see you in person to do their work, while others can work by phone, video call, or even written format.

Some Pet Psychics will work with pictures of your pet if they are missing, and some just read energy. Holding a toy, or piece of the fur kin’s bedding gives some Pet Whisperers all the energy the need to get a clear picture of what is going on. Pictures and videos can be provided online or through text by cell phone if an in person meeting cannot be arranged. Some Pet Psychics do their work Internationally without traveling, as their gifts allow.

Some have gifts equally as strong, but will need to be in person and interact with your pet family member. Some even do an in-home visit to do their work. These psychics are told directly by the animals themselves what is going on. Doing a full assessment of the energy in the home itself as well as watching how the human family members interact with one another and the fur family gives a good portrait to your Animal Whisperer what is going on. 

Others simply speak with you via telephone or read your email, and enter their own psychic state and get the answers.

As with any kind of psychic, the tools will vary by individual. Some use cards, others crystal balls or scrying mirrors. Some will use pendulums, oracle decks, and some will even read the patterns in your pet’s food bowl, or the wrinkles in the blankets of their bed for answers. Still some rely on no tools at all, and get intuitive messages mentally which they translate into words to give answers.

No one method of practice suits all Animal Psychics, and no one Animal Whisperer suits all clients.

Keep in Mind

Your Pet Detective will need all the information you can give to them in the consultations. Hold nothing back. If you are worried Sparky ran off because you fussed when he wet the rug, your Psychic will need that detail, even though they can figure it out on their own. Any information you can give your Pet Whisperer will aid in the solution process, making it go as quickly as possible. You will feel much better with all the information you get from your Pet Psychic, and it’s just the beginning to solutions.

Some people prefer to get a second opinion after consulting one Pet Whisperer, and are pleasantly surprised when the second psychic tells them the same thing the first did. You may find yourself consulting your trusted Pet Whisperer often, and your pet will look forward to interacting with their new friend, their very own Dr. Doolittle. You can get started with a Pet Psychic whenever you are ready.

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