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Can People Tell the Future?

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
March 07, 2022
Can People Tell the Future?
Can People Tell the Future?
TL;DRPeople who can read the future may be doubted, and their ability to tell the future called fake. However, we know that through all of recorded history, people have written about those whose gift of seeing energy that told them what would come to pass, and seeing visions during meditation has alerted people to what will happen in the future. How to increase intuition power to see your future is something many learn, but can you change your future? Join Mysticsense to learn these things and more today.

Love, Fate, Destiny. These are things on our minds regularly. A person who can read the future will be able to tell us about these things and also what can be worked towards to avert disaster, and what will happen regardless of what changes we make. Signs from the Universe can indicate what is meant to be that has already been decided either by our actions or by things out of our control. Someone who sees the future will be able to read omens, will have prophetic dreams, may see signs of the future in meditation, or may even just have a gut feeling about what will happen, but one thing is for sure: If you have the ability to tell the future, it will be an ability you are positive that you have.

What do they call people who can see the future, and what are the signs you have that ability? How can you improve your future reading skills, and are there Tarot cards that can indicate what may come to pass? Can you change the future, and can people truly read the future?

Seeing Visions of the Future

Can People Tell the Future?

There is no one word for seeing the future, but several ways to see it. Some have the gift of prophecy, some have premonitions, others have visions or dreams, and still other people can foretell the future through divination.


Prophecy specifically pertains to being given messages from a god or goddess. It is considered by some charismatic Christian groups to be one of the gifts of spirit some are born with, and some believe prophecy happens on occasion, and not necessarily all the time. Prophecies can be received from trances, meditation, or taking ascribed food or beverages that induce visions, some people refer to as hallucinogenic. It was written by Plutarch, who was a Priest there, that the Oracle at Delphi’s practicing space was over waters that vapors arose from. It has been suggested there was some sort of natural gas that created trance. Indeed there were many earthquakes in the area when the oracle was popular, which could open fissures, releasing gasses, and the popularity of the oracle fell off soon after earthquakes stopped happening so often.

 Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are filled with stories of how Jehovah’s prophets predicted events. Ezekiel was a Priest and stated he had many visions, warning him of the fall of Jerusalem, and indeed, Jerusalem fell to King Nebuchadnezzar II who was king of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, and called by some King of the Universe. Nebuchadnezzar took possession of Jerusalem and was called by some both evil and an instrument of the wrath of Jehovah for the people of Jerusalem’s sins. The people of Jerusalem were cast out of their town, and years later, Ezekiel told them they would return home and their city would be restored. Some are still waiting on the restoration of Jerusalem Ezekiel envisioned, which included plenty of allotments for all the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and some claim his vision foretold the coming of Jesus.


Have you ever had a gut feeling something was about to happen and then it just…happened in real life? If there were signs of it, that’s just your judgement showing you want is about to happen, and it isn’t a premonition. A premonition relies on no clues from things happening, but your gut and psychic abilities. For example, one woman got a very bad feeling not to drive down a section of the route to get to her college classes because she felt something bad would happen. She brushed the concerns aside and drove that route anyhow, and halfway to her classes, there was a child who had been ran over by a car.

Another example of a premonition is that a man was walking home and got a vision that some tree branches would fall on him, so he started to walk faster. Sure enough, all of the sudden, an enormous tree branch crashed down where he would have been just seconds ago had he not walked faster, and he was sure he would have been killed. Ann Ward was the maid of a wealthy family who booked an expensive room on the RMS Titanic, and she refused to board the ship, saying she had a premonition something would go wrong. She lived to tell of her premonition, needless to say!


Love, destiny, and fate can be foretold in dreams. Some people are born with the ability to have dreams about things that will come true in the future. One woman started to have dreams as a young child that a beast would take her mother from her. The way this dream manifested was when she was in high school, her mother’s addictions took over, and her mother lost the ability to function for the rest of her life. This dream was more symbolic, but it showed exactly what came to pass in later years. Another man had recurring dreams about a fire at his workplace and that he had dragged a co-worker out of the office in a vary particular way. Years later, a fire started when he and only one other employee were working late, and the dreams had instructed him exactly what route to take so he and his co-worker could escape safely.

Your dreams may not be about something so terrifying. Sometimes dreams symbolize what is happening. Being surrounded by dozens of kittens or puppies and laughing joyously can symbolize that you are about to come into a time of great happiness. Dreams about being showered with money or gold can portend that you will have a raise at work, and dreams about cardinals or butterflies can be telling you that you are being watched over by ancestors, and before you know it, you will hear from a long lost family member who you missed greatly!


Visions are had while awake. These are images in your mind that show what will happen. A famous film by award winning director Christ Eyre called Imprint deals with just that. A woman kept seeing shadowy figures taking a certain path through the house where she grew up in. She had interpreted it as some malevolent energy in the house that she was terrified of, perhaps one that had harmed her brother who had disappeared. It turned out these were visions of what would come to pass.

Here is a trailer of this amazing supernatural thriller: Imprint Trailer - YouTube


Card reading, scrying, using a pendulum, reading tea leaves or Turkish coffee grinds, and other tools can be used in divination to foretell the future. One very simple way to do this is to pick up a book you hold sacred. For some people it’s a Bible, for others, a music book. Ask your question aloud, for example “What will the next six months of my life be like?” Then open the book with your eyes closed, place your finger over a sentence and read aloud. The book will tell something that will happen.

Another simple way to do a future power reading quickly is to ask the wind to show you which direction to search for something and then stand still and see which way it blows. This only works if you have a relationship with the wind, however! You may have a strong relationship with the rain and would do better standing outside in it for signs. If fire is your element of power, burn a candle and seek images in the flickering flame. If earth is your element, go for a walk in the park, and observe signs and omens there.

Astrology and Astronomy

Nostradamus is perhaps one of the most famous Astrologers who cast prophecies based on what he viewed in his astrological research. While some argue that his predictions were too vague to inconclusively point to any one event, others disagree, and state he was a gifted seer. Astrologers observe what the planets and constellations are doing and how those things will influence people depending on what their Sun Signs are. Some people used astronomy to predict when the seasons would begin and used this in knowing when to plant things for maximum growing success.

Today, The Farmer’s Almanac, for example, can be consulted for the best Moon phases for planting and harvesting here: Why Do We Garden By The Moon? Farmers' Almanac (

Another example of using astronomy for predictions is the ancient people of Great Britain who built and used Stonehenge. is believed by some that Stonehenge was used as an observatory by them, as a sort of calendar to predict things like movements of the Sun and Moon, and when seasonal sacred things like the Winter Solstice would occur, based on how the Sun rose in alignment with certain stones. Human cremains have been found onsite, and it has been suggested the whole thing was a sacred site that was connected to other similar monuments as a religious and astronomical observatory for generations of people.

What is Someone Who Can See the Future called?

Can People Tell the Future?

Someone who can see the future is called by many names depending on their culture. Some people call them seers, others call them prophets. Some people say they are psychics, and others call them oracles, when they use ritual and sacred practice to gain answers to what the future holds. A famous story comes to us from the Norse pantheon about a Volva, or a seeress, who had died, but was awakened by the father god Odin for answers. She recounted things she knew from the beginning of things, and various deeds of the gods, and then told Odin what was to come from what is called “Fate of the Gods” or Ragnarök when events and battles and deaths of gods come about before the beginning of a new world.

Before reading more, there is an excellent article that explains all about what a Volva did here: Völva the Viking Witch or Seeress - Nordic Culture (

 The writings about Ragnarök state the earth will sink into the ocean, flames will rise and touch the sky, and even the stars will disappear. Sometime later after all of this, the earth will rise from the sea, beautiful again, and food crops will be growing. The surviving gods will gather, and the only two humans will survive the disaster and will repopulate the earth with their children. It has been speculated this entire prophecy is foretelling of volcanic activity which will wipe out much of the earth.

Multiple old poems attest to this, one of which is called the Voluspo or Voluspa, and you can read the entire thing here: The Poetic Edda: Voluspo (

Sixth Sense Symptoms

Can People Tell the Future?

Having a sixth sense simply means having psychic abilities. Some people’s sixth sense lets them know what things will happen in the future. Your sixth sense feeling may be an instinct to naturally do something, and it could be a fully formed answer to a question in your head. You may see patterns in nature pulling you in a certain direction. For example, one woman was brought to somebody she was meant to spend time with by the appearance of strawberries, believe it or not. She was seeing strawberries everywhere, and so when this individual brought her strawberries as a gift she knew she was being told they would spend time together!

One way to harness your sixth sense power is to have a friend help. This will take a moment of silence and radical trust in yourself. Have them ask you a yes/no question that’s been pressing in your mind and that you just don’t know what to do about. Then say the first thing that comes to mind without consciously thinking about it. It should be an emphatic answer without any doubts. Some people’s sixth sense will answer any question they have in this way. If this does not work for you, relax and pay attention over time to how your psychic gifts present themselves.

They may appear when you least expect them. Like doing office work, for example. One woman got a file clerk temp job after college, and her fingers would instinctively reach for whatever file she needed, even before she had looked for it. Another way psychic abilities have been known to manifest is when you know where somebody you know is before you even see them. Have you ever gotten a gut feeling to go someplace you had no plans to visit, and when you got there, you bumped into an old friend you would not have seen had you gone where you had planned to go instead? Your psychic gift was drawing your heart to theirs!

How to Improve Intuition

Can People Tell the Future?

“I want to know how to improve my intuition. How can I do that?” Before you think it’s a lot of work and will take a lot of deep concentration with powerful mystics at ancient sacred places, read this. How to increase intuition is just to pay attention to it and follow what it’s telling you. There is no timeline for this, and you don’t have to take advanced psychic classes to accomplish it. This is about you recognizing your intuitive abilities and trusting them. So, if your intuition is telling you the cute guy who brought you a drink is not to be trusted- it doesn’t matter how cute he is. Do NOT drink the drink he just gave you!

On occasion, your hunches may be off, but this is just you learning he difference between a knee jerk reaction to something you didn’t think through, and actual intuition guiding you. Over time, you will achieve great clarity intuitively, and you will know deep down in your soul when intuition has kicked in. One woman had listened to her intuition for years, and her cat was missing. She had been told by a psychic that if she did not get the cat back in two weeks, she would never see the cat again, but her gut told her the cat was in distress and to keep searching. Nine weeks after the cat went missing, it was found and it turned out a couple had kidnapped the cat and not only was it underweight, but it had an ear infection and fleas. She did not let naysayers deter her from what her intuition was telling her- to keep looking!

How to Interpret Synchronicities

Can People Tell the Future?

Synchronicity is when two events happen at the same time but seem to have no common cause connecting them. It’s considered too connected to be mere coincidence. For example, a woman lost touch with a family member for decades, then got back in touch with him. There were things they both did that neither would have had the ability to influence in one another, and that nobody else influenced in them. He had attended a certain college she likewise toured to see if she was interested in attending. They ate at all the same restaurants in that town and met some of the same people. They also had the same favorite cabernet sauvignon wine.

Another example of this phenomenon is described by Carl Jung who defined synchronicity. He said “A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me this dream I sat with my back to the closed window. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, like a gentle tapping. I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from outside.” It was a scarab, believe it or not!

 Sometimes, you see a lot of cats because your neighbor has a lot of feral cats they don’t spay or neuter, and there is no deeper meaning. Sometimes, however, seeing your lucky number a lot is telling you that you are going in the right direction. If your lucky number is 7, and you are seeing it a lot, go ahead and go to register number seven if you feel drawn to it. You may run into an old friend or meet somebody who will become a great part of your life. Just don’t take everything you see as synchronicity. Dropping a penny isn’t necessarily a bad omen you will lose money. Let your intuition guide you in interpreting these coincidences.

Cards for Readings About the Future

Can People Tell the Future?

One simple way to learn what will happen in the future is to do a tarot reading. Some readers have a speech they give before reading that goes something like this, “I am about to tell you what will most likely come to pass IF things continue to go the way they are going. However, if you change something, it’s possible that nothing I am about to tell you will happen.” Not everybody can foretell the future, and that’s okay. If your reader says something like the statement shared, you can always thank them kindly and ask another reader to foretell the future for you.

There are plenty of oracle decks, but the classic Tarot decks Major Arcana cards can provide insight. Below are listed some Major Arcana cards and what they can tell you in a reading about your future if you use them to do a one card draw, asking what your near future will bring.

The Strength Tarot Card

The Strength Tarot card in a reading about the future right side up is telling you that your strength will be on your side, and you can handle whatever obstacles may come your way. Reversed, this is telling you one of two things. One, it could be warning you not to forget that being tender hearted in tough times is no weakness, but is a great source of strength, and not to harden your heart during difficult times to come. It can also be telling you to be strong because you are going to hurt and struggle, and you will feel weak and defeated. Hang in there until better times come!

The World Tarot Card

Right side up, the World card in a reading about the future can be telling you that all the hard work you have done to date will soon come together, and you can celebrate success and finishing up a project you worked hard on. Reversed, it means things are simply not coming together and you have to decide whether it is worth it to continue progress or take a break and reassess. Not every project we begin is something that we finish and quitting to move into what we are meant to do instead is its own form of success.

The Tower Tarot Card

This card can be pretty straightforward in a reading about the future. Right side up, it means in the future, possibly the very near future, a disaster is going to rock your world so badly, you won’t know how you will survive let alone pick up the pieces. Remember though, the people in the image are falling out of the tower and they are falling whole. You may get hurt, but you will survive. Reversed is better. It means the bad times are over, and you can start recovering from whatever catastrophe struck. What a relief!

The Death Tarot Card

With the tarot card Death, future may seem bleak. However, while on occasion the Death card may portend an actual death, most often it points to an end to a way of being. It may be telling you that in order to move forward in your career, you have to change something, stop doing something. Like a rose bush is pruned of its dead parts so more roses can grow, so we have to cast off habits and attitudes that no longer serve us. Reversed, this card can be telling you that you are holding on to the way things are, but need to allow change to happen so you can move forward.

The Hermit Tarot Card

Right side up, the Hermit card is telling you that it’s okay to go within yourself for answers, and even self-isolate for a time. Sometimes, we need alone time, and being surrounded by other people depletes us. Allow yourself all the time you need to rest and rejuvenate before venturing back out to be around others. Reversed, this card can tell you the time of introspection and isolation has come to a close, and it is time to step out into the world again. This can symbolize finding answers by consulting others, and it can literally be telling you to get out into creation after a time of solitude again.

The Justice Tarot Card

Justice will be served in the future when the Justice card is right side up. The Universe will decide what’s fair and what should happen in response to something that happened. Be aware, however, that if you are the one who erred, the Universe is about to rule in favor of the party you wronged. Reversed, Justice isn’t going to be served. Perhaps somebody is speaking against you unfairly, or maybe you are still waiting for justice. Keep working to make things fair and right, and don’t dismay. Justice can still be served, even if it’s not as soon as we would like it to be.

The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress card can represent a person, and it can represent the qualities it embodies. The Empress represents fertility, motherhood, plenty and abundance. It represents feminine sensuality, and nurturing. The card also represents coming into a time of abundance in your own life and might not represent a person at all. Reversed, it can indicate someone who is mean, selfish with affection, and downright toxic. It can indicate somebody is being suffocating as well. It can also indicate that a time of scrimping and scraping by is about to begin.

The Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement tarot card in a reading about the future is letting you know what will happen. If it’s right side up, it often points to positive change and sometimes, it even means a glorious homecoming! Reversed, a Judgement card in a reading about the future can tell you people will judge you harshly, speaking against you. Don’t sit idly by and allow yourself to be unfairly accused, but stand your ground, defending yourself.

The High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess card represents spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, sacred knowledge, and a connection with the feminine divine. Right side up in a reading about your future, the High Priestess card can be telling you to tap your inner wisdom and connect with the goddess within you. Reversed, this card is telling you to work on your spirituality and ask for enlightenment and wisdom from the goddess. She will hear your prayers.

The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor tarot card right side up in a reading about the future can represent an older male authority figure, or it can represent leadership, stability, protectiveness, and reliability. It can be telling you to reach out to somebody you know who embodies these qualities, or it can be telling you to tap those abilities within yourself. Reversed, you are on shaky ground, and feeling unsafe, not protected at all. It can indicate that somebody is being so autocratic, they lean towards acting like a dictator, or it can be telling you the situation is compromising your ability to feel any kind of security. Ride this difficult time out and look for ways to watch out for yourself as well as you possibly can.

Can You Change the Future?

Can People Tell the Future?

Some people believe we are destined for things to be one particular way and others believe that if given fair warning, we can change the future. Remember, however, that while we do have a lot of say in our daily lives, what decides the future is multiple things. Other people influence us. No matter how carefully you drive, another driver could still hit your car. No matter how hard you work at your job, if your boss wants to hire their nephew in your place, there may be nothing you can do about it. How much of our lives is fate, and how much is in our hands? It varies. Belief in and use of our own free will only decides so much, unfortunately.

You can make decisions every moment, and each of those decisions creates a change in the way things are. In this way, yes, you can change the future, and you change it with every decision you make on a daily basis. Although we cannot control what other people do, and sometimes the only thing we control is our own reaction, that is actually a lot of power over our own futures. Focusing on what we can decide and change is the best way to change our futures, and trying not to worry too hard about the things we cannot change will save a lot of headaches.

Can People Tell the Future?

Can People Tell the Future?

There will always be people who doubt abilities they have not experienced for themselves, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your gift of prophecy if you have been blessed with it. Sometimes foretelling the future is instinctual, and sometimes you need a little help. Of course we can tell the future! Human beings have been doing so for as long as we can remember, and the historic writings and ancient monuments attest to that. 

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