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The Moon and Love

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
March 21, 2022
The Moon and Love
The Moon and Love
TL;DR The symbolism of the Moon for lovers has represented love itself to many people, but how can this be? Does an orb in the sky really influence us so drastically, it dictates our emotions? Yes and no. Where the Moon was at our moment of birth influences how we love, and this is so powerful, even the Moon Tarot Card is used to relay messages in love readings. Learn how the Moon influences how we love and some Moon symbolism with Mysticsense today.

The Moon and lovers have been intertwined in love lore and art for generations. Somehow it helps decide who and how we love, and this mystery has many scratching their heads. What is your Moon sign, and how can you find it? Does it tell you who will be a good match for you in love? What can the Moon card tell about your love life in a Tarot reading? What does it mean when they say to live by the Sun and Love by the Moon? Is there a Moon sign match for everybody and what is some Moon Symbolism?

Moon Symbolism

Moon Symbolism

Different people ascribe different meanings to the Moon. For some, it represents insanity, and to others fear. Some people decide when to plant by the Moon phases, and others rely on the power of the Full Moon to bless them. Some people have used the Moon instead of the Sun to chart time, and others see the Moon as a representation of deity.

The Moon is associated with the metal silver and the stone Moonstone. It is believed by some that the energies of the Moon are connected with these stones and some people with a devotion to the Mother Goddess wear these to feel connected to her. The Moon is associated with femininity, renewal, and things that are mysterious. It is associated with human emotions and love itself. The Full Moon alone has plenty of symbols and lore to itself. To read some beliefs about the Full Moon, read here:The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon | Mysticsense

Live By The Sun Love By the Moon Meaning

Live By The Sun Love By the Moon Meaning

There is a saying that goes “Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon”. It refers to dividing our work life from our personal life. You work by day, and live your personal life by night, in other words. Some people have attached a deeper meaning to this than just that, however. Some express the different roles we play in our lives with this saying. Each of us has different things we do in life be it as la over vs parent, a clergy person vs friend, or a teacher vs lifelong learner, for a few examples. We do a lot of things with our lives.

As kids we may have been athletes on school teams, and as college age individuals, we stopped doing that and studied our classes and worked retail to pay bills. By the time we are in our late twenties and early thirties, we may no longer do retail, but work in sales and coach little league on the side. By middle age, we may have had a career change and became a nurse, and by retirement, an animal shelter volunteer. Throw in parenthood and being a grandparent as well as a spouse to all of that, and our lives lead us in many directions, doing plenty of wonderful things.

Live by the Sun love by the Moon meaning can be that our professional lives should be separate from our personal lives, and that means to keep our personal business out of the workplace as well as don’t take work home with you or you will burn out. Live by the Sun love by the Moon can also remind us to embrace all the different hats we wear or roles we play in life, and to honor all of those as part of our journey.

Half Moon Tattoos Meaning

Half Moon Tattoos Meaninge

Half-moons also called crescent moons are a popular symbol used in meaningful personal adornment be it worn as jewelry or as a tattoo. What does the crescent Moon represent as a tattoo? The crescent Moon represents the feminine divine for many people, as well as the different stages we move through in life. It is said that like the Moon isn’t always full, but constantly changing, so do we. Crescent Moons can represent creativity and artistic talent as well as the imagination. They also represent growth and manifesting, and to some, the half Moon represents the element change and transformation.

When a crescent Moon tattoo represents change, it can represent coming into a new time of life, or new beginnings. The half Moon combined with a half Sun represents duality and uniting of opposites to some people. It can represent all things in the Universe combined in one, embracing the all, and the togetherness we have with all of creation. The Crescent Moon alone can also represent one of the Moon goddesses like Selene or Luna, and can express fertility, motherhood, or simply being born female.

The Moon Card Meaning

The Moon Card Meaning

The Moon relationship card is one that is very powerful in any reading, but it is especially auspicious in a love reading. The Moon card indicates illusions, deceptions, and puts you on notice to listen for messages received psychically. It can also represent emotions, and can reassure you not to let your anxieties run wild. Your emotions may be overblown, and you need to reign them in during this time. The Moon card can be indicating the goddess is touching your life, and to open up to her for guidance.

Reversed, the Moon card can be telling you that the time of deception has come to an end and you can see through whatever glamorous lies have been thrown at you. It can be telling you messages have been received and you can see everything hidden quite clearly. Reversed it can also be telling you that you are at a place where you can release any fears you have had and stop worrying.

The Moon Card Love Meanings

What this all means for the Moon in love readings is straightforward. Right side up, be aware things are not as they seem, and hook the intuition of the feminine divine to guide you. Guard your emotions and protect your feelings while you are finding out what is truly going on, but don’t let your fears cloud your judgment or get the better of you.

The Moon Reversed Love Reading

The Moon reversed love reading is that things have either gotten better, or they were not as bad as you had feared, and you can take a deep breath of relief. Either way, in a love reading, the Moon card deals with seeing things for the way they really are and acting on what you know instead of panicking or having an emotional knee jerk reaction to things.

The Moon Reversed Yes or No

The Moon reversed advice can be indicated as a yes or no answer to a question in a simple reading. Right side up can be “Yes” for a yes/no reading and reversed can act as a “No”. You can flip that and have right side up be “No” simply because right side up the Moon advises caution , and reversed can be “Yes” because reversed, the Moon card says things have resolved themselves or are better than you had imagined.

How to Find Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

How to Find Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Besides just symbols and what the tarot cards say, the Moon in our birth charts influences how we love, but how do you know what your Moon sign is? Your Sun and Rising signs have a lot to do with relationships also, and how do you find those? How to find your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs is simple. With your date of birth, birthplace location, and the time you are born, you can find them. However, before you find your Rising, Moon, and Sun signs, what do they tell you about yourself anyways?

Your Sun Sign

Our Sun signs are the most popular, and many who believe in Astrology only focus on knowing about their Sun sign. The Sun sign decides our outward personalities and how we present ourselves to others. It is determined simply by our date of birth including, month and day, and the year doesn’t matter.

Your Moon Sign

What does your Moon sign represent? Equally as important as our Sun sign, our Moon sign describes our inner person, and emotional selves. It influences how we love. Our Moon sign is decided by date of birth including year, time of birth, and birthplace location.

Your Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign goes by time of birth, as the Twelve Zodiac signs are ruled by two hours each day. Therefore, knowing your birth time will reveal your Rising Sign. Your Rising Sign, also called your Ascendant Sign is how you react and cope with what happens in life.

 “ I don’t know how to find my Moon, Rising, and Sun sign. I’m not an Astrologer!” That’s okay. The online world has you covered. It’s as simple as plugging the information into a form, and the web page does the work for you. While there are various pages that will compute your whole birth chart, showing everything, one site in particular goes a step further, and describes the meaning of each sign.

It’s and can be found at this link. Free Astrology Birth Chart Report (

Despite all the amazing information CafeAstrology offers, your Rising Sign is not available through the above link, but they do compute it on their page at a different link, which you can accessed here: What's My Ascendant? | Cafe Astrology .com

Moon Signs in Love

Moon Signs in Love

Now that you have your Moon sign, what can you do with the information? Moon sign matching for marriage can be just as powerful as matching for love with your Sun signs. Some people don’t think about their signs at all when dating or being open to finding a long term partner, but others swear by consulting their birth charts for answers. What are the love styles of each of the Moon signs, and who is a good match for them?

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries people are natural born leaders and don’t necessarily boss a lover around, but they like to call the shots for sure. These are energetic people who like to go places with the people they love and need a mate who can keep up with them and enjoy a lot of things in life with them. The perfect match for Aries woman Moon would be with someone who has a moon in Sagittarius so they can enjoy high energy adventures together.

Moon in Taurus

People with a Moon in Taurus are focused on long term relationships and they look for staying power in a partner. They are emotional Moon sign people, and love deeply. The best match for a Taurus woman Moon could be a Capricorn Moon, who will stick around and is just as invested in the long haul as a Taurus Moon sign person is.

Moon in Gemini

People with a Moon in Gemini are versatile individuals who love learning new things, experiencing new things, and going new places. They also meet a lot of new people on a regular basis and are intellectual people who need a lot of mental stimulation. The attraction between Sagittarius and Gemini Moons can be fast and passionate and they will enjoy being social butterflies traveling many places together.

Moon in Cancer

People with a Moon in Cancer have a close-knit family and friends group that typically only grows, and won’t shrink unless somebody passes away. They will stick by you through thick and thin and require a lot of emotional support and their feelings are even stronger than emotional Cancer Sun sign people’s. Moon in Cancer man attraction to people with a Moon in Pisces is based on mutual understanding of sensitive feelings and respect of one another’s boundaries as well as watching out for each other’s needs.

Moon in Leo

People with a Moon in Leo are very dramatic and bring that flair into how they express their emotions. They can be what some people call “extra” about how they overreact at times, but that also works in your favor if they love you because it means they are going to go out of their way to dote on you, be fiercely loyal and protective, and will have an undying passion for the lovers they choose. Moon in Leo attraction to a Moon in Aries individual is powerful and the passion these two energetic signs both have will make fireworks in their dynamic relationship.

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo people will express their adoration by fussing over their loved ones endlessly, and that also includes fussing AT the people they love. It may come across as nitpicking, but they are just trying to make things better and they worry themselves sick over the people they care about. A Moon in Virgo falling in love with a Moon in Taurus person makes for a blissful pairing. Both Moon signs are focused on caring for those they love, and they will never stop going out of their way for one another.

Moon in Libra

A Libra Moon in love is said to go perfectly well with another Libra Moon individual. A Libra Moon woman in love with another man or woman with a Moon in Libra will feel incomplete without a partner to love, and two Libra Moons will happily share conversation, decision making, and plenty of good times with one another.

Moon in Scorpio

 A person with a Moon in Scorpio is unashamed of their powerful love for people, and won’t be shy about expressing their undying devotion. They can cross over into obsessive behavior and can also be jealous at times. A Moon in Scorpio attraction to a Moon in Cancer individual makes for a harmonious pairing. Moon in Cancer people love being at the side of their lover as often as possible, and Scorpio Moons will be content to rarely let you out of their sight.

Moon in Sagittarius

 Sagittarian Moons instill the ability to adapt to nearly any scenario, and also instills a love of variety in these people. They don’t want to be tied down, and they can be restless, and benefit from a partner who gives them the freedom to wander far and wide and who will also wander by their side. One of the most successful Zodiac pairings for Moon in Sagittarius people is said to be with Moon in Aries individuals who are just as prone to seek adventure and love to be actively involved in exciting new trips and undertakings.

Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Moon sign people can take their climb up the ladder to success so far that it can compromise their ability to have meaningful relationships, and they can be cold and unemotional about this. Best love matches for Capricorn woman Moon would be a Virgo Moon sign woman or man, who is understanding about the need to achieve, but will provide the emotional security that will make them want to take time out to be in love.

Moon in Aquarius

 Aquarian Moon sign people tend to have large extended friends groups, and may take many lovers, devoting themselves to few, if any of them. It’s not that they don’t love, it’s that they are enjoying all the wonderful people life has blessed them with and devotion to one person happens when they find the most special person they have ever met- and one who embraces their lifestyle of socializing with many people in many places. Moon in Aquarius man attraction to Moon in Libra people is as high as their attraction to Moon in Gemini people. Both of these signs can keep up socially with Aquarian Moon people and this pairing could be the one that makes Aquarian Moons settle down for life.

Moon in Pisces

 Creative Pisces Moon men and women love the allure of romance and can be the most devoted lovers of them all. They, like their cousins who have a Sun in Pisces, need time to slip away and recharge their batteries if they feel overwhelmed. They put their own needs last, investing all their emotional energy into doing for the people they love, and benefit from partners who do the same for them. Moon in Pisces attraction to a Scorpio Moon sign man or woman will see both lovers fulfilled emotionally, being understanding of one another’s emotional needs and doing all they can for each other.

Should I Read My Moon Sign Horoscope?

Should I Read My Moon Sign Horoscope?

Your Moon Love Sign, we should call it, doesn’t have the type of daily horoscopes your Sun sign does, but it explains a lot about the love language you speak. Some people are content to know about just their Sun sign, and others want to know their other signs. Should you focus on your Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars sign, or any other parts of your birth chart? It’s up to you how much you learn about your birth chart, but it’s worth it to find out everything that’s on that chart at some point at least.

What if I don’t know my birth time? Not every planet’s position will accurately be computed without birth time, but you can indicate that the time is unknown, and see how much information it pulls up. Some Astrologers will plug in twelve Noon as birth time if your actual time of birth is unknown, and a lot of people get plenty of information that way. What are you waiting for? Go get your birth chart cast today!

The Moon itself might not make you fall in love, but where the Moon was when you are born will decide much about HOW you love and who you fall in love with. Casting your birth chart with an online calculator can show you your Moon sign, as well as other signs in your chart, and tell you all about the love language you speak, and what kind of lucky surprises your lovers have to look forward to.

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