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The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
May 26, 2021
The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon
The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon
TL;DRThe Full moon shines with the help of the Sun every month. Human beings have understood its power and sought to forge a relationship with the Full Moon for longer than we may realize. The Full moon holds much power, which is just waiting for you to reach out and channel it to improve your own life, and the benefits are boundless. You will be glad once you unlock the magic of the Full Moon, and you will be pleasantly surprised where this magic takes you.

The Full Moon in all her glory has transfixed humanity for ages. Her silvery glow, and how she lights up the night sky and the strong energy many feel from her has always had people staring longingly at the moon on full moon nights. What does a full moon symbolize, and what full moon spiritual things can be benefited from? What about full moon significance in general, and what can it mean for you?

What is The Full Moon

The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite, and the fifth largest one in our Solar System in general. It rotates around the Earth, and the Sun shines off it, creating the light that makes it appear to glow. The shape and size of the moon does not change, but what changes is how it appears to us. What we see changes based on how much of the Sun’s light is shining off of it within our vision. The moon is full when when the Sun is fully shining on it.

The Full Moons

Each of the Full Moons have their own month, and special meaning, but before exploring that, it is important to establish just why the Full Moon is specifically important. While Mysticsense will take you on an exploration of the power of Full Moons, and how to harness the power of the Full Moon in this article, don’t forget to read an article Mysticsense has already shared about the Full Moons here:

12 Full Moons, Spiritual Meanings, Superstitions, Beliefs

Some believe humanity is at their most powerful when the moon is full, and it is thus, then when monthly magical working circles are scheduled. Some say the light of the moon allow attendees to find their way to one another, and still others say the Full Moon represents the full strength of the mother goddess.

Some claim the entire week of the Full Moon to be powerful for Full Moon Magic, and others insist the day before, the day of, and the day after the Full Moon to be the best. Still, others who are more strict swear you MUST do your Full Magic on the day of the Full Moon, otherwise, you should wait until the next one.

For example, for July of 2021, the Full Thunder Moon will be on July 23 at exactly 10: 37 P.M. Eastern Time. So if you’re in New York, or Toronto, Canada, have your ritual as close to this time as possible. If you are in Los Angeles, you are three hours behind them and need to shoot for 7:37 Pacific Time. The moments leading up to that exact minute when the moon assumes complete fullness are very potent but not AS potent as that precise moment. The Moon’s power is a little less strong as the minutes tick by. Some magical practitioners say not to worry so much and just be thankful for the opportunity to work with the Full Moon.

The Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

full moon spiritual meaning

It’s different depending upon culture. Some Americans say sleeping under the light of certain Full Moons cause insanity. Others say to hold a moonstone in your mouth on a Full Moon to bless it as a good luck item. For some, the Full Moon is time to contact the goddess. Indeed, in her Charge of the Goddess, Doreen Valiente wrote, “ Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the Moon be full, then ye shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of me…” Many take that advice to heart and do their magic during the Full Moon.

In Medieval times in parts of Europe, the Moon, full or not, was associated with devils, malevolence, and people shapeshifting into beasts to wreak havoc on their fellow man. An urban legend in America is that there are more crimes and dog bites during the Full Moon, however, studies show absolutely no correlation. The only thing that goes up is mania for some bipolar sufferers, but still, there is no flooding of hospitals or police stations.

Some ancient people saw the Full Moon or the Moon in general as a deity. The Aztecs Moon goddess was Coyolxauhqui. She got into trouble with her newborn brother when she led 400 of her siblings to attack their mother, the goddess Temple Guardian, Coatilque. That newly born brother, Huitzilopochtli sprang from their mother’s womb, beheaded Coyolxahqui, and threw her head into the sky. It became the moon so their heartbroken mother could still see her daughter she still loved very much, despite the horrible incident.

You will have your own interpretation of The Full Moon’s spiritual connotations, and you alone can decide what it means to you.

Different Full Moon Symbolism and their Meanings

There were a total of 12 Full Moons in 2020, and the dates and meanings are:

12 full moons in 2020

1. Wolf Moon 2020

January 10- The Wolf Moon Spiritual meaning 2020 indicates the wolves who are searching for food. The first Full Moon of the year, hook the strength of the mighty wolf, the ultimate hunter, to get started working towards what you want for the New Year.

2. Snow Moon 2020

February 19- Also called the Hunger Moon, often the coldest snowiest month of the year. In old times, food stores would be depleted, and people would be wisely rationing resources while planning for Spring planting. Use the energy of this to be frugal, and plan.

3. Worm Moon 2020

March 9- The Worm Moon spiritual meaning draws from a great truth. As worms begin to emerge from deep underground, after hard cold winter, so we should use that energy to come out, and into creation. You have planned and now is time to get out!

4. Pink Moon

April 8- Pink Full Moon spiritual meaning for 2020 is the same as it is for any year. This is named for a kind of flower that blooms early in Springtime. Your first efforts will be paying off. Share your progress, and toot your own horn!

5. Flower Moon

May 7- Named after MORE amazing flowers that bloom! The Full Flower Moon spiritual meaning is to be your best, and show the World all you have accomplished. Use this energy to bloom MORE and thrive fully.

6. Strawberry Moon

June 6- Named after the wonderful strawberries that are ready to enjoy. Like the Earth, you have worked and now it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments. Use the energy of this Moon to do just that.

7. Buck Moon

July 5- The Buck Moon spiritual meaning is of rebirth and regeneration. The bucks have shed antlers and are regrowing them. Like the bucks, you have worked hard and have celebrated beneficial outcomes. Use the energy of the Full Buck Moon to start on new projects and goals.

8. Sturgeon Moon

August 3- The Sturgeon Moon spiritual meaning is of overflowing plenty available for the taking, like the sturgeon are plentiful at this time for fishermen. Like fishermen have to work for their fish, so we work for whatever we want in our lives. The energy of this moon is of acquisition of great things through great work. Roll up your sleeves and use this Moon’s energy to work towards goals.

9. Corn Moon

September 2- The Full Corn Moon spiritual meaning is of harvest. Corn is a special product that stores well in winter, produces its own seeds for sowing again, and has nourished generations of people when precious little is left. Use the energy of this to take accomplishments and use them to invest in the future.

10. Hunters Moon aka Harvest Moon

October 1- The Harvest Moon symbolism refers to hunters going out to hunt fattened deer, and other animals who are easier to see now that the leaves are falling and fields are cleared. A very important Full Moon, perhaps the most work is focused on during this one, and that’s what the Harvest moon Spiritual meaning is all about- work! The Harvest Moon Full Moon is also referred to as the Hunters Moon. The Hunters moon spiritual meaning indicates the time of year it is: The hunt is on, and the harvest is in full force. Harvest Full Moon meaning is if you see an opportunity, ACT on it immediately, always on the lookout for it.

11. Beaver moon

November 30- The Beaver Moon spiritual meaning is varied. Some say it was named after American indigenous people laying traps for beavers at this time of year, and other sources say it’s named after beavers building their winter houses. Either way the meaning is to prepare for cold, lean times. Use the energy of this moon to plan ahead, even if it means saving resources for future hard times.

12. Cold Moon

December 30- Winter is beginning, and that’s what this Moon is named after. The deep cold hasn’t set in yet, and finishing preparation for hunkering down in Winter is in full force. Use the energy of this Full moon to begin a time of contemplation, and going within yourself as the Earth begins to freeze. Life still pulsates beneath the cold ground, but it needs time to regroup, and rest. A New Year will begin again, and with it, so will your plans.

Simple Full Moon Rituals

simple full moon rituals

Not everybody just keeps in mind Full Moon meanings for each specific month when doing a working. Some prefer to focus on the energy of the fact the Moon is Full. Magical workings can incorporate simple things that need not be frilly or complicated.

Catch the Moon!

Focus a bowl of water or a mirror to catch the Moon’s reflection, and use the energy you draw for that to do many different forms of magic. A more modern way to do this is to take a photo or video of the Moon. Anything that catches it’s image works. Creating a drawing or painting is an interactive, creative way to do this also!

Take a Moon Bath

Some use the energy of the Full Moon for personal purification and cleansing. An easy way to do this is to add that water you have caught the reflection of the Full Moon into a ritual bath. Visualize washing off all spiritual impurities, grief, and things that would hold you back from being your most evolved spiritual self. When the bath is done, wash the used water, and all the gunk the Full Moon blessed water has cleaned you of down the drain!

Charge Crystals and Ritual Tools

Sitting out crystals and ritual tools on the night of the Full Moon where its light can shine on them will charge them with the healing, purifying power of the Full Moon, Simple and effective!


Many healing workings are focused 0n for Full moon magic. Whether it’s physical healing you are looking for, or emotional and spiritual healing, let the Full moon shine within you, illuminating all the darkened, broken, or hurt places onside of you, and chase the darkness of sorrow away. One way to do this is to draw down the Moon.

Drawing Down the Moon

When the Moon is ‘drawn down”, the energy of the Moon is invited within an individual who acts as the goddess to bless and speak to circle attendees. While there is more than one way to do this, a simple way is to stand, and speak aloud, saying you welcome the Moon, asking her to abide within you so you may manifest the goddess. Perhaps dating back as early as ancient Greece or Egypt, this is not for everybody, but it is an option.

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