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Things to Know When Casting Magick Spells

By Mysticsense
September 28, 2020
Things to Know When Casting Magick Spells
Things to Know When Casting Magick Spells

We are all familiar with life’s little rituals and traditions, such as pulling a wishbone, picking the petals off love-me-not daisies and throwing lucky pennies into fountains. However, these nostalgic acts are far more profound than you might think - they are all forms of magick spell-work meaning yes, even you have cast a spell of some form at one point or another. 

So, what exactly is ‘magick’?

The term ‘magick’ was coined by Aleister Crowley after his founding of the occultist religion, Thelema, in the early 1900s. Crowley started to use the term magick as a way to distinguish the occult magick of Thelema from that of performative stage magic. Alongside this, Crowley believed that ‘magick’ was unique in that it helps push an individual towards their destiny rather than meddling the natural course of the universe as can happen with the misuse of regular magic.

There are three types of magick;

  • Celestial magick: Influencing the connection between tangible and celestial stratums. For example, employing the laws of astrology when casting a spell.
  • Ceremonial magick: Magick performed by a righteous figure of spiritual authority, usually conducted in a ritualistic manner and for the benefit of a large group of people.
  • Natural magick: Utilising the natural properties and resources of the earth to conduct energy during spell-work. Examples of such resources include crystals, rune stones, herbs and fire.

But, what does spell-work actually entail?

Similar to all forms of divination, spell-work centers its focus on the notion that within all of us exists an intricate cosmos of energy that is closely interlinked with the energy of the universe. Some even believe that our energy reflects the universe’s energy, meaning that our thoughts, feelings and actions are all highly influenced by celestial activity. With this in mind, spell-work is the act of recognizing your energy, then magnifying it and finally directing towards a particular issue or situation. Contrary to popular belief, casting a spell does not require a set of rules or some form of training in order to perform the process effectively. Most spell-casters actually prefer the more ‘organic’ route whereby they use earthly ingredients and let their deepest intentions take over.

This emphasis on ‘intention’ is truly what differentiates a regular action from a spell. The act of lighting a candle, burning sage or performing a verbal incantation, for example, only become forms of spell-work when your connection to the action is acknowledged. Remember, the rituals and meaningful articles used in a spell are simply vehicles for channelling our own energy in order to fulfil our particular intention at that time. They aren't innately magickal on their own. 

Okay, so how do I channel my energy?

Again, it’s important to remember that spells can be cast by anyone and they do not require a strict set of prerequisites or trained abilities. With that being said, it is useful to get to grips with the different tips and tricks that can help boost your spell from a measly wish to a powerful manifestation.

Tips and tricks to optimize your spell-craft: 

1) Have a clear purpose

Every spell must be cast with a sincere purpose behind it; a half-hearted attempt to perform a spell is unlikely to reap any sort of beneficial results for you. The most successful spells are cast when there is a strong yearning or craving behind the energy being channelled, and when there is a clear-cut and simple request being made. It is important not to overcomplicate the intentions and purposes behind spell-work as this will only lead to muddled and diluted results.

2) Avoid casting spells when emotions are heightened

When our emotions are running high, often our sense of reason becomes clouded. In terms of spell-casting, this may result in our desires lacking legitimacy and thus we may receive manifestations that do not truly benefit us. When we engage in spell-work, it is paramount that we are cleared-headed and of a relatively neutral emotional state. The results we reap will be far more meaningful when spell-casting in a stable mind set.

3) Avoid distractions

The hustle and bustle of daily life can make it a challenge to find an hour of complete peace and solitude. However, in order to channel energy effectively and keep one’s intentions clear in mind, it is essential that we find a timeframe where we can completely shut off from external stimuli. 

These tips and tricks are incredibly helpful for beginner spell-casters, but above all, we must consider the different attributes of a spell so we have full understanding of how they work. Let's explore these down below; 

Attribute 1: Finding celestial links

In this universe, all that is invisible and all that is tangible are interconnected in some shape or form. With knowledge of this, we can begin implementing these laws into our spell-work. For example, as each planet bears its own unique characteristics, we can time the casting of our spells according to whichever planet is taking prominence at any particular time. Take Venus, for example, the planet of love. If we are hankering after an old flame, or simply wishing for a romantic prospect to make their presence known, casting any form of romance spell would be most successful when Venus is sitting proud in the night’s sky.

Attribute 2: Making purposive actions

As outlined already, the key to successful spell-work is the presence of intentions. This means that any object we decided to use, or any ritual we wish to perform will have profound effects as long as they are meaningful to you in some way. For instance, to cast a spell with the intention of bringing back a former lover, a great place to start is by lighting two candles. Once lit, the spell-caster is to slowly bring the two candles together to form a union whilst chanting a relevant incantation if they wish to. The two flames should meet as one, 

to symbolize the desire of reunification. On the other hand, a purposive action can also be performed in order to rid unwanted people from your life. An example of this would be sketching the individuals in question on a piece of paper, folding it tightly and setting it alight until it turns to ashes. Now this may sound malevolent, but remember - it’s the intentions that count. Of course, we do not wish harm on these individuals, so the burning of the paper is solely symbolic of much-needed release and unshackling. 

Attribute 3: Forming contagion

In many spells, the concept of contagion is highly desirable. Contagion in spell-work is the act of forming a connection between two items for the purpose of gifting it to someone we hold dear to us. For example, a locket or necklace can become an item of contagion when given to a loved one as it now represents an unbreakable bond that can exist across continents, universes or even lifetimes. The overall idea of contagion in spell work is that people and objects do not necessarily have to be physically close in order to be close in connection. When put to action, therefore, holding an item that is linked to the person at the center of your spell would lead to more effective manifestations. 

Attribute 4: Repetition 

As with most things, a repetitive action serves to build energy. When we rub our arms on a cold day, the recurrent rubbing motion causes friction and warms us up. The same goes for divination and spell-work; when we repeat our intentions over and over, or when we are persistent with one particular incantation, the odds of it manifesting more successfully are greatly increased. In addition to repetition, incorporating rhythm into a spell will also prove to strengthen its energy field. This may be through the form of a rhythmic beat, or through verbal rhyme.

Attribute 5: Protecting yourself

When we cast spells, we are putting ourselves in a very vulnerable position to external energies and attack. Think of it as creating an entryway to the soul - anyone can gain access if they wish to. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves as we engage further with spell-work, it is crucial that we learn about how to form a defensive armour; many individuals choose to spell-cast in front of a mirror as a way of reflecting away evil energies while many others opt for surrounding themselves with protective crystals. Whatever method you choose, the purpose is to form a personal safety bubble.

Ultimately, casting your first spell may be a daunting prospect, but don’t let this get in the way of your full potential in spell-work. The fantastic thing about spell-casting is that it certainly does not require a set of rules or the completion of an extensive course to be able to give it a go and reap amazing results. Elaborate altars, expensive crystals and other magickal paraphernalia all have their place, but are not actually a necessity when it comes to casting a meaningful spell. This is because all that is needed is intention, to the fullest degree. What is essential, however, is that spells are never cast with the purpose to harm others nor are they to be cast when we are experiencing times of extreme emotional unrest. Simply put, if you are unsure as to whether or not you should cast a particular spell, it’s wise not to. Your magick intentions are reflective of your soul, so ensure that you are only ever channelling love and positivity. Spell-casting is a deeply profound and empowering experience, so make sure to have fun with it.

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