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Auras - Our Unique Energy Fields

By Mysticsense
March 19, 2020
Auras - Our Unique Energy Fields

Everything has an aura. Animals, plants and even objects have auras, but the human aura is by far the most complex. An aura is like your energy print, your mark or signature.

Everybody’s aura is unique. We are all born with an aura, which stays with us for the whole of our life. However, as we progress through life, our experiences, situations and spiritual growth alter our aura, in the same way, that it is said that a person’s body with all its imperfections tells the story of their life. In addition, the aura is keenly susceptible to rapid changes, due to the mood that we are in or whether we are depressed or elated.

We have all had the experience of picking up other people’s auras. Sometimes being around someone is a really uplifting experience, they make us feel good perhaps because their aura gives off a tremendous amount of positivity, which like Spring Sunshine feels great to be in its glow. But sometimes we really don’t like being in certain people’s presence because it just doesn’t feel right. It could be because their aura just doesn’t mix well with yours. We all know that being with a depressed person makes us feel down as well as they unwittingly suck energy inwards and you feel your own energy being drawn in by their misery and of course.

How To See an Aura

Get someone to stand against a blank wall, the lighter the wall colour the better – this is most important because pattern behind your subject will distract the eye. Stand a distance of at least eight feet away and gaze just past your subject’s head. Do not look directly at the subject and try to let your eyes unfocus. You should be able to see a clear white light around the head and shoulders of your subject. The brightness and distance it projects from the body often indicate how a person is feeling. Any bumps or irregularities in the aura also indicates either mood, mental or physical health problems. If you see colours, which can be very faint, then you are doing very well and have a natural gift for this. Colours represent moods and health situations as well. It really is very simple, once you get the hang of it.

The aura is split into seven layers which are called, starting from closest to the body and working outwards, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Celestial and Ketheric. The first two levels are really easy to see, but it becomes increasingly difficult as you ascend the layers. Also, the first layers, often shift and move about as you watch them – this is because mood swings and emotions affect them. The higher layers have a connection to deep-rooted thoughts, beliefs and carry the very essence of the soul. The trained eye can see all layers but most people starting out will see the first layer, the Physical layer most easily.

Auric colours and their meanings

Aqua: Healing ability.

Black: Fearful, serious illness, low self-esteem, depression

Blue: Sensitivity, spirituality, imagination, perceptiveness.

Indigo: Strong psychic ability, spirituality

Brown: Clouded thinking, uncertain mind, difficulty in making decisions. Possible bone problems.

Gold: High level of spirituality, tremendous healing ability and happiness.

Green: Spiritual person in tune with nature. Natural healing skills when seen around hands. Friendly person, reliable, open-minded and charitable.

Grey: Sadness and apathy and depression

Silver: Femininity and spiritual development.

Orange: A motivated person, communicative and sociable. Self-control.

Pink: In love. Open and giving person. Excessive pink leads to immaturity.

Lilac: Spiritual attainment and balance. Developing psychic abilities.

Violet: A wise person, highly developed mental abilities, spiritually wise Unity of mind, body and soul.

Red: Creativity, lust or energy. Aggressive tendencies. Egomaniac.

Yellow: Optimistic, strong and warm personality. Pale yellow - timidity.

If any of the above colours appear muddied, weak or excessively strong then it reverses or weakens the descriptions above. Above all, use your intuition as it should determine what the colours really mean for you.

There is nothing particularly supernatural about seeing an aura and they really do exist, look at any example of Kirlian photography and you will see that all things have an energy field around them, often in beautiful colours. So why not have a go at reading someone else’s aura? Then you can discover how all the experiences, moods and feelings come together to form a colourful, shimmering, fluctuating an entity which is permanently linked to our physical bodies.

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