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Can A Psychic Help Me Find New Love?

When you have healed from a crushing breakup, and you are ready to be open to new love, you might have no clue how to put yourself back out there to let perspective lovers know. You have not forgotten there have been times when all seemed lost in your life, and a visit with your favorite Psychic put everything into perspective and gave you the hope and encouragement you needed to put things right. So it just seems logical that your Psychic can help you find new love, like they have helped with so many other things. Right?


Yes and No. They absolutely can, but not quite in ways you would expect, and in some ways, your Psychic can help you more than you ever imagined.

The Future

Some Psychics can accurately give a timeframe and general location where you will meet a new love. Some can pinpoint events, and seasons if they can’t zone in on exact dates and times, however, finding new love is about more than just waiting for the exact moment your new lover will come into your life, and your Psychic can help get you on track for this.


A lot of people ask Psychics and magical practitioners to give them Attraction Spells, because everybody understands that being an attractive individual increases their likelihood of snagging a mate. Being attractive isn’t hocus pocus, about expensive fashion styles, or about doing and saying things to appeal to every human being alive. It’s about being your best self. A lot goes into that, and your Psychic will help identify your personal strengths, weaknesses, and attitudes that need changed.

The Physical

Some overfocus on the quest for conventional beauty and fail to realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No two people find the same physical attributes attractive. The beauty industry coerces countless amounts of money out of people who believe their one true love can be drawn to them if only they LOOK a certain way. No amount of looking a certain way will make somebody stay in our lives, but there are physical things we absolutely can do to be our most attractive selves. Taking good care of your health and hygiene is the number one most important physical thing you can do to be as attractive as possible. It’s crucial regardless of relationship status, but if you are careless about cleanliness or neglect your health, it will limit your options, and shorten the time you are here to experience all the joys of being alive.


One of the number one personality traits that attract other people is confidence. If you don’t like yourself, it’s certainly not impossible, but it’s difficult for other people to. Not everybody had a nurturing upbringing and parents who instilled them with a good sense of self-worth. A poor self-image may be due to years of programming from birth, and it’s a lot of work to unlearn tearing yourself down and relearn how to build yourself up. 

People plagued with this oftentimes find themselves in toxic relationships that continue a cycle of abuse, and they are never truly happy. Maybe you weren’t abused at home, but you have internalized societal body shaming, and you need to learn to love your body instead of allowing people to bash it. 

Your Psychic can help you with learning a healthy self-image, bringing you the confidence you need to find a mate who cares about you and takes as much pride in you as you deserve to take in yourself. Sometimes, cultivating a healthy self-image simply entails accepting tiny flaws- which everybody has - and giving up on hyper focusing on them. Sometimes it’s deeper, requiring a lot of soul searching, and conscious efforts to change words you speak about yourself. “I’m too ugly. Nobody will EVER love me!” blinds you to your unique personal beauty, and allows you to accept relationships with people who talk down to you as well. Your Psychic will counsel you about these things, helping set up a plan of action to improve your self-image as needed.



Some people think of self -Improvement as getting a new haircut or wardrobe of clothing. If that makes you feel better, it absolutely can count, but self-improvement is a lot more complex than just what’s on the surface. We sometimes find ourselves pouring 100% of all we have into a relationship, and realize years later, that we haven’t met personal goals we always promised ourselves we would.


Did you want to take classes, or go into another career path, but find yourself stuck pouring all your time into somebody else? Did you find plans derailed because you moved cross country to be with a love, and now that the relationship is over you are remembering those plans? It’s possible another person is not the reason we did not do the things we wanted, but we just never took the time to. Now is the time! Don’t wait. You are a beautiful, complex individual, born to evolve, and improve every day. If it’s permission you need? You’ve got permission to do it! Do it now! Your Psychic will point you in the direction you need to go towards that self-improvement, and can cheer you along the whole way!


Leftover sorrow and pain from past hurts is fondly called baggage by many, and everybody has some form of baggage. Is your own leftover pain crippling you, and are you carrying it over into every new love relationship you begin, only to see your relationships crumble because the issues are too great? It takes a lot of emotional maturity to admit first to ourselves, and then to others that we are sometimes the problem in our relationships, and it’s not always because we mistreat our lovers. It’s sometimes because we have not yet healed, and our pain makes us shut other people out. It can feel safe to close ourselves off emotionally, like we can prevent ourselves from ever feeling another negative emotion again, but putting up a brick wall serves only to keep emotional intimacy out. Without that, relationships will fail. 

Your Psychic can help identify and provide techniques for dealing with hurt, and trauma. When the pain is interfering with the ability to move forward into new loves, it’s acting as unresolved grief. Sometimes, a Psychic Advisor is not enough for dealing with this, and visits with a professional Counselor is necessary to get through the grief. Psychics act as life coaches and spiritual counselors, but they can’t do everything. Needing counseling when you have been tragically hurt is no failure on your part, and the counseling can only help make you your best self. You, and your loves deserve it.

Bad Boys and Girls Make You Feel Bad, Not Good

If you believe that “bad boys/girls make me feel SO good”, your Psychic has their work cut out for them. The so-called bad boys/girls do bad things, and wreck lives. Some are drawn to this sort of drama, and the attention gained weeping to anybody who will listen about their plight. If this is your pattern in relationships, buckle down for your Psychic not enabling this and instead telling you that you cannot have a healthy relationship this way. We cannot control what other people do, but being in a relationship with somebody who is dysfunctional, and is always causing issues while disregarding other people’s feelings is neither healthy, nor good in any way. Some do this to people to feel powerful, or because they were similarly abused, and they don’t know how to function otherwise. Pay close attention to your Psychic’s advice if you discover yourself stuck in this lifestyle, and they will help you find ways to change this, and move on into healthy, stable relationships.


You are Whole

Your Psychic can help instill in you that you do not need anybody else to complete you, but you are whole on your own. There is no such person as what the cliché calls our “better half”. All of us have people in our lives to share experiences, friendships, good times, make the bad times easier, and to love. Yet we are not half of a person, needing somebody else to finish our unfinished selves. To look around at times, it seems the whole world circulates around couples and being in a couples relationship. That may make somebody who is single but doesn’t want to be, feel empty. This is an illusion caused by a mindset, and your Psychic Advisor can help correct that misconception.

A Final Word

More than anything, when you are opening yourself to new love, your number one job is to live your best life, and be your best self. Listening to the wise counseling from your Psychic Advisor, and doing real work on yourself is the best way to be in top shape to bring your best you into a good relationship, finding love. 

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