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Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

By Saoirse
February 28, 2022
Loving a Pisces Man or Woman
Loving a Pisces Man or Woman
TL;DRThe Pisces woman or man may charm you with their empathy and the TLC they seem to put into relationships. Then the next moment, they seem to vanish, and won’t respond to calls. Is your Pisces woman angry? She probably just needs her space, but there is more to Pisces people than the love they bring to your relationship and the time they need to recharge alone. Join us to learn about Pisces woman turn ons and all about Pisces woman secrets to why she is how she is with Mysticsense.

The personality in Pisces woman and men is both charming and warm. They will dote on you and go out of their way to make you feel included if they want you around. They will seem like they simply can’t do without you for one second of the day, and all of the sudden, they will need some space, and it will leave you wondering if you did something wrong. Not necessarily! Your Pisces needs some personal time to recharge their batteries and to not be overwhelmed by all the people they nurture is all. So you love a Pisces. Now what?

What’s it like to love a Pisces, and what Pisces woman description can tell us about them? What are Pisces woman dating rules you should follow to keep her interested, and what about a Pisces woman and sexuality rules you need to follow? What signs are Pisces people compatible with and what is Pisces like influencing other planets in our birth charts besides our Sun signs?

What are Pisces People Like?

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

Pisces is the twelfth and final zodiac sign and it is said they have all the best of all the other eleven signs combined within them. They are highly intuitive, and a Pisces woman’s beautiful eyes can quickly assess people and situations, immediately understanding who and what she is dealing with. Their intuition is so deep, they are empathic, and this can lead them to being so understanding of others feelings and needs, they take too many people under their wing, trying to help nearly everybody they feel needs them. Many Pisces people are psychic, and use this ability in their everyday lives and to aid in their successes.

They are not the strictly serious workers like Virgos or Capricorns, but don’t underestimate them. They have a competitive side, and while they won’t stab you in the back or cheat to get ahead, they are driven to excel, thrive on a good challenge, and love to succeed. They are adaptable and will change their approach to get along well with anybody they meet. This is not being dishonest about their personalities but being flexible and accommodating. They know just what to do and say to make people feel at ease, and they are calm and level headed. Pisces man and Pisces woman characteristics include being charming, imaginative, sexy, adaptable, emotional, knowing what they want in a lover, and great in their careers.

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Pisces Woman Charm

Pisces men and women can turn on the charm anytime they want to. They can be very shy but come across as extroverts because of their ability to speak with most anybody seemingly never meeting a stranger. They focus directly on who they are talking to, making eye contact, listening attentively, and they only respond when they have something intelligent to say. They will blow everybody’s minds with their wise observations and make each person they speak with feel very special and understood. They want to know about you, genuinely, and will speak openly about their feelings and some of their vulnerabilities. Many are naturally drawn to such an engaging individual, and a Pisces will accept conversation from most anybody, endearing them to many.

Pisces Man Imagination

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

Pisces people are creative and very imaginative. Some people assume Pisces people “live in their heads” but that’s not true. They have to take time to think about things and work out how they are going to bring creations into reality. They are highly gifted in the arts whether it be music, writing, dance, or some visual art like sculpting. Some Pisces people express their creativity in the kitchen or in the garden as opposed to on a canvas or musically, and they seem to always be bringing something new into the world for others to enjoy. Some Pisces people even use their creative side to come up with solutions to problems in the office, or creative ways to teach material in fun ways to keep students engaged.

Pisces Woman Sex Traits

Pisces people have a reputation for being sexy, and there is a good reason for that. Aside from asexual Pisces folk, the members of this sign are very in touch with their sexual selves, and truly enjoy sharing lovemaking. Some Pisces enjoy open relationships, and some are not shy about one-night stands. Just make sure to find out what kind of sexual relationship the Pisces you want to make love to is interested in, or you may be disappointed. You won’t be disappointed with the sex, however, because your Pisces lover will be very focused on pleasing you, and half of what gets them excited is seeing you pleased.

Don’t try to make love to your Pisces without foreplay, however, and by foreplay, I mean mental stimulation. Sexy talk and planning what to experiment with in the bedroom will excite your Pisces and get them looking forward to coming together with you. They typically love to cuddle, and soft non-sexual touches long before lovemaking begins is just the kind of affection they adore. They love to plan lovemaking while they are out of town and look forward to meeting you for sex long before the moment you come together. They are attentive lovers, and once they enjoy making love to you, they will want to keep coming back for more love making.

Pisces Man Adaptability

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

Adaptable Pisces men and women aren’t trying to be fake. On the contrary, being flexible is one thing that makes them who they are. They quickly discern what the needs of the people around them are and alter their approach to suit that. They may be more direct with one individual and sugar coat more with another but be aware they are always the same person deep inside. They are just aware that not everybody responds favorably to the same approach and their goal is to reach as many hearts to share their skills and love with the world as possible. Not everybody has the ability to change their tone, language, and attitude in ways that make the maximum amount of people feel comfortable, but if there was a class that could be taught in it, a Pisces would certainly be the teacher.

The Pisces Woman When Hurt

When you hurt a Pisces, they will likely retreat, and they might never ever tell you how badly you hurt them. They may confide in people they love and trust about it, but if it was you who hurt them, and it was something you literally knew better than to say or do, your Pisces may never trust you again. You have only yourself to blame for this. They can be very forgiving, but just make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. A Pisces who bonds with you will want to stay by your side, and to lose somebody who cares so deeply for your feelings because you did not care as much is something you really don’t want.

Pisces Woman Eyes

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

Known for their deeply soulful eyes, Pisces people are always paying attention to who is nearby, what people’s needs are, and they will make excellent eye contact to let you know they are listening. They sometimes get a faraway, dreamy look in their eyes, and it’s not as if they have zoned out of reality. On the contrary, they are brainstorming ideas to make it better. They may be planning a trip with you, or a song they love and that brings back memories has just come over the radio. Maybe they are remembering the dance they had with their high school sweetheart at prom to that song. The kindly look in a Pisces eyes when they are listening and trying to help will reassure you that they know just what you need to do to solve all your problems. Catching a Pisces man or woman’s eye is quite another thing.

What a Pisces Man Likes in a Woman

A Pisces man or woman wants a partner they can share with. They want somebody who will open up to them emotionally and somebody they can also trust with their own feelings. They also want somebody who is a lady or gentlemen in the living room and a sex machine in the bedroom. Don’t confuse the two, embarrassing your Pisces in public, however, or they will be repulsed, and you may lose them completely. They want somebody who shares interests with them, and somebody who can enjoy the arts with them, going to the theatre or taking a watercolor class together maybe. Many Pisces people love good wine and strong coffee, so gifting them some of their favorite of one or the other or doing little things like this to let them know you are thinking of them will make their day. Just don’t come on too strong too fast, because a Pisces wants to build their relationships slowly, not rushing into things.

 Pisces Man Careers

Pisces people do well in careers where they can help people and where they can use their empathy. They do well in the medical fields, truly caring about the people they take care of, and they also do well in social services, working with organizations to improve lives. They make outstanding Human Resources Directors because they not only hire people based on their intuition, but they use their problem-solving skills for mediating. They excel in the arts, and in animal care or working with plants. They make outstanding teachers and go the extra mile to reach out to struggling students some other teachers leave behind. Any job where a Pisces can help people is one they will make a great impact in.

Pisces Woman Dating

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

Have you lucked into a date with a Pisces? They will make you feel like you are the most special person they have ever met. Romance and planning ahead to take you somewhere extra special or cook one of their best recipes for you will let you know they really want to spend time with you. How do you get a Pisces to chase you, keep one happy, and how do you make them miss you when you’re away?

How to Make a Pisces Woman Chase You

Drop hints that you are attracted to a Pisces, and they will respond if they have the slightest mutual interest. Maybe they were not thinking of dating you, but since you mentioned it, well, they will give it a go! If you are just interested in sex, go ahead and flat out tell them. Some Pisces people abhor the idea of sex without an emotional attachment, and others will be open to it with you. Just give your Pisces the chance to pursue something if they want to by letting your interest in them be known. Flattery will get you everywhere with them when you are showing interest, but don’t lay it on too thick. Pisces people like to be admired, but if they feel like you are exaggerating your interest, they will walk away.

How to Make a Pisces Woman Happy

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

To make a Pisces happy, show them respect. Even if it’s a Pisces you just sleep with from time to time, treating them with dignity, and respecting their wishes will please them beyond words. Share with them what it is you admire about them. A Pisces spends a lot of time going out of their way to make other people feel good, and for a change, they like to hear what other people like about them. Speak openly about what is in your heart with Pisces people and confide in them, showing you trust them. The best way to make a Pisces happy is to let the relationship develop gradually but be steadfast in letting them know how serious you are about them.

How to Make a Pisces Woman Miss You

Of all the signs, it may be easiest to make you Pisces man or woman miss you when you are apart. Call or message them regularly, telling them you look forward to being together again. They may think of you the entire time you are apart. If you have a passionate relationship with a Pisces, phone sex is a great way to make them miss you. If you are their friend or family member, sending texted photos of your trip while you are away, along with a promise to get together, and share the rest of the photos and tell them all about your trip will give them an exciting visit to look forward to.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Relationship Matches

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

Pisces man and Pisces woman compatibility with all signs is typically pretty good. Pisces people are both adaptable and are very good judges of character. They can make changes to how they behave and interact with people based on what they observe are other people’s needs in relationships, and thus tend to know a lot of people who adore them. A Pisces can be a good match with any of the zodiac signs, but some signs tend to have better success long term in Pisces woman relationships.

Pisces and Pisces

A Pisces woman friendship with another Pisces will be perfect harmony. Pisces are self-sacrificing, putting the needs of others before their own, and when two Pisces people are putting each other first in their relationship, it’s pure bliss for both of them. Since this Pisces trait can allow them to be taken advantage of by some people, it’s good for a Pisces to be involved with other people who put their needs first. Pisces woman beauty is partially based on her kindness and sensitivity level and the Pisces woman attitude is that doing for the people she loves is her top priority.

A Pisces woman Pisces man relationship will be effortless, and peaceful. They both communicate honestly with one another and form a strong emotional bond. There is rarely, if ever, any conflicts, but sometimes, both Pisces people will try too hard to accommodate one another, and they may have trouble making decisions together, neither one wanting to dominate the other. Nobody understands a Pisces better than another Pisces, however, and even occasional indecisiveness can’t break up this powerful team.

Pisces and Libra

Librans are typically non-confrontational people, seeking balance and harmony and for everybody to get along. Pisces love this in Librans, and Librans also have a take charge attitude Pisces people tend to respect. However, Librans recognize the perceptiveness in Pisces people and appreciate their Pisces loved one’s advice and insight. Some signs may feel steamrolled by Libran’s tenacity to go forward, but Pisces people are not weak willed although they are agreeable. They can be very competitive, with the desire to excel, which they do impressively, and don’t feel intimidated by Libran’s energy and enthusiasm. These signs harmonize well and make great friends, lovers, and co-workers.

Pisces and Virgo

Pisces man Virgo woman compatibility may seem impossible because on one hand you have romantic, creative Pisces, and on the other hand, you have ultra-practical Virgo who can be so businesslike they suck all the joy out of things. The magic comes in when they balance what seems to make them opposites. A successful Pisces woman is just as common as a successful Virgo, but Pisces are more emotional and imaginative about their projects. Pisces man and Virgo woman marriage and Pisces man and Virgo woman in bed simply enjoying their sexuality is as great a combination as a Pisces and Virgo friendship.

Pisces man and Virgo woman compatibility with one another is typically very high. A Pisces man and Virgo woman will spend their time complimenting their differences. Where Pisces is nurturing, Virgo is organized, and will busy themselves trying to find ways to make their Pisces lover’s life better. Pisces woman Virgo man relationships may see the Virgo taking the lead, but the Pisces will busy themselves with soothing the Virgos jittery nerves, and knowing just what to do to ease Virgos troubled mind. Virgos spend time trying to make everything perfect in their careers and personal lives, and their Pisces loved ones will remind them to take breaks and take time out to relax.

The Pisces man Virgo woman partnership on the job will see the Virgo calling the shots, but respectfully listening to the enterprising ideas creative Pisces comes up with. Virgos will also do well to listen to Pisces people’s views on the feelings of the people they work with, and Pisces people make excellent diversity and inclusion advocates. A Pisces woman’s appearance in the office with her Virgo coworker will bring a breath of fresh air to the office and bring all the best out in Virgos.

Pisces in Other Planets

Loving a Pisces Man or Woman

While we have discussed people who have Pisces as their sun sign, Pisces moves through other areas of the heavens, and influences other planets in our birth charts as well. We will discuss how Saturn, Mercury, the Moon, and Mars are influenced by Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces Woman

Your Saturn sign tells how your work ethic is. People with Saturn in Pisces tend to try and inhibit their emotions and take the role of helper, trying their best to be supportive of others. They typically approach their work by doing service-based jobs for underprivileged or disenfranchised people like the poor, at need animals, or orphans. They seek to combat their deep feelings of concern by making things better. They are advised, however, as they inhibit their emotions sometimes, to learn to work through them rather than stuffing them down inside them so they don’t have emotional breakdowns.

Mercury in Pisces Woman

Your Mercury sign tells how you communicate and how you get from place to place and travel. People with Mercury in Pisces love to be on the move, always seeking to explore and experience new things. These people trust easily and have a positive outlook, preferring to see the good in everybody. They prefer to get along with everybody, and avoid disagreements, trying to harmonize. Their sensitivities and compassion for others is something that makes them shine wherever they go, and they do well with travel nursing or as a peace activist musician.

Moon in Pisces Woman

Having a Moon in Pisces will instill extra strong psychic abilities in you. You will have an uncanny ability to predict the future, and may watch omens, signs, and be superstitious because they know how to read messages from the powers that be. People with a Moon in Pisces are also likely to be more emotional due to this combination, and it’s not a good idea to disregard their feelings or call them “too sensitive”. Their heightened sensitivity is just as much designed to care about other people’s needs as their own. They use their sensitivities and psychic gifts to benefit others and make amazing caretakers and counselors.

Mars in Pisces Woman

The Mars sign is all about how you pursue the things and the people who you want in your life. People with Pisces in their Mars sign are called conflicted. They have bursts of abundant energy, followed by inactivity, and it seems to be a never-ending cycle. Those who wait for them to get started again can rest assured that once these folks recharge their batteries, they will be going strong again. What Pisces in Mars means for romance is these people love the damsel or man in distress, and they love coming to the rescue of those they are drawn to. They use their imaginations to get their goals met, and to think of creative ways to be romantic.

When you love a Pisces, and are lucky enough that they love you too, all the affection and empathy they bring to the relationship will be something you won’t want to be without. Whether they are your family member, a friend, a co-worker, or your lover, enjoy all the wonderful years you have together with your amazing Pisces!

Loving a Pisces Man or WomanAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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