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The Meaning of Pregnancy in Dreams

By Saoirse
January 06, 2022
The Meaning of Pregnancy in Dreams
The Meaning of Pregnancy in Dreams
TL;DRWhat does it mean when someone dreams you’re pregnant or when you dream someone is pregnant? What does dreaming of your baby whole pregnant mean and what does it mean when you dream you are pregnant in the first place? Can dreaming of being pregnant be a sign of something, or is it all just dreaming? Learn about these things and more with Mysticsense today!

What is the meaning of someone being pregnant in dreams? If you dream someone is pregnant, it could mean a lot of different things. It can indicate they will indeed experience pregnancy, but it could also be more symbolic of creating a new opportunity, or even reaping the rewards of a job well done. Being pregnant in dreams can portend that you will indeed become a mother, or it could be telling you that you are filled with new opportunities and the potential to create great things is within you. If you are pregnant and dreaming of having a baby girl, does that mean you are having a daughter, or does it mean something else?

When are dreams about being pregnant just dreams, and when is the appearance of a pregnant woman in a dream letting you know something more important? Dreams of giving birth when not pregnant can be confusing and dreams of a man giving birth can have you scratching your head as well! If you are a man dreaming of a pregnant woman does it definitely mean you will be a father soon? All of these dreams can literally be giving you a glimpse of what is to come, but then again, they might not. Explore these dream meanings with us!

Are There Dreams That Mean You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy Dreams

Dreams that mean pregnancy is happening for you and you don’t know it yet can happen in surprising ways. It is written that Maha Maya, the Buddha's mother dreamed that a white elephant that had six tusks entered her side, and soon after that, she discovered she was pregnant with the Buddha! If you dreamt of being pregnant and are not sure if you are, get tested to find out! For some women, dreaming you are pregnant means you look forward to a future pregnancy, most especially if you are actively trying to conceive. Don’t be discouraged if you dream that you are pregnant, and discover you aren’t yet. You have time!

Some people believe that fish in dreams indicate you are pregnant or will soon be. Because fish lay a lot of eggs, they are one of the representations of fertility, and some say if you dream of catching fish with your hands, but the fish slip back into the water, this portends a future miscarriage, unfortunately. Frogs also lay a lot of eggs, and both adult frogs and their baby tadpoles in dreams symbolize pregnancy. Dreams about the lotus flower, the poppy which can contain tens of thousands of seeds, and the cornflower, associated with the Egyptian god Osiris and his fertility powers also symbolize pregnancy in dreams. Pregnancy dreams in the first trimester about these things come before you even show signs of being pregnant and are possible signs and dreams that indicate you’re pregnant.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pregnant Woman?

Dream About a Pregnant Woman

In the Dream Meaning Dream Dictionary, pregnant dreams are interpreted as meaning “Growth, impulse, and development in your personal life. Even new ideas, projects, or interesting goals can appear. “ They further state that dreaming of a pregnant woman can mean you are going to have a joyous experience that creates forward movement or deep spirituality. A pregnant woman also symbolizes new opportunities and the potential for growth and beginnings.

Dreams About Someone Else Being Pregnant

“I had a dream someone was pregnant. What does that mean? “Dreaming that someone is pregnant can mean a plethora of things. Dreams of someone being pregnant can literally be that you are foretelling a pregnancy of theirs. To dream about someone being pregnant can also mean you are aware they are about to embark on a new beginning, and you are being told in the dream they have all that it takes to be successful. To dream someone is pregnant can also mean to tell you that they have especially good fortune to enjoy currently and a dream that someone is pregnant can mean you are envious of something they have that you feel you don’t have but deserve.

Dreams about someone being pregnant can indicate that you would like to be pregnant and watching them enjoy the promise of their new child’s birth is a reminder you look forward to when you can do so as well. Dreaming of someone being pregnant can also indicate they are about to undergo transformation of some type and dreaming someone is pregnant, most especially if you have been trying to get pregnant and have been unable to might point to your own feelings of inadequacy or being undeserving of having children. In this case- keep trying!

What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams You Are Pregnant

“ My friend dreamt that I was pregnant. What is the dream trying to tell us?” When someone has dreams about pregnant women, meaning could be that said woman- who could very well be you- is about to be pregnant if you aren’t already! What wonderful news! Someone else dreaming that you’re pregnant can also be that you are about to undergo major changes in life and a dream that you’re pregnant somebody else has can also be a message for them that you are filled with the capacity to create things out of seemingly nothing at all, and make great things happen.

“My friend had a dream that I’m pregnant and I wasn’t happy in the dream. What does dreaming I’m pregnant and unhappy about it mean?” A dream somebody has about you being pregnant and unhappy can literally be warning you to be careful not to get pregnant because you are simply not wanting to have kids right now, and that’s okay. When it comes to dream meanings, pregnant people in dreams somebody else has can represent the gift of life and miracles also. It could be that you are literally a living miracle to them, and that is something they have to be thankful for. The dream meaning of you being pregnant in somebody else’s dream can also be that they are aware of your desire to create a new beginning for yourself, and that you are about to make that happen.

What Does it Mean When You Dream You Are Pregnant?

Dream You Are Pregnant

“I had a dream I’m pregnant! What does it mean to dream I am pregnant?” What does it mean to dream that you’re pregnant? The meaning of dreaming you are pregnant can be that you actually are pregnant and don’t know it yet or will be very soon! Dreaming you’re pregnant can be wishful thinking and it can be a sign of abundance and plentiful blessings in your life. Being pregnant in a dream meaning can simply be about creating something new whether it be building your own house or starting a hobby of doing watercolor paintings.

“Why do I keep dreaming I’m pregnant?” What does it mean if you dream about being pregnant? It can mean you are a mother figure to many, and a nurturing supporter of them. What would they do without you? What does it mean if you dream you are pregnant and you are alone and scared? This dream can symbolize lack of confidence to accomplish a goal on your own, however, you won’t know until you try. You might just succeed and pleasantly surprise yourself in the process. Go for it!

“Why did I dream that I was pregnant when there is not any chance that I could be?” Being a pregnant woman in dreams doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have a baby. It can mean you are getting ready to take a great leap and embark on a great journey that will make you as a reborn woman! “What does having dreams that I’m pregnant have to do with me? I don’t want kids!” It’s okay not to have kids if you don’t want to be a parent. Pregnancy dreams for non-parents can point to the role they play in the lives of younger people they mentor in their neighborhoods, jobs, and faith communities as well. “It takes a village to raise a child” holds true for non-parents as well!

Pregnancy Dreams About Twins

Dreams About Twins

“What does it mean if I dream about being pregnant with twins?” What does it mean if you dream you’re pregnant with twins? There is a possibility your body is telling you in your sleep that you absolutely are pregnant with twins or that soon you will be! Dreams about being pregnant with twins can also mean feeling overwhelmed or that something is out of your control. Another possible dream meaning about being pregnant with twins can be that you are going to get blessed extra or be extra lucky in some way soon. Dreaming of having twins while pregnant can absolutely be you dreaming about twin babies you are going to deliver soon, or that you are extra excited about your baby.

Signs in dreams that you are pregnant with twins can be as simple as you seeing two baby animals in dreams or seeing everything in twos in your dream. Dreams that represent pregnancy with twins can also be the yin yang symbol and another thing that symbolizes having twins in dreams is two fish swimming together. What does it mean to dream you’re pregnant with twins? Hopefully that you will be!

Dreams About Having a Baby but Not Being Pregnant

Baby but Not Being Pregnant

“I dreamt I was not pregnant, but I was having a baby. What on earth does that mean?” Pregnant women dreams can be strange. Dreams about having a baby boy, but not being pregnant can be a sign you will either become a stepparent, or an adoptive parent in the future. After all, there is more than one way to have kids! This sort of dream can signify anxiety about kids as well, most especially if you absolutely don’t want kids, but are dreaming you are giving birth. Don’t worry. You don’t have to become a parent if you don’t want to, regardless of whether you dreamed you had kids or not.

Dreams About Men Being Pregnant

The Meaning of Pregnancy in Dreams

What does it mean if you have a pregnancy dream about yourself being so- but you are male? While it’s not scientifically possible to happen in real life, men can be pregnant in dreams. A dream meaning about being pregnant if you are a man can symbolize that you are very nurturing, and a great caretakes, all things “traditionally” attributed to mothers. We all know, however, plenty of men are just as great at taking care of people as women, and men can make the best caretakers there are.

Dreams While Pregnant

Dreams While Pregnant

Dreams during pregnancy meanings vary. Plenty of moms have dreams about their baby while pregnant. If you are dreaming of your baby while pregnant, it is quite possible the baby is making things about herself or himself known to you. They may be telling you tings about their personality, whether they are a boy or a girl, or what kinds of things they will do in life.

Dreams of Having a Baby Girl While Pregnant

“I’m pregnant, and I dreamt that I was pregnant and having a baby girl. What does that mean?” Dreams about having a baby girl while pregnant can absolutely be telling you that your baby is a girl, but it can also mean you are wishing for a girl. It can symbolize the divine feminine within you as well and dreaming about having a baby girl while pregnant can mean the aspects of power, creation, and wisdom the goddess represents. “Goddess power” within you can be that you are a great guide and mentor, a fabulous builder of hearth and home, and an incredible wellspring of healing.

Pregnancy and Dreaming of Having a Baby Boy

“ I dreamt that I was pregnant with a boy. Does that mean my baby is definitely a boy?” There is a 50% chance the baby is a boy if you have been dreaming of having a boy while pregnant! If you give birth to a baby girl but dreamed your baby would be a boy, perhaps the baby was telling you they are very in touch with their masculine side, possibly even being a two spirited individual. In some American Indian tribes, it is believed some people are born with both a male and a female spirit inside of them, and they are thus both male and female. It is also possible that dreaming of having a baby boy while pregnant is telling you that your baby will have strong leadership skills, and have a magnetic personality that people are drawn to, whether the baby is born male or female.

Dreams About Giving Birth While Pregnant

“What does it mean when I dream about being pregnant and giving birth?” It’s possible that your dreams are letting you know how the birthing process is going to go, but another possible meaning could be that you are looking forward to seeing your baby and being a mother. You have many good years with your new baby to look forward to and they are just as excited to come out and meet you as you are to meet them. Congratulations!

Dreams about pregnancy can stir up quite a lot of emotions and leave you wondering just exactly what the dreams are trying to tell you. If none of the meanings listed in this article seem to be the answer to what your pregnancy dreams mean, don’t wait. Set up your psychic reading with one of our talented advisors today to find out!

The Meaning of Pregnancy in DreamsAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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