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My Totem Spirit Animal

By Saoirse
October 04, 2021
My Totem Spirit Animal
TL;DR Totem animals, also called spirit animals, and animal spirit guides have intrigued us for generations. Some people don’t think about the spiritual connection we have with them, but other people cannot imagine getting by without the strong relationship they build with their animal spirit guide. Learn more about spirit animals including wolves, tigers, and turtles, animal spirit oracle decks, and Native American animal spirit guides.

The wolf spirit guide, the tiger spirit animal, and the turtle spirit animal are just a few of the amazing creatures who guide us in life, making us the best versions of ourselves we can be. While we cannot discover what ours are with a “spirit animal calculator”, or a spirit animal survey, we can meditate, listen, and pray for our totem spirit animals to make contact with us so we can begin and build our relationship with them. We can also use our own animal spirit oracle deck to communicate with them, and while many ask about Native American animal spirit guides, the nature of cultural beliefs and who they are available to may surprise you. First, read about the definition and some cultural beliefs about spirit animals here:A Guide To Spirit Animals (

Peacock Spirit Animal

The peacock spirit guide symbolizes pride, beauty, and grace, and if the peacock is your spirit animal, you will be blessed with these gifts. Your spirit guide peacock will bestow self-esteem and self-love upon you, and the ability to make a good impression, teaching you how to present the best parts of your skills and personality. Considered by some to be the mythical phoenix, the peacock also symbolizes rebirth and the ability to build yourself stronger even if you have been torn down, seemingly defeated. You will never be destroyed for good if your peacock spirit guide can help it!

Raven Spirit Animal Meaning

Representing the mind, thought, and memory in Norse mythology, ravens symbolize intelligence, mystical wisdom, messages from afar, and the dead. Because ravens are thought of as able to fly to supernatural worlds, learning all there is to learn, it is believed that those whose spirit animals ravens are will also be able to do this through psychic and spiritual journeys. Spirit animal raven meaning is that of respect for the ancestors, and communication with the dead can be a gift for those whose spirit animal ravens are. Clever enough to solve puzzles, and mimic human speech, raven totem animals are considered bringers of keen intelligence and deep occult wisdom. Raven spirit guides teach all forms of intelligence including resourcefulness, creativity, problem solving, and being able to intuit what’s true and what isn’t.

Sea Turtle Spirit Guide

The turtle spirit animal meaning is that of long life, wisdom, and perseverance. The spirit animal turtle is symbolic of the earth itself due to some people’s beliefs the earth was built on the back of a giant primordial turtle- thus our planet is called Turtle Island! The turtle spirit message is that of peace and slowing down and to taking your time to enjoy the small joys in life. Your spirit animal sea turtle also teaches you adaptability, and the ability to function in a multitude of environments just as the turtle thrives on both land and in water.

Tiger Spirit Guide

Consider yourself lucky if you can say “The tiger is my spirit animal” because your spirit guide tiger will bring you the gifts of independence, strength and power, and it is also a symbol of powerful virility. The tiger as a spirit animal also has strong, passionate feelings, which can prove to be unpredictable, but the tiger doesn’t worry about shocking anybody! It’s too busy balancing its seemingly endless energy with periods of rest and teaching you how to do so as well. The tiger spirit animal meaning is most especially about not giving up if you’ve made mistakes or had setbacks. Instead, use that personal power and independence the tiger totem animal grants to keep forging ahead, tirelessly working towards your goals.

Tortoise Spirit Animal

Isn’t a turtle and a tortoise the same thing? Yes and no. Tortoises are kinds of turtles, but not all turtles are actually tortoises, if that is as clear as mud! Tortoises are land animals, not being adaptable to live in water like turtles are, and tortoises eat only vegetative matter as food, whereas turtles are omnivores! So, if the tortoise is your spirit animal, it’s not the same as having a turtle spirit guide!

If the tortoise is your totem animal, it bestows the gifts of patience, being grounded and calm, and feeling “at home” most anywhere you go, because your true home is within yourself! The tortoise is slow and deliberate about whatever it does, and when it is your spirit guide, you will learn to be that way as well. The tortoise spirit animal helps you to be emotionally stable, cool, and collected even in difficult times, and the spirit animal tortoise teaches you self-reliance. It also shows how to be open to travel, as you plan, pack, and carry what is most important to you both physically and spiritually very well.

Water Buffalo Spirit Animal

Symbolic of death in Tibet, and the animal the Hindu god of death named Yama rides, the water buffalo helps in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries by providing milk and drawing heavy loads for farming. It symbolizes nourishment, and in China, living a life of contemplation is symbolized by the water buffalo. Your water buffalo spirit guide will help you to be wise, contemplative, meditative, and will teach you how to care for those you love. The water buffalo animal spirit guide may symbolize death, and that might scare some people, but to others death is just the end of this incarnation before a new beginning in the next life!

Whale Spirit Animal

The spirit animal whale is one that is revered for its devotion to family, stamina to travel thousands of miles seemingly tirelessly, and the ability to dive deep into the abyss, learning deep, hidden truths. The whale is thought of as having the ability to protect travelers as well. When the whale is your totem animal, it teaches you unshakable dedication to friends and family, and you may find yourself watching over travelers, especially those who journey by water. The whale totem animal gives you the mental ability to deeply meditate and also to investigate in hidden places for knowledge. Like your whale totem spirit animal, you will disappear into your own realm, and reemerge, thriving and growing.

Wolf Spirit Animal Meaning

There is no “wolf spirit animal test”, but when it comes to animal spirit guides, wolf totems make themselves known when they are yours. The meaning of the wolf spirit animal is intelligence, powerful instincts, and such acute awareness of surroundings, you act as “pathfinder” to many. The Wolf spirit totem brings the trait of loyalty to your “pack” also, and you will be fiercely protective of them. The wolf as a spirit animal also brings the ability to function independently when you desire, making you as a “lone wolf”, although you will always find greater strength with your loved ones.

Black Wolf Spirit Animal

The black wolf spirit guide meaning is that of fearlessness. Whereas the color black terrifies some people, those whose animal spirit wolf appears in black understand that all things need balance. To have day we must have night, and before Spring must come the peace and quiet of winter. Your black wolf animal totem will teach you to embrace your shadow self, or the traits about you that are both your greatest strengths but can be your greatest weaknesses unless you reign them in. Acceptance of all of you and sharpening of those qualities to be the best version of you possible is what the black wolf spirit guide teaches.

Gray Wolf Spirit Animal

The gray spirit animal wolf meaning is that of renewal and growth. The grey wolf totem animal guides you through changes, teaching flexibility, and the adaptability to change when needs be to assure you both survive and thrive in the best ways possible. The grey wolf animal spirit guide teaches you to be open to the changes that life brings to you, and that you learn all the lessons those changes bring instead of resisting change and fighting it!

White Wolf Spirit Animal

The white wolf spirit guide represents victory and strength. White wolf spirits grant you the courage to try, the energy to work hard, and the ability to succeed no matter what it is you’re working towards. The white wolf totem animal bestows the ability to triumph over most all challenges, and the tenacity to continue questing towards your goals despite whatever difficulties may come your way.

Wombat Spirit Animal

The wombat totem animal brings kindness, a good sense of humor, the ability to dispel worry, and compassion. Wombat spirit animals teach how to resolve disagreements, fights, or conflicts, thus healing relationships and communities, and they extend the ability to make people whole to seeking to heal physical ailments. The wombat animal spirit guide bestows the gift of emotional stability, and community building talents. When the wombat is your spirit animal, you will be as a balm for troubled hearts, minds, and lives, and be a great comfort to many.

My Native American Spirit Animal?

There are no Native American spirit guides who are animals, perse, so don’t go hunting for “my Native American Spirit Guide Animal”. However cultural Native American spirit animal meanings vary by tribe and listing them all in one place is not possible. A Navajo spirit animal will not be yours unless you are a Navajo and “What are my Native American Spirit Guides” likewise won’t turn up anything unless you are Native American. Spirit Animal Native American beliefs are just one of a plethora of beliefs that animals act as spirit guides to us, sharing their gifts and wisdom, and trying too hard to adopt Native American cultural or religious practices when you are not a Native American could cross over into cultural misappropriation.

Be aware of “urban shamans” selling versions of Native American religious practices, giving instruction of how to “Find Your Native American Spirit Animal”. Cultural exchange and cultural appreciation can be seen in fusion foods, multicultural households, and respectful sharing, and is in no way misappropriating somebody else’s culture. For an example of what cultural exchange versus cultural misappropriation is, read here:The Difference Between Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation - Passion Passport

Celtic Spirit Animals and Norse Spirit Animals

Like Native Americans, the ancient Celts, as well as modern day Celts held beliefs about the powers and gifts animals had and seeking to emulate the powers these animals had still happens today. The boar was seen as an especially powerful, brave creature who warriors wanted to be like, and the bear was also. Famous for wearing the skins of bears, the Norse Berserkers terrified enemy soldiers on the battlefields, believing they became one with the bear and were considered invincible! Again, however, spirit animal relationships go by species, not by race, culture, or ancestry. You will not have a Celtic Spirit Animal unless you are of Celtic descent, but truthfully, the animal will not be the Celtic one! You will!

Spirit Animal Oracles

You may prefer to use cards to get in touch with spirit animals, and luckily, there is more than one animal spirit oracle deck to choose from! There are two beautiful decks listed here you can look into although there are plenty more to choose from. Keep in mind you don’t have to settle on just one spirit animal deck but you can experiment with multiple animal spirits cards.

The Spirit Animal Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

Sometimes called the Spirit Animal Oracle, Colette created a beautiful deck of 68 cards and each card has a special message from a different spirit animal. On her webpage, she has a way you can sample the cards, and get a free reading with your spirit animal to decide whether you want to purchase this deck or not. It’s gotten rave reviews online, and the spirit animal oracle she created might be your new favorite deck. To see for yourself, read here:Spirit Animal - Colette Baron-Reid | Oracle Cards | Founder of Oracle School (

The Spirit of the Animals Oracle

The animal spirit oracle shared next is one that’s also gotten great reviews. It’s by Jody Bergsma and it’s named The Spirit of the Animals Oracle. This deck has 51 cards, contains an instructional booklet and an art poster by the author. An exciting unboxing video was made and posted on YouTube by Mystical Melissa, and her video previews the deck, reading about it, and gives a good idea of whether you’d want to buy this to add to your collection of decks.(5) Spirit of Animals Oracle Unboxing & Walkthrough - YouTube

If you like this, your own oracle deck can be bought from the author here:Bergsma Gallery Press :: Products

Spirit Animal Dreams

Can our spirit animals visit us in dreams? Of course! Dreams with spirit animals are just as valid as in the flesh meetings with them! These dreams are different than just a dream about an animal, however, and your spirit animal visiting in dreams will have messages for you. If the snake is your power animal, you may dream about them crawling in your house or sleeping next to you in bed, which can mean they are protecting you. If the lion is your spirit animal, you may dream about lion cubs playing nearby you, reminding you not to work too hard and be sure to still have fun! When your wolf spirit animal visits in dreams, if it is lurking in the shadows and watching suspiciously, it may be telling you that somebody near you should not be trusted, so be aware!

Keeping a spirit animal dream journal is a good way to keep track of when they visit you in dreams. It is important to keep this journal next to where you sleep so that you can write your animal spirit guide dreams down immediately, ensuring you don’t forget them! Going back to read all of your entries will give a good portrait and be a good record of the messages your animal spirit guide brings to you in dreams.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

“How do I find my spirit animal? “you may ask. In all honesty, they find you. It’s all a matter of being patient enough to wait for them to do so, opening yourself to the messages you receive from nature, and then continuing communication once they begin. While adopting a wombat, wolf, or tiger as a pet isn’t a doable way to establish a relationship with your spirit animal, adopting one through a conservation effort is a way to. World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy are just two groups you can join to help your spirit animals in the wild. Read more about these organizations here:The Top 10 Wildlife Conservation Organizations (

Thank you for joining us in our articles about spirit animals! What things would you still like to know about them? What experiences have you had with your animal spirit guides, and what would you like to share with other people who are just beginning their journeys with their own totem animals?

About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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