Sujith Kalsekar

Make your present better for a positive future

Psychic code: 0331

Main Speciality:

Energy Healer

More Specialities:

Finding New Love, Career and Money, Spirituality & Psychic Ability, Grief Counselor


Numerology, Can Read Without Tools

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About Me:

Change your destiny!!!!! Live Life in a positive way.
Namaste, I am Sujith Kalsekar and I come from the land of diverse cultures, religions and languages - India. I had my first calling 17 years ago when I got an intuition about an untoward incident with my friend's mom. I ignored it but after 5 yrs I got the same intuition with my Dad. His demise left me shattered and that is how the universe gave me a calling. I joined courses in third eye power, aura reading, and many more to get my answers in life. This changed my life, it brought me out of negativity to positivity and here I am today.

I was helped always in my journey by Saibaba and Christ. I always follow their teachings of Kindness and Compassion. My intent is to do seva (service) to mankind with kindness and compassion. I am a clairaudient and clairsentient energy reader and healer and I want to spread happiness and joy to people by changing their perspective and patterns in the present itself so that they have a positive future. We create our own destiny by the right decisions and I am here to guide you with the will of my masters. I am a channel of their energies.I also  use my divine Saibaba oracle cards as a tool to pass on messages from the divine.Let the golden light of the divine bless you all.

God bless........Om Sairam.Praise the lord
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