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Clairvoyant, Intuitive/Empath

About Me:

I am an intuitive Tarot reader, lightworker and eclectic Witch.  What does that mean? It means I have a very strong intuitive sense when it comes to connecting with my tarot cards. My knowledge of this divination style as well as the messages I receive from spirit help me deliver the guidance that is needed. I connect with the divine in many different ways which I consider eclectic. I use crystals for healing, tarot cards, oracle cards, candle magick, and spell work, as well as herbs. When a person is drawn to get a reading from me, I believe it is their higher self or their guides connecting with mine for a specific message to be delivered.It’s my honor to serve the divine. 

I specialize in:
• Tarot Readings
• Oracle Readings
• Clairvoyance

I consult with the Tarot and Oracle to receive intuitive guidance and messages from spirit to assist you in your journey or current dilemma. I can provide clarity in love, relationships, and situationships, finance and career or other concerns you may have. I am a down to earth and honest reader. I don’t believe in sugarcoating, because while sometimes the messages from spirit may not be to our liking, we must hear these messages to get clear on where we are and the decisions we are making. It’s my job as a healer to provide you with honesty.  I will thoroughly explain the cards that came up and what their specific message is for you regarding your situation.

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