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    • Life Path & Destiny

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    • Finding New Love
    • LGBTQ Relationships
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    • Astrology

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    • Compassionate

    About Me:

    I'm AstroBrie, a third-generation star caster. Both of my grandmothers honored the great 12 energies and used them daily. At age of 12, I started my own star journey into myself with a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and the obsession took off. It would carry me through the maiden days and into the mothering years. At age of 33, after transitioning out of my first marriage, I found astrology waiting for me. Now, with the mathematics to charting instantaneous with the advancements of the internet, I expanded my base knowledge and became obsessed with learning all the various astrology styles from Vedic in India and China. I spent a few years mastering predictive analytics with astrology using history. I have also taught classes on international and local levels. Certified in 2019 as an evolutionary astrologer and life coach. I am now schooled in numerology, the Tarot, and Oracle divination as well.

    The 12 frequencies are the universal connectors and are our map to everything inside this matrix we call reality. Using multiple astrological and historical resources, I pinpoint patterns and universal energies in order to help one empower themselves with the truth. I specialize in astrological psychological analysis. On a therapeutic level, I support survivors of addiction and abuse to find themselves and aid as support through personal healing journeys. I use astrology to encourage positive thinking and the manifestation of progressive intentions. I aim to be both educational and spiritually uplifting.

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