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    About Me:

    Hello! I discovered my psychic talent about 45 years ago as a teenager, reading coffee grounds. The accuracy of my readings fascinated my friends and family. Later on, I developed an interest in astrology and taught myself how to create astrology charts and interpret them. I channel my psychic gifts through the use of astrology and tarot cards and have been doing so for many years.

    In my readings, I utilize a spiritual approach to guide my clients to the best possible outcome in any situation. With some issues in life, outcomes are set for us by the universe but in some other issues, we do have the power to choose and change our destiny. With my psychic insights, I can give you a clear picture of where you are standing regarding a particular aspect of your life and tell you what lies ahead. I have helped many people who had questions about love, relationships, marriage, family, business, career, and financial matters. Depending on your current need, I can answer specific questions you may have but I can also give you a comprehensive reading if that’s what you’d like. If you are looking to gain clarity about the past and present and be inspired for the future, I am here to help you.

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