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Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Breakup & Divorce, Finding New Love, LGBTQ Relationships, Toxic Relationships, Soulmates, Family Issues, Friends & Social life, Pet Psychics, Career and Money, Life Path & Destiny, Spirituality & Psychic Ability, Lost Objects, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Grief Counselor, Psychic Medium


Life coaching, Can Read Without Tools

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Hello and welcome to my page, my name is Angela And I am a love specialist. Here’s a little bit about me and how I use my gift. I knew at a young age I was able to read people and I have been helping ever since. I'm empathic so not only do I tune into your energy but can tune into others around you as well. I'm a love specialist so I do specialize in love and relationships! I can help look into the energy of those you care about and tell you how they are feeling about you. Are you feeling Alone? Is he/she being faithful towards you? Is this person the one you meant to be with or is she/he your soulmate? I can help you in all of these areas in life I’m here to help guide you in this. I read Auras, Energies, give Energy Healings and I can answer your questions about Love relationships interests, and Spiritual growth. I look into your Chakras and Aura and tell you what life you are creating and what you need to do to create the life you want!*Here are some tips when ordering a reading with me* Names And DOBs are required from you and who you're asking about, please! A reading with me allows me to tune quickly into your surroundings emotions and feelings of others around you. I am an Empath, Clairvoyant Clairsentient, and Clairaudient. I don’t use any tools during a reading and I specialize in energy readings and can answer questions about you and your relationship or P.O.I. Thank you for taking out the time on reading, I hope to hear from you soon. 
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