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Specializing in relationships/love/twin flames
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    • Clairvoyant

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    • LGBTQ Relationships
    • Toxic Relationships
    • Soulmates
    • Psychic Medium

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    • Can Read Without Tools

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    • Astrology
    • Numerology
    • Tarot

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    • Thoughtful

    About Me:

    Hello everyone! My name is Trinity and I am an empath, psychic, tarot, and energy reader with over 20 years of experience. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile and I look forward to helping to guide you along your path. 

    As a young child, I was always labelled as the "sensitive" one. I always knew I felt things on a deeper level than most and felt I had a deeper understanding of those around me. This was something that I initially felt uncomfortable with, but as I became older I realized what a gift it was. At 18 I purchased my first tarot deck and began reading friends and customers at my work for fun. I received so much amazing feedback that I began to study more about the cards and learning about tapping into my own intuition. I grew up in a strict Catholic family, so this was something that was frowned upon and something I felt the need to keep hidden for some time, but my interest and learning grew. 

    About four years ago I felt a push to really dive into reading full force and started reading professionally part-time. Within a year I was able to make this my full-time job and I am loving every second of it! A lot of my experience is self-taught and over the years I have gained a great deal of learning experience in astrology, numerology, and the law of attraction as well as vast knowledge in the chakra system. I am gifted in mediumship as well as channeling messages from guides and living loved ones. I specialize in love/romantic relationships as well as twin flame relationships but have vast experience in other areas as well.

    My goal as a reader is not just to simply provide answers, but to give you guidance and assistance along your path. I want to help you succeed and gain the confidence you need to manifest loving relationships, abundance, and confidence. I look forward to working with you and giving you guidance and hope along your path. Sending you much love!

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