Mystic Annada


Psychic code: 0624

Main Speciality:

Finding New Love

More Specialities:

Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Breakup & Divorce, Soulmates, Career and Money, Life Path & Destiny, Lost Objects, Intuitive/Empath


Astrology, Dream interpretation, Life coaching, Past lives Interpretation, Tarot

Reading Style:


About Me:

A very warm Namaste Dear One! This is Mystic Annada, I am a psychic advisor, master tarot reader, empath, and time frame expert! I provide accurate answers! WHAT DO I DO?  I provide a listening ear to problems, untangle the situation by providing an in-depth and optimum solution. I provide my services with accurate time frames and rest assured, no sugar coating, just the truth, the way one needs to know it! WHY I DO WHAT I DO: Life is, without any doubt, beautiful but it has its share of ups and downs! We all feel low at times and feel the need to speak to someone who can help us with certain issues. I am here to listen to you and to provide you with honest, candid, and effective answers to your life's dilemma. Be it relationships, career, or love, I am here to solve your predicament by providing you with truthful readings to help you cope better with life situations. HOW I DO WHAT I DO: All you have to do is ask me a question with a few details like names and DOBs of concerned people. I'll be glad to help you with whatever bothers you! I answer all types of questions...**Love and Relationships**Soulmates**How someone feels about you**Career**Money**Business**Lost and Found**Contacting a loved one who has passed**Dream Interpretation**Past Life Readings**General Readings**Checking Direction In LifeSo go ahead, get candid and get all your life's Mysteries De Mystified!! HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN DOING WHAT I DO?  I am a third-generation Psychic with over 13 years of experience in counseling people with problems in relation to love and relationships and a myriad of other matters. I have been practicing tarot for the past 10 years to help people get better answers to their questions. A note of positiveness:  When you know that you have reached the lowest point in life, there is no other way to go but UP!!
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