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    • Psychic Medium

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    • Breakup & Divorce
    • Finding New Love
    • Toxic Relationships
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    • Pet Psychics
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    • Life coaching
    • Meditation
    • Holistic Healing/Reiki
    • Tarot
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    • Compassionate

    About Me:

    Hi guys!I was always empathic and curious about the nature of the universe. I have explored many different ideas and practices, but in the last couple of years, my abilities have developed beyond what I thought possible. I can mentally or spiritually access almost any state or realm and connect with pretty much any energy you would like. Ancestors, loved ones, angels, spirit guides, as you wish, so we will do.

    If you are mentally (spiritually) prepared and willing, you can achieve anything you desire! And I am here to help you realize, that this can be a reality for you! If you wish to better your life or yourself, but cannot find the willpower or clarity, you CAN heal yourself from any ailment, trauma, and pain, or stress! If you are afraid, it is POSSIBLE to confront your fears AND let go of them...It seems, nowadays, those who say that anything is possible the most, are the same who forget the true meaning words can hold, but if you turn within, your questions find their answers. On a personal level, I am mostly interested in the subconscious and how the mind relates to energy. I research meditative methods, martial arts, and a variety of different spiritual or esoteric schools of thought. I also create meditation and energy healing audios, as well as longer training programs. I am also quite well versed in many shamanic and energy healing techniques and I am a great assistant/therapist when it comes to kicking bad habits, eating disorders, or when it comes to any kind of emotional release. I like to think, that from a higher perspective we are all equal and deserving of love, and I am here to help others reach a place, where they can live their truths on a daily basis, not only dream about them. It is true, however, that a lot of work still needs to be done. But we can do it together! Mainly a healer and a channel, I have had an intuitive edge since childhood. At a young age, I was already put through hardships and learned about famine and street life. In such surroundings there were a lot of people who needed help, and as soon as I knew of myself that was exactly what I did. Even though I did not yet have knowledge of energetic bodies or subconscious blocks, I would provide emotional support, nurture, and intuitive guidance to some of my peers, or people that were simply lost on the streets, some being partially or completely abandoned by their parents, some having troubles with drugs, or simply having no money. With visible improvement from a lot of examples like such, I realized, that this is what I wanted to achieve in life - help people and make a change. As I grew up, I started to develop a keen intuitive and clairsentient sense, and a curiosity for the human mind. But nothing prepared me for the discoveries that lay ahead! After spontaneously experiencing my own Kundalini awakening, I devoted much more time to the study and exploration of energies, and consciousness in all its forms and dimensions. I have achieved great control of my energy body and was able to spontaneously remove emotional charges from people's hearts. But as a young man, I was not sure, how this will fit into my life. I didn't have the experience and the wisdom that I have now, and I refused to let go of all the patterns of my past. My own tests and tribulations caught up with me, I was in a relationship that ended badly, around the same time I lost my day job, and my health also started to decline, my immune system was suddenly failing. Through these ordeals, I have lost the deep insight that guided me through hardships before and had to battle out the daily frustrations like everybody. I started to doubt my experiences, if they really were this deep, why was I not, healthy, happy, and successful myself? And then I realized what was missing. Due to my humble beginnings, some of my wisdom was limited. I had a lot of knowledge, reading through heaps of books, I understood love very well, and lived by it; but I never really taught myself true discipline, patience, and grit. With more resolve, I started to train myself, physically and spiritually, to find my own way again. Looking back at it now, it seems like it was all just a test, a blessing in disguise, for I have in my search for my own health and evolution traveled to many holy sites and teachers, started practicing Yoga, became quite well versed in shamanic practices, and started to learn about Munay-ki, Tai-chi, various forms of energy healing, researched Kabbalistic practices and many, many more different kinds and modalities of spiritual growth. Since then I have regained my self-control and vision, repaired my energy body, and gained an amazing amount of insight and knowledge of the spiritual realms. Through these experiences, I also learned what a valuable tool Tarot cards can be, and they are now one of the main tools I use to brings answers and clarity to my life, and to the lives of my clients. My mission is to help people to delve deeper emotionally and get to know themselves in all kinds of ways. WILL BEST HELP WITH:-General intuitive guidance-Emotional trouble/hard times-Relationship advice-Bad habits, toxic patterns-Clarifying complex situations-Mental block removal-Plan for the future-Meditation tips-Medium for other side and guides.

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