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Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Breakup & Divorce, LGBTQ Relationships, Toxic Relationships, Family Issues, Friends & Social life, Career and Money, Spirituality & Psychic Ability, Clairvoyant, Grief Counselor, Intuitive/Empath, Psychic Medium


Astrology, Auras, Chakras, Counseling, Crystals, Dream interpretation, Meditation, Holistic Healing/Reiki, Tarot, Can Read Without Tools

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Hi, my name is Gwen and I’m a gifted at birth 8th generation clairvoyant. From a young age, it was difficult for me to keep friendships, relationships, even at times family secrets. Although this wasn’t by choice but by the power of my ability to feel energy, spirit guides, and lost loved ones. I grew up in a spiritual household because the gift was passed on from my mother although my grandmother helped me find a balance between my gifts and living day-to-day life. She also helped me strengthen my intuition to give clear, detailed, and thorough readings. I started giving readings at the young age of five to train my abilities further into giving readings and spiritual guidance although my mother gave me free will to ignore my power I chose to devote my life to helping those in need once my grandmother and mother explained to me that my gifts were rare, insightful to others, and lastly God-given. Through the vibrations of your vocals, I’m able to feel into your energy giving you clear details on all matters, making it easier for my clients to answer their questions without having to ask making it more comfortable for my clients as well. I’m inviting you into a warm and welcome environment where you can feel safe and judge-free, an environment where you are understood and heard. Throughout our first initial session, I will give you the ability to understand your past, relate with your present, to prepare for your future. You are to finally experience clarity, knowledge to your unanswered questions, and light shed into the dark areas you might have not even known you needed. Obstacles tend to occur throughout the day that can oftentimes manipulate our energy just through everyday tasks and coming across multiple energies which tend to confuse and distress our energy, although I’m here to help. Sometimes we can lose the bigger picture and get frustrated with the smaller issues because we have so many and become distracted from the major issues to avoid confronting them or getting the true answers however, this is where I come in. My services to you will always be honest and direct however never insensitive. If you’re seeking the insight you deserve you have finally found it. I look forward to meeting you.
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