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    • Family Issues

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    • Finding New Love
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    • Astrology

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    • Wise

    About Me:

    Often people ask me how I started doing Tarot Card and Astrology readings. One day when I

    was in college a friend came over who was writing a paper on the history of magic. She brought

    a deck of the Rider Waite Tarot Cards. The two of us would sit on her parents' porch doing

    Tarot Card readings and she would look up the meanings of the cards in a very old book about

    the history of magic.

    It was during the course of one of those readings, a general forecast of what lay ahead for her,

    that I foresaw the birth of her first child when the Page of Cups appeared in the near future of a

    reading. It surprised her, as Tarot readings sometimes can, for she was not anticipating starting

    a family at the time.

    Shortly after she became pregnant and a friend sent her a poem that described her partner as

    the King of Cups with twinkling and sparkling eyes and said she was the Queen of Cups and

    they lived in their own magical kingdom which the world couldn’t touch and that they were

    happily awaiting the birth of their first child, the Page of Cups. It was not long after that their little

    son was born.

    I have done hundreds of readings over the years and have many long term clients. My forte, or

    so people often remark, is blending together the meanings of the cards in a way that many

    readers do not. I believe that reading cards or doing an astrology reading is like cooking - you

    need the right blend of ingredients.

    I’ve been doing Tarot and Astrology readings professionally since 1990 and specialize in

    relationships, family matters, financial matters, relocation, and transitions. My clients describe

    me as a trusted, empathetic advisor.

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