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Breakup & Divorce

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Finding New Love, Toxic Relationships, Family Issues, Friends & Social life, Career and Money, Life Path & Destiny, Spirituality & Psychic Ability, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Psychic Medium


Counseling, Dream interpretation, Life coaching, Meditation, Past lives Interpretation, Holistic Healing/Reiki, Tarot, Can Read Without Tools

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About Me:

Welcome to my profile!

Who am I? It all started when I was about five years old... I remember discussing with my dad all the lights that surrounded people!

I have been studying and reading Tarot cards since 1989, and have used them successfully to progress my metaphysical and wisdom through various levels of initiation within the mystical systems that I have been a part of and exposed to.

I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy specializing in metaphysical counseling, a Masters degree studying the links between meditation and quantum physics, and other degrees and diplomas in Hypnotherapy, healing, the arts and business.

I have formally studied (In select mystical orders) Magic and Kaballah as well as Mysticism, Hermetic Philosophy, Meditation and Hypnotherapy and I am a qualified Inyanga (Traditional African Herbalist), and have vast real-life experience in exporting commodities out of Africa and Asia, and used my spiritual insights to guide me effectively into successful business.

My sessions are a unique blend of Tarot, Psychic ability, Mysticism, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience coupled, where necessary, with practical real-life business experience. I offer no-nonsense insightful guidance on business, romance, and mystical matters.

Desired Outcomes - together we can see what is happening in your life, why it is happening, and how you can change to achieve the results that you want. We can also see other people and their motivations and influences.

My spirituality and readings are practical, down to earth, and mystical all in one.

I look forward to meeting you and using my skills to help you!

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