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Main Speciality:

Toxic Relationships

More Specialities:

Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Breakup & Divorce, Finding New Love, LGBTQ Relationships, Family Issues, Friends & Social life, Career and Money, Intuitive/Empath


Angel/Oracle Cards, Cartomancy, Counseling, Numerology, Tarot

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About Me:

Hello and welcome! I am an empathic and intuitive tarot reader with over 10 years of experience. I put my gift at your service as it is my mission to help you get clarity and guidance that empowers you to make conscious and positive choices in your life.

When consulting me you can expect an honest reading, transmitted with love and compassion, and in line with the Tarot Ethical Code (Mariló Casals School). As a practitioner of Therapeutic Tarot, I am able to provide the answers you seek as well as the necessary advice to enable you to improve your life path and personal growth.

I am experienced in the reading of all areas of life, emotional state and feelings of your person of interest, and major personality traits influencing the situation you are enquiring about. My speciality is love and toxic relationships.

I will be glad to read for you, with an open heart and no judgement.
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