Nature Spirit

Please remember that I am not a fortune teller :)

Psychic code: 0960

Main Speciality:

Psychic Medium

More Specialities:

Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Soulmates, Family Issues, Friends & Social life, Pet Psychics, Life Path & Destiny, Spirituality & Psychic Ability, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Intuitive/Empath


Can Read Without Tools

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About Me:

Hello, I am Nature Spirit and love to help you today by bringing light into your life. Allow me to guide you by sharing different insights including life and among others reading energies. I discovered my lifelong secret after going through a repeated trauma cycle ultimately leading to spiritual awakening. I was awakened to many possibilities with explanations about the past. I started practicing in different groups on social media to develop more into my spiritual being. I was able to help others with my gift of being able to see and hear spirits. I have grown and fully developed my abilities including seeing, tasting, hearing, knowing, and feeling what human energies aren’t able to do physically. I later learned of my gift of telepathy after being able to react to a person's thoughts before speaking.  I inherited my gifts from my great-grandmother. I offer services in Psychic Readings, Life, Career, Psychic Medium Energy readings you aren’t looking for a fortune teller, but more insight into your world please don’t hesitate to call me. As a psychic medium, I am also a very tuned in energy reader revealing emotions, past life, and feelings.  All communication between us will be filled with positivity and compassion. There is no negativity in my readings at all. You can trust me with your deepest thoughts, and secrets while I reveal insights into the issues you are having. Even if it’s not what you are expecting to hear today, communication isn’t going to leave you with anxiety. Trust that I won’t leave you on this path alone confused.
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