Mysticfusion Tarot

Healer, confidant, problem solver, goal setter.

Psychic code: 1095

Main Speciality:

Life Path & Destiny

More Specialities:

Finding New Love, Spirituality & Psychic Ability, Intuitive/Empath


Angel/Oracle Cards, Cartomancy, Crystals, Life coaching, Tarot

Reading Style:


About Me:

I am Tanya Sinha tarot card reader from India. I come from a family deeply rooted in spirituality, metaphysics, and yoga. I always felt as a youngster I could predict what was to happen in situations and with people. Also, there were episodes where I had the feeling of being one with everything and feelings of inexplicable bliss and ecstasy taking over me (I was not sure where they came from)

I am a spiritual coach from Wellness coach and bestselling author Caroline Shola Arewa. And in 2012  I learned about positive psychology, chakras, healing, and yoga. At the same time, I got into reading Oracle cards from Doreen Virtue. Their accuracy and healing energy were incredible. I was also told to harness the energy of crystals as a tool for healing and balance. But I realized I needed something a bit more direct and upfront which could gently and surgically cut through our silent subconscious layers to find the real issue or heart of the matter.

I started reading about Tarot in 2017 for this reason only. It helped me and various relations of mine find closure and resolution in their life about various issues. I am very experienced in these subjects and issues. I can help you build communication and healing in your relationships.

You can find
  • When you will get married
  • What your soul purpose is
  • What were your circumstances in your past life? Are you a psychic misfit?
  • Is this true love?
  • Will you go abroad for education? 
  • Will your boss give you a raise?

I must emphasize I do not give dates and names of people. I can just tell you the circumstances and situations in which your desired goal or outcome can occur. I am a very enthusiastic queen of wands. I love to champion other people's causes and thrive on interaction and communication.
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