Keri Kyanna Leigh

Guiding Light for Your Journey

Psychic code: 0159

Main Speciality:

Psychic Medium

More Specialities:

Breakup & Divorce, Finding New Love, Family Issues, Friends & Social life, Career and Money, Life Path & Destiny, Clairvoyant, Grief Counselor


Angel/Oracle Cards, Can Read Without Tools

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About Me:

Hello To All,                                            Are you interested in owning your power and having clarity on your path’s journey? If so, my name is Keri Kyanna Leigh. I’m a psychic/medium, looking forward to connecting with those needing direction across the globe.Over the years I have learned from many great teachers, but mostly from within and my connection to “our” Divine Source. I have developed and trustfully, that which is innate in all of us, our spiritual senses or our “knowing”, as I like to call it. My prominent strengths are in my clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. I also open my heart space in connecting with your lost loved ones, bringing healing to both sides of the veil and beautiful “hellos from heaven”.In trusting this fully, it has enabled me to share with you, insight for your path’s journey. This insight quite often will confirm or validate the information you have been receiving from Divine Source or your higher self. The messages bring you back to your truth, allowing you to move forward with more peace, assurance, and growth in your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies.It blesses me to be of service in this way, through readings and energy work. Helping others move forward with confidence and strength for their life, is my heart’s desire. I look forward to sharing time with you!Thank you so much for connecting and thank you for sharing your experience with me, through writing a review.                                    Many blessings of happiness to you on your paths journey! Keri Kyanna  
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