Narrates the path to successful relationships.

Psychic code: 1599

Main Speciality:

Breakup & Divorce

More Specialities:

Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Soulmates, Psychic Medium


Meditation, Tarot

Reading Style:


About Me:

Hello, I am Psychic PropheC. I have inherited my gifts and have been guiding professionally for 20 years. My psychic abilities allow me to connect with the caller’s energies, nonphysical beings, and spiritual guides. I use knowledge of spiritual guidance, Tarot, Oracle, and Angel cards for confirmation during readings.

As a Channeling Psychic, my relationship with my spiritual guides allows me to provide spiritual illumination to advise and guide my callers. My reading style is direct and straightforward through my experience in coaching, leadership, mentoring, and mental health. Please begin by focusing on your question or mentioning the area of your life in which you seek support. I can encourage and support my callers to achieve their potential. I specialize in career goals, finance, self-development, love-life, and life path readings. I am always very sincere and inspirational and my aim is to guide you through everyday life. I have experienced many life tribulations and have overcome those difficulties by working with Spirits. I specialize in helping you reach new heights of understanding so that you lead a better life and can also lift one’s hopes and give the guidance that they seek.

“I hope that my callers can find direction and clarity so they can fulfill the vision of their life path.”

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