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Love Spiritualist Gia

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Finding New Love
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Angel/Oracle Cards
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  • Main Specialty:

    • Finding New Love

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    • Breakup & Divorce
    • Soulmates
    • Friends & Social life
    • Life Path & Destiny

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    • Angel/Oracle Cards

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    • Life coaching

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    • Direct

    About Me:

    Hi beautiful souls, my name is Gia, and thank you for viewing my profile today allow me to tell you a little bit about myself! I am a generational spiritualist meaning my gifts were passed down to me at a young age, even though it was a tough journey. I strengthen my abilities by practising, meditating, studying, and learning my true self becoming one with nature, energy, as well as spiritual guides.

    I am a very honest and truthful reader, I do not give fairy tales. I've studied in the area of reiki healing and am presently a certified reiki healer which helped me to expand my gift even more! At the young age of seven I started realizing I was a bit different, being able to feel others emotions, spirit, and energy, understanding/analyzing their mindset, for example, I knew what they were already going to tell me and use to do it before being asked to. I thought I was going crazy but comes to find out my third great grandmother was a medical doctor which in our terms now is a spiritual healer. As I got older the stronger my abilities got, I started reading tarot cards at 14, and now use my personal favorite angel cards. I tune in to one's energy/spiritual guide in order to connect through the universal dimensions to receive the ability to truly examine one's self. Angel Cards, Crystals, meditations, manifestation, herbs, and candles are all tools to help me through the journey making the reading more detailed in looking into one's path. 

    I am a very honest reader I will tell you what you need to hear from the spiritual guide as they guide me through the energies and unfold what needs to be told. I specialize in love and relationships, love path journey, Angel insight through angel cards and energy, relationship coaching, reiki healing, self-journey, etc. please keep this in mind before ordering a reading every psychic is different and taps into energy differently. I do not do general readings as for me I need to tap into questions concerning the area that you have some uncertainty on. I do not give time frames, time lines, or when something may occur due to free will and each one of us has that ability that is something that is truly ours. Allow me to guide you today into a better tomorrow!

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