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Genuine Direct Psychic & Tarot Insights.
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    • Finding New Love

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    • Wise

    About Me:

    Hi everyone! My name is Jenn, and I have been an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor for 30 years. I have provided my services internationally online via email and live sessions, through various websites and portals. I have done in-person readings in the office, at clients' homes and at events, and by appointments at a local metaphysical shop. However in 2008 my focus was at a methadone clinic, helping people in my community overcome their addictions and assisting them in finding a better life, and showing them that change can happen!  My passion has always been to be of help to others, to guide and direct them within their journey called LIFE. In the past, I have conducted Angel Communication workshops and helped people make their own connections to the spiritual world. I am a published author of a Self Help Book, "You, Only Better". I help local groups with bereavement, and terminal illnesses. I have completed my Level III Advanced Reiki & Distance Healing and will be continuing with my Master Reiki Level. I am a member of Tarot Canada International. I use many different Tarot Decks and three different kinds of Angel Cards. I connect with my guides and angels, and my beloved grandmother, to get the answers and advice that my clients seek. My gifts include the ability to hear, see, feel and understand the spiritual beings that I connect with.But most of all, I am a regular person just like you. At one time I was a hockey mom who was single and surviving! Now my boys have done college and are away from home, and I have figured out what life is all about! I was born under the sign of Sagittarius. My true passion is helping others find their way in life, so they can get answers and insight and find proactive ways to move onward and upwards! I have been referred to as a "God-sent" many times, and I always say "That’s why I am here! "Life is all about choices, so “choose” to have honest and accurate readings. I will not tell you what I think you want to hear, nor will I sugarcoat the truth. I tell it like I am meant to, and that is why you are here, to get accurate answers and guidance for your own journey called life! I look forward to providing you with insights, providing you with angel messages, messages from your loved ones, and helping you with all your concerns.

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