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Please read ENERGY CHECK BELOW before calling.
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    • Life Path & Destiny

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    • Career and Money
    • Family Issues
    • Friends & Social life

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    • Tarot

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    • Can Read Without Tools
    • Angel/Oracle Cards
    • Dream interpretation
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    • Direct

    About Me:

    ENERGY CHECK: If asking for a love reading, it must be for NEW love or SEEKING love. I do not read for already dysfunctional, toxic, or otherwise unhealthy "connections" or relationships, or for third-party situations.

    Hi, I’m Stargirl Tarot! It’s an honor whenever someone chooses me to be their reader, so I’m really looking forward to connecting with you. I love to use the tarot to help you discover or uncover…or remember…the possibilities for your life.

    Sometimes life makes it so that we forget that we are capable of being, doing, and having so much. Right?!? We have blind spots because of experiences that we've had.

    In your tarot reading, the cards and I will help you connect with those possibilities so that you have so much more fun in your life than you would if you don't believe in possibilities! This tarot reading clears blocks to release resistance and gives insights to help you move forward toward a life you can be excited about. A life of joy!

    Highly intuitive and gifted with three of the psychic clairs, I also studied and use the traditional Waite-Smith system for interpreting your tarot cards. Your tarot reading can also be enhanced with oracle cards, depending on what naturally comes up for you during our time together. I also give you an affirmation to help you continue to shift your perspective of yourself and your life, beyond our session.

    No matter the topic, my readings are relaxed, inspiring, and fun!

    When preparing for your reading, I preselect which deck or decks to use based on what I sense about

    you as a person. However, if you’re familiar with tarot (and oracle) and want to choose which deck is

    used for your reading, you’re welcome to do so! The ones I currently have available are:

    • Rider-Waite-Smith

    • The Weiser Tarot

    • Pulp Girls Tarot

    • Light Seer’s Tarot

    • This Might Hurt

    • Modern Witch Tarot

    • Dreamy Moons Tarot

    • Tarot of the Divine

    • Crystal Power Tarot

    • Gilded Tarot Royal

    • The Star Tarot

    • Believe in Your Own Magic Oracle

    • The Wild Muse Oracle

    • African Goddess Oracle

    • Modern Goddess Oracle (Ethony)

    • Goddess, Gods, & Guardians Oracle

    • Goddesses Among Us Oracle

    • Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

    • Water Alchemy Oracle

    • Salt & Sea Energy Oracle

    • Star Light Cards

    • Moonology Oracle

    • Chakra Love Cards

    • Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle

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