Mysticsense's Reviews Policy

Reviews Policy

Our customer rating system is a fundamental aspect of the Mysticsense package and is designed to be fair and give all readers a chance to rise up the rankings. Any genuine rating that is made by customers will never be removed. We always want our customers to be happy with the service they receive from our psychics at Mysticsense. However, there are occasionally times when a customer is left disappointed with their reading. Leaving a bad review in such circumstances is a way that the customer can express their disapproval.
In certain circumstances poor reviews will not be published and this falls under these main categories:

  • A psychic is very new and only has a few reviews - to publish a 1 or 2 star rating when a psychic is new would effectively preclude them from getting any more business. If your experience was not good with a new psychic, it does not mean that they are poor advisors but that they maybe just did not connect to you. All our psychics undergo a rigorous interview process and are selected very carefully based on their ability.
  • The review is rude or abusive. This can be extended to using such words as “rubbish”, “fake” or “useless”. These are, in our opinion, deeply unpleasant words to write about someone and will not be approved. If your comments are carefully considered and make a reasonable argument then this is much more likely to be approved. Just writing a one line like “this was a bad reading” will not be approved either because the purpose of a review is to tell other customers about your experience. More constructive detail will result in review approval.
  • The review relates to a technical issue or the need for a refund. Not being able to connect with a psychic because there was a technical issue should not result in them being given a bad review.

In some cases we keep poor reviews pending so that they can be published a little later when there are other positive reviews to help ensure that the psychic does not suffer a lack of business by having a 1 star review at the top of their listing.

All our psychics undertake a robust and lengthy interviewing process and are thoroughly assessed on their abilities by our expert interviewers, so we would ask customers to bear this in mind before leaving a poor review. If a psychic does not meet a customer expectation on one occasion this does not mean they are a poor psychic in themselves, they may not have been able to connect to the customer in the same way that we don’t always click with everyone we meet. If a customer got an answer from a psychic which was not what they wanted to hear, we trust that our psychics have used their integrity and answered from a place of honesty.