Mysticsense's Reviews Policy

Reviews Policy

Last revised: May 16, 2023

1. General

1.1 The following policy applies to reviews about Psychics made through the Website.

1.2 Our rating system is a fundamental aspect of Our package and is designed to be fair and give all Psychics a chance to rise up the rankings. Any genuine rating that is made by Users will never be removed.

1.3 Psychics undertake not to create fake reviews for themselves in order to get a higher ranking. We have created several conditions for becoming a top-rated seller based on average ratings and number of reviews. These criteria are subject to change at Our sole discretion.

1.4 It is possible a Psychic’s ratings might fall below Our criteria if a Psychic receives poor reviews, and the top-rated status will be removed.

1.5 All Psychics undertake a robust and lengthy interviewing process and are thoroughly assessed on their abilities by our expert interviewers, so we would ask Users to bear this in mind before leaving a poor review. If a Psychic does not meet a User’s expectation on one occasion, this does not mean they are a poor Psychic. If a User received an answer from a Psychic that was not what they wanted to hear, we trust that the Psychic has used their integrity and answered honestly.

1.6 All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning afforded thereto in the Terms.

2. Review Standards

2.1 We expect all reviews to meet the following basic standards:

  • Genuine user. Reviews should be written by people who have used the Services, for example in a free trial or as a paying customer.
  • Personal experience. Reviews should provide feedback on the reviewer’s own experience of using the Services. Do not include hearsay or speculation on the opinions of others.
  • Informative. Reviews should provide a level of detail that is helpful to other Users. Single-word answers are not sufficient
  • Contactable. We sometimes may need to contact a reviewer, for example to help verify their review is genuine. Reviews with disposable email addresses are not accepted.
  • In English. The Website is an English-language site and we expect all content to be written in English.

3. Review Removal Reasons

3.1 We love reviews and appreciate the time Our Users spend to share their experiences and give advice to others. All voices are heard and encouraged on this Website, including those with negative feedback and contradictory views.

3.2 However, some reviews are not appropriate and will be deleted. In the following circumstances, poor reviews will not be published:.

    3.2.1 We don’t allow reviews that are offensive or include profanities. This is extended to using such words as “rubbish,” “fake” or “useless”. These are, in Our opinion, deeply offensive words to write about someone and will not be approved. If User comments are carefully considered and make a reasonable argument, then such comments are much more likely to be approved. Just writing one line like “this was a bad reading” will not be approved either because the purpose of a review is to tell other Users about your experience. More constructive detail will result in review approval.

    3.2.2 The review relates to a technical issue or a request for a refund. Not being able to connect with a Psychic because there was a technical issue should not result in them being given a bad review.

3.3 We don’t allow reviews that are spam or promotional in nature.

3.4 We don’t allow reviews that directly attack or harass individuals on a personal level.

3.5 We expect reviewers to be honest. Give your personal opinion, but do not exaggerate or deliberately misrepresent your experience. State the facts as you understand them to be.

3.6 Any/all reviews are subject to our discretion at Mysticsense and if we consider a customer is being unreasonable, unfair or vindictive then these reviews will not be shown.


4.1 We may change this reviews policy, at our own discretion, from time to time without notice.

4.2 For any clarification regarding this reviews policy, please Contact Us